Jefferson County, NY

PIONEER TIMOTHY BREWSTER of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY

and his children,
with notes on the Gardner, Barker, Maltby & Coe Families

Timothy Brewster was the son of WILLIAM BREWSTER, who married 1 Jan. 1746/7 to PRISCILLA SAMPSON of Duxbury, MA. She was the daughter of John and Prescilla (Bartlett) Sampson. William died about 1775. They lived in Duxbury, then moved to Preston, CT and two years later to Norwich, CT where William bought a farm.
Their children were:

1. Daniel bapt. 1 Nov. 1747 d 1784 m 22 Nov. 1770 to Mary Tracey of Norwich
2. Nathaniel bapt 11 Nov. 1750
3. Stephen bapt. 11 Nov. 1750
4. Lydia Brewster b 3 Jan. 1757
5. Timothy Brewster b 12 Sept. 1759

ELDER TIMOTHY BREWSTER married on 5 July 1781 to TEMPERANCE ANDRUS, who was born at Pawlet, VT on October 29,1759 and died in Ellisburg, NY on December 17, 1831. Their marriage was dated on her tombstone as 50 years, 5 months and 12 days. Timothy died in Ellisburg on June 28, 1848. Timothy settled at Pawlet in 1784 and was licensed to preach by the Baptists of that town in 1791. He moved to Ellisburg in 1813 and became the pastor of the Baptist Church in that place. Later he joined the Disciples and continued preaching, and was know as "Elder Timothy Brewster." He was also a farmer and owned land in Ellisburg near that of is son, Ephraim, who settler there in 1816 and his sons, Elisha and William, settled on adjoining farms which gave the vicinity the name of "Brewster Settlement". The cemetery there, in which he and his wife rest, was presented by him to the community. He was a selectman of Pawlet in 1812-13 and served two short terms as a private in the Revolutionary War. His service was from Williamstown, MA. He owned a dictionary, which by tradition, had belonged to his ancestors, William Brewster and Nathaniel Brewster and probably William Brewster and Love Brewster.

Children of Elder Timothy Brewster and Temperance Andrus:

1. Ephraim b April 9, 1782 d 16 April 1880; married 1)Adah and 2)Abigail
2. Asenath b Dec. 14, 1783 d 1853 married Salmon Smith (1781-1846); son, Nathaniel Smith married Nancy Pomeroy.
3. Clarissa b Nov. 21, 1785; d 1858 unmarried
4. Hannah b Jan. 28, 1788 d 28 March 1872; m Hosea Barnes b 5 April 1781; d 4 March 1854. married 12 November 1807. Dau, Juliette Barnes b 20 April 1818; d 11 Mar. 1878 and married on 10 Nov. 1848 to Lucius Allen b 13 Feb. 1816 and d 12 Jan. 1895, as his third wife.
5. Elisha b April 5, 1790 d 12 Dec. 1846; m Eunice Brewster, b 20 July 1799 d 4 Aug. 1829 married September 1816 in Ellisburg, NY. Dau. Serepta Brewster b 27 Feb. 1819 at Mannsville, NY d 30 Nov. 1898 Cal. Married 7 March 1835 in Mannsville to Barnett Vanderhaden Smith b 27 Feb. 1810 in Jefferson Co and d in Mannsville 9 Nov. 1878. Elisha married 2)in January 1830 to Lavina Brewster, she b 23 Oct. 1791 and died probably in 1876 in Wisconsin.
6. William b April 12, 1794 d at sea 3 April 1848; married Sarah Todd Maltby b 18 May, 1799 Wallingford, CT d Ridgeway Ontario, Canada 24 Dec. 1871. Married 24 May 1824. Son, Charles W. Brewster b 1833 Ellisburg, NY; d Fremont, MI 28 Aug. 1881. Married 5 June 1850 in Ellisburg, NY to Amelia Barker bc 1831 and d Dayton, MI after 1880. Dau. Charlotte F. Brewster b 26 June 1828 d 14 Aug. 1892 married 3 Nov. 1858 to John R. Bowler, b 10 April 1824 and d 22 June 1891. John Curren Brewster was b 5 June 1829 in Ellisburg and d 1 Jan. 1915 in Muskegon, MI. On 18 Feb. 1873 he marred Isabella Perkins Leaton, b 30 Oct. 1849 at Deeping St. James, Lincolnshire England; she d Fremont, MI on 25 July 1899.
7. Anna b June 22, 1796; d Bangor, Michigan; married at Ellisburg, March 15, 1826 to Hiram Doolittle, son of Joel and Huldah (Lucas) Doolittle of Ellisburg; he was born Sept. 26, 1794; died Utica, NY. Annie died 27 Dec. 1868.
Children of Anna Brewster and Hiram Doolittle, born in Ellisburgh, NY:

a. Hiram Lucas Doolittle b and d May 26, 1828
b. Catharine Anna Doolittle, b Aug. 10, 1829; m Elias Brewster Ferguson
c. Joel Doolittle b March 4, 1831 d July 12, 1832
d. Mary Ellen Doolittle b March 7, 1833; m. James Edwin Ferguson, brother of Elias B.
e. Hannah Doolittle b July 25, 1835; d May 10, 1840

8. Roba b Jan. 13, 1799; Roba died Feb. 1870; married Lyman Brewster b 13 Oct. 1796 and d Auburn, Ohio 13 Oct. 1846. Marriage September 1818. Dau. Maria Brewster b 1829 in Auburn, OH d Pueblo, CO. 3 July 1898; married 1862 to George E. Phelps b 1838, d Astabula, OH 3 Dec. 1869
9. Timothy b Oct. 31, 1801 and died as a young man
10. Lydia b Feb. 22, 1804 d Apr. 16, 1824, unmarried

Transcriber's note: see his will on this site, which was proved 29 October 1849, JCNY Wills, Vol. 1, p. 193. He noted in his will that Barnet V. Smith had been with him from the age of six. Note also, the book on the Brewster lineage transposed the birth dates for Ephraim Brewster's two wives and is corrected below, based on the burial information. Since the book was written, the Mayflower Society has documented that Love and Wrestling and Fear Brewster were siblings, with the following lineal sequence: Love Brewster and Sarah Collier; William Brewster and Lydia Partridge; Nathanial Brewster and Mary Dwelly; William Brewster and Priscilla Sampson; Timothy Brewster and Temperance Andrus.

EPHRAIM BREWSTER was the son of Timothy Brewster; he married first at Pawlet, VT on December 6, 1804 to ADAH HARMON, daughter of JOEL and CHLOE (SHELDON) HARMON of Pawlet, born at Dummerston, VT, June 11, 1785; he married second at Ellisburg, on November 13, 1823 to ABIGAIL SMITH, daughter of JOHN SMITH, born at Pawlet October 3, 1791. Ephraim died in Ellisburg on April 16, 1880 at 98 years and 7 days. He and his wife, Adah, and second wife, Abigail, were buried in the Brewster Cemetery at Ellisburg.

Ephraim bought land at Richland, NY in 1804 and soon after his first marriage, he and his wife removed there. In 1816 they moved to Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY to that part which is called the "Brewster Settlement" where he cleared a farm, on which he lived until his death.

He served as an orderly sergeant in the Mass. militia, under Colonel Meacham, and was called out to defend Sackett's Harbor in the War of 1812. Ephraim left 138 living descendants, six of whom were his great great grandchildren.

Children born at Richland, NY, of Ephraim and his first wife, Adah:

1. Sheldon b Oct. 6, 1806 d 24 Aug. 1867; m 11 Dec. 1828 to Eliza Maria Finn, b 23 October 1805.
2. Timothy b June 24, 1808 d 27 Jan. 1897; buried Oakwood Cem., Syracuse, NY. His first wife was Sally Ann Gardner (1812-1836) and 2)Amanda C. Barker 24 Aug. 1817- d 26 Jan. 1891, in Syracuse NY. Amanda married Timothy on 13 Jan. 1838 as his second wife. Sally Ann Gardner Brewster was b 29 Feb. 1812 and d 24 Nov. 1836, dau. of Ezekiel M. Gardner and Ruth (Tanner) Gardner. Sally Ann is buried in the Brewster Cemetery in Jeff. Co., NY.
See Gardner lineage following.
Elizabeth Brewster b 26 Oct. 1840 in Ellisburg, dau. of Timothy and Amanda. She d at Syracuse, NY in 1922 and on 15 March 1859 married Oscar F. Boomer, b 29 Oct. 1832 at Belleville, NY.
3. Joel Harmon b May 2, 1810 d 1886
4. Selina b Feb. 17, 1812 d 30 Oct.1884 at Meaford Grey, Ontario, Canada; m 11 Dec. 1828 in Ellisburg, NY to John Williams, b 6 Feb. 1804 at Bath, Addington Co., Ontario and d 21 March 1880 at St. Vincent Grey, Ontario, Canada; Selina was his first wife. Dau: Maria M. Williams b 24 Sept. 1829 Jeff. Co., NY; m 27 Oct. 1847 to Byran Laycock
5. Sally Maria b July 5, 1814 d 1881

Children born at Ellisburg, NY:

6. Adah Almira b June 11, 1816 d 1859 m Peabody
7. William Rhoderic b July 19, 1819; d at Ellisburg on April 16, 1889; he married at Syracuse, NY on September 29, 1849 to Elcee, daughter of John and Lydia (Newcomb) Wild of Ellisburg. She was born at South Adams, Mass., July 27, 1816 and died at Sandy Creek, NY. on March 3, 1904. He died 1889. William R. Brewster and his wife were buried in the Brewster Cemetery at Ellisburg.
Children of William Rhoderic Brewster and Elcee Wild:

1. William Ephraim Rhoderic Brewster b Oct. 9, 1850

8. Anna Antoinette, twin of William; d at Ellisburg, March 9, 1844. She married there on March 13 1843 to Theron Patterson Salisbury, son of Mason and Polly (Wait) Salisbury of Ellisburg, born there May 30, 1821; died at Sandy Creek, April 25, 1893. He married 2)Sally Alton b 1822 d 1877.
Children of Anna Antoinette Brewster and Theron Patterson Salisbury:

1. Antoinette Salisbury b March 5, 1844; d March 12, 1844

9. Lydia Lavina b July 14, 1821 d 1904 m 1) Henry Willard Hunt and 2)Willard Salisbury
10.Adoniram Judson b Oct. 21, 1824
11.Angeline b Sept. 25, 1826; d March 28, 1849 unmarried

Transcriber's note: see also the War of 1812 pension application, this site, for Ephraim Brewster.

Siblings of Ephraim Brewster:

ASENATH BREWSTER was married at Pawlet, VT January 6, 1802 to SALMON SMITH, son of NATHANIEL and ABIGAIL (STEVENS) SMITH of Pawlet, born there May 17, 1781. He died at Sandy Creek, NY on October 30, 1846. Asenath died at Sandy Creek on November 21, 1853. Both are buried in the Brewster Cemetery.

Their children:
1. Ahira B. b 27 Oct. 1805
2. Nathaniel b 25 Aug. 1810
3. Ferris b 28 Sept. 1813; d in Civil War service, unmarried
4. Temperance Ann b 28 Nov. 1819; m 1)at Sandy Creek, NY on 1 September, 1840 to ABIAL B. HIBBARD, son of JOEL HIBBARD of Sandy Creek, b there on 14 April 1819; died at Orwell, NY on 28 June 1849. Temperance married 2)at Orwell on 20 Feb. 1850 to SAMUEL DRAPER STOWELL, son of Orin Stowell of Orwell, b Sandgate, NY 4 Feb, 1811; d at Orwell 6 Aug. 1875. Temperance married 3) in 1884 to JEROME HADLEY. She d at Orwell 21 March 1897.

HANNAH BREWSTER married on November 12, 1807 to HOSEA BARNES who was born April 5, 1781 and died at Auburn, Ohio, March 4, 1854. Hannah died May 1, 1873.

ELISHA BREWSTER married first at Ellisburg, NY. in September 1816 to EUNICE, daughter of SETH BREWSTER, born at Rome, NY, January 20, 1799 and died at Mannsville, NY August 4, 1829. He married second at Rome, January 1830 to LAVINA, daughter of WILLIAM BREWSTER**, born at Rome, October 23, 1791. Elisha died in Ellisburg on December 12, 1846. The couple lived at both Mannsville and Ellisburg, where Elisha farmed.

Children of Elisha Brewster and Eunice Brewster:
1. Sarepta b Feb. 27, 1819; m at Mannsville, NY 7 March 1835 to Barnet Vanderhaden Smith, son of Robert Smith, b Jeff. Co., NY on 27 Feb. 1810 and d Mannsville 9 Nov. 1878. Sarepta died at Galt, Cal. 30 Nov. 1898.

Their children born in Mannsville:
a. Julia A., b 26 Feb. 1836 m at Galt on 25 July 1892 to Wesley Long
b. Emma A. b 28 July 1838; m at Ellisburg, NY 25 Nov. 1861 to George W. Genter, son of Isaac and Catharine Genter of Otsego Co., NY, b there 16 Oct. 1831 and d Carthage, NY 8 Feb. 1891
c. Elisha B. b 25 June 1841; m 1)at Ellisburg, NY on 11 Nov. 1866 to Julia A., dau of Franklin and Rachel (Martin) Wood of Ellisburg, b there 15 Aug. 1844 and d there 26 Jan. 1886; m 2)at Sandy Creek, NY 26 March 1898 to Mary E. Green of Lacona, NY, b 27 March 1857.

2. Olive Morgan b May 30, 1821; d Mason, Michigan Feb. 8, 1886; unmarried
3. Alta Selestine b April 29, 1823; married William B. Parkhurst.
4. Eunice Eliza b July 26, 1829; m at Mannsville, NY on 6 June 1849 Amos Freeman Wood, son of Amos and Hannah (Dean) Wood of Woodville, NY, born there 11 May 1824.

Children of Elisha Brewster and Lavina Brewster:
5. Mary Lavina b Aug. 6, 1833; m at Ellisburg, NY 12 Aug. 1853 Milton Duane Bartlett, son of Elder John Milton and Hannah (Earle) Bartlett of Troy, NY, born at Victory, NY 3 November 1831; d Clarence, NY 28 Oct. 1894. Milton D. Bartlett attended Albany NY Law School and was a lawyer and judge at Eau Claire, WI for many years. After his death, Mary moved from Eau Claire to Buffalo, NY.

WILLIAM BREWSTER was married at Paris, Oneida Co., NY on May 24, 1824 to SARAH TODD MALTBY, daughter of ADONIJAH MORRIS MALTBY (b 11 Sept. 1772 d 16 Dec. 1845) and SYBIL TODD (bc 1774 d 25 Feb. 1853). Sarah was born 22 Dec. 1797. He was born 12 April 1794 and reportedly died en route to California and was buried at sea in 1848. William was a farmer and teacher at Ellisburg, NY. Descendants state that Sarah died and was buried in Ridgeway, Ontario, Canada on 24 Dec. 1871, and that she came to Ridgeway in ill health for her son to care for her. The cemetery marker in Ridgeway, Ontario mentions William Brewster, died and buried at sea on 2 Aug. 1849 at 55. Her death date on the maker was 24 Dec. 1871, although FindAGrave listed her as Mallby. See Maltby family notes at end of this lineage.

Children of William Brewster and Sarah Todd Maltby, born in Ellisburg, NY:
1. Charles b 1825 d 1881 in Michigan; m. Amelia, daughter of Thurston and Fannie (Fish) Barker of Ellisburg. Amelia b 1827 d 1899 in Michigan. See Barker Genealogy following.

Children of Charles Brewster and Amelia Barker:
a. Alice Brewster 1854- 1888; m. twice; second was her cousin Morris C. Bowler and 3rd ____Barton
b. Wilber Brewster b 1863
c. Henry Brewster 1857-1870
d. Charles William Brewster of Ludington, Michigan 1866-1900
e. George Brewster b March 19, 1869; married at Woodville, Michigan on Oct. 30, 1898 to Belle Eva Curtis. He d 1945.
f. Addison Brewster b 1874 d 1955

2. Charlotte Frances Fidelia Ann, d in Michigan. She married first in Ohio to John C. Bowler and 2)in Michigan to David Chamberlain.

Children of Charlotte F. F. Ann and John Bowler:
a. Morris C. Bowler b 1860; m 1st, his cousin, Alice Brewster and 2)___Smith son, Claude Bowler
b. Mary Bowler b 1862 married John Ravelle

3. John Curren b June 5, 1829; m at Grand Rapids on Feb. 18, 1873 to Isabella P., daughter of James and Charlotte Leaton of Holton, Michigan, b Lincolnshire, England Oct. 30, 1849; d Fremont, Michigan July 25, 1899. He died 1 Jan. 1915 at Muskegon, MI at 85.

Children of John Curren Brewster and Isabella P. Leaton:
a. Lotta Brewster b May 8, 1876 m. at Fremont on Sept. 23, 1896 to Edward Jacklin

4. Isaac Degrasse b Aug. 17, 1835; m at Philadelphia Jan. 12, 1872 to Elizabeth F. Boggs.
5. William Andrew Jackson Brewster b Nov. 13, 1836; m 1)in 1862 to Margaret, daughter of John and Isabella (Fraser)McBain, of Beverly Township, Ontario, Canada, born there 25 March 1841; d Hespeler, Ontario on 30 June 1863; married 2) at Hespeler, in February 1865 to Margaret Brydon, b Dumfries, Scotland in 1843. William died at Hespeler on 4 March 1903.
6. Nathaniel Brewster (Dr.) b June 20, 1837; married in Humberstone Township, Welland Co. Ontario, Canada on 7 June 1862 to Sarah M. Sherk of Humberstone, she born there July 9, 1838, daughter of George and Elizabeth (Hershey) Sherk of Humberstone. Nathaniel was a practicing physician at Ridgeway, Ontario in 1900. He served as assistant surgeon in the U.S. Navy from March 1863 to December 1865; was on the U.S. Signal when it burned in 1864 and on the monitor, Milwaukee, when sunk off Mobile, in 1865.
7. Morris d Jan. 13, 1862 at 21 years; unmarried, died in Civil War service.


EZEKIEL M. GARDNER was bc 1770 in RI and died at Lorraine, Jeff. Co., NY on 26 September 1849 at 79 years, buried in Gardner Cemetery, Jeff. Co., NY. His first wife was RUTH TANNER, bc 1773 and d at Lorraine on 30 June 1842 at 69, daughter of Benjamin and Sarah (Aylesworth) Tanner of North Kingstown, RI. Ezekiel and Ruth settled in Lorraine in 1812. After her death, he married Jane Coe. Ezekiel and Ruth are buried in the Gardner Cem. in Jeff. Co.

Children of Ezekiel M. Gardner and Ruth Tanner:
1. Henry T. Gardner 1795-1849; bur. Lyman Cemetery at Adams, Jeff. Co.
2. Hannah Gardner Marsh b 9 Jan. 1799- RI and d 14 April 1867; m. William Marsh 1796-1874; both are buried in the Maplewood Cem., Mannsville, Jeff. Co., NY
3. Phoebe Gardner James 1801-12 March 1843 bur. Gardner Cem.; m. Thomas James, Jr. bc 1793 and d Ellisburgh 1 March 1863 at 70.
4. Mary Gardner Penney Jan. 1807- d 28 Mar. 1868 at Lorraine and is buried in the Adams Rural Cem., Jeff. Co. She was also called Polly. She married George Penney 1806-1881.
5. Lydia Gardner Lowery 1810-1878; buried N. Boylston Cem., Oswego Co., NY; m. James Lowrey 1801-1873.
6. Sally Ann Gardner Brewster 1812-1836


THURSTON BARKER was b 1793 in Massachusetts and d 31 Jan. 1859; he is buried in the Brewster Cemetery, Jeff. Co., NY. ANN "FANNY" FISH was born 2 May 1795 in Cheshire, Berkshire Co., MA and d 10 Feb. 1858 in Ellisburg. She is buried in the Brewster Cemetery, also.

Children of Thurston Barker and Fanny Fish:
Harriet Newell Barker d Dec. 1827 at 4 months bur. Brewster Cem.
Alanson Barker d 23 Sept. 1827 at 3 years bur. Brewster Cem.
Elias H. Barker d 12 Sept. 1836 at 2 years bur. Brewster Cem.
Amanda C. Barker Brewster b 24 Aug. 1817 at Ellisburg; d 26 Jan. 1901 in Syracuse, NY; buried Oakwood Cemetery. Married Timothy Brewster 1808-1897.
Leonard O. Barker b 1819 d 1904; buried Pine Plains Cem. in Clay, NY. Married Mary b 1823 d 1910
Maria Louisa Barker Ellis b 22 June 1821; d 11 Jan. 1858; buried Evergreen Cem., Henderson, Jeff. Co., NY. Married Caleb Ellis 1820-1894
Amelia L. Barker Brewster b 1827 d 6 Jan. 1899; m Charles W. Brewster 1826-1881; she is buried in Lakeview Cemetery in Ludington, Michigan.
Alma E. Barker Fish b 24 May 1882; d 15 Feb. 1812 in Orleans Co., NY, buried Beechwood Cem. in Kendall. Married Henry C. Fish b 28 May 1829 d 4 Oct. 1885.


ADONIJAH MORRIS MALTBY was b 11 Sept. 1772 in Branford, New Haven, CT and d 16 Dec. 1845 in Sauquoit, NY at 73. He was the son of Samuel Maltby and Rosanna Coe. He married SYBIL TODD on 12 Dec. 1793 in North Branford, CT. She was b 1773 and died 1852.

The Maltby children:
Sarah Maltby b 22 Dec. 1797
Ursula Maltby b 22 May 1799
Lydia Maltby b 25 May 1801 in Ellicottville, NY; m Seth L. Burdick. She d 16 April 1832.
Amelia Maltby b 4 June 1803
Charlotte Maltby b 4 Dec. 1807 in the Town of Paris, Oneida Co., NY
DeGrasse Maltby b 26 Jan. 1810; m Frances F. Wariner. He d 14 Feb. 1872 in CT.
Fidelia Mosher Maltby b 17 April 1816 in Sequoit, NY; m Dr. Thomas Atherton Moore (1812-1885)
Isaac Maltby b 22 July 1795

SAMUEL MALTBIE (MALTBY) b Branford, New Haven CT 15 Nov. 1746, son of SAMUEL MALTBIE and REBECCA FOOTE. Married ROSANNA COE on 11 Feb. 1768 in Northford, CT. He d 18 Aug. 1774 in Northford, New Haven, CT. Rosanna was b 22 Dec. 1749 and d 12 Feb. 1825 in Northford (old cemetery), dau. of Simeon Coe and Anna Morris. Rosanna married 2nd to John Page, on 30 Nov. 1786.

Their children:
Timothy Maltby b 9 April 1770-1842
Adonijah Morris Maltby b 11 Sept. 1772 Branford, CT d-1845
Rev. John Maltby b 8 Dec. 1768 Northford, CT d-1842
Anne Morehouse Maltby b 23 Feb. 1775- d 1777
Amy Maltby 1774-1777
Page children:
Rosanna Page bc 1788
Isaac Page bc 1790
Amy Page bc 1792


ENS. SIMEON COE was born in Haddam, CT later set off to Durham, on 22 March 1720/1. He was commissioned ensign in the militia in October 1766 and on 8 Dec. 1777 took the oath of fidelity at Durham. His death was caused by being struck by a falling stone while in a well on 23 Sept. 1782 at 62. His will was probated in 1782. He married 16 Jan. 1745/6 to ANNA MORRIS, b 20 Feb. 1728, daughter of Adonijah and Sarah (Moulthrop) Morris. She moved to Branford, CT to live with her Maltby daughters and died there 15 Feb. 1813. On 19 Nov. 1782 Anna Coe, widow of Simeon Coe, conveyed land to her children: Timothy, Morris, Simeon and Sarah Coe and Eunice Baldwin, all of Durham and Rosanna Maltby of Branford. - Durham Land Records, Vol. 9, p. 237. (Coe Gen. p. 133)


**WILLIAM BREWSTER m 1)at Preston, CT, 4 Nov. 1761 to OLIVE MORGAN, dau. of Joseph and Ruth (Brewster) Morgan of Preston. She was born 8 May 1737. William married 2)at Lebanon, CT in 1775 to MARY, daughter of Obadiah and Susan (Walworth) Starks; Mary was born at Lebanon, CT on 23 Nov. 1747 and died near Rome, Oneida Co., NY. Their daughter, LAVINA, was born 23 Oct. 1791 and was the second wife of Elisha Brewster, son of Timothy.


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