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(the name was changed to Dezengremel)

Remy Prosper Dizengremel was born in France in Blancfossé September the 29th1783. He married first Theresa Lambert, January 11th 1809, and had a son, Remy, born July the 24th 1813.

This son was the first to migrate in 1834. His father came the next year with his new wife, Marie Felicite Voisin, whom he married November the 22nd 1817 in le Plessis Bouchard (95). The couple had a son François Pierre, Remy's half brother. Having bought some land from LeRay, the family settled in Lyme in 1835 and was naturalized in 1840.

Remey P. Naturalization

Remy maried Cécile Mélanie DeLaplace in 1844 (also French, born in Sannois). As the elder son he kept the farm and build the Remy Dezengremel's house. Their son, Louis Remy, married Esther Rose Grapotte (ancestors of the Fitzgerald at Anchor's Motel )

Remy Denengremel Home

On his side, François Pierre maried Marie Seraphine Boulon and the couple had 3 sons. They married with Cocagne, Gosier and Crevolin (all families from Rosières in France).

In 1877 Frank Peter Dezengremel (as called in USA) bought Maple Grove

Frank Peter Denengremel Home

On Remy's side, he has descendants in the Fitzgerald family of Cape Vincent , and on Frank Peter's side, the last descendant, Francis, manager of the Empire Theater  in Glenn Falls (1949), has family now living in Colorado. Francis was married with Alice Mary Doty, a descendant of one of the Pilgrims fathers.

For more details have a look at the family tree.


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