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of Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., NY

DANIEL FISH, son of Robert and Mary (Hall) Fish, was born at Portsmouth, RI on 17 May 1707 and died in 1786 at probably New Ashford, Berkshire Co., MA. On 22 October 1730, at Portsmouth, he married MARY TALLMAN, daughter of Benjamin Tallman and Patience Durfee. Daniel lived for a time in Swansea, MA, where he gave land to his son, George, who was living there in 1790. After 1740, and the birth of five sons, he removed to a farm in W. Dighton, MA. Daniel's will was proved 3 October 1786, and indicated that he was age 79.

Their children:
Robert b 28 July 1731
George b 22 Dec. 1732
Daniel b 13 July 1735
Isaac b 4 Aug. 1737
Benjamin b 4 Oct. 1739
William b 9 Sept. 1742
Matthew b 6 Dec. 1744
Mary b 22 June 1747
Elizabeth b 2 Sept. 1749
David b 14 April 1752
Olive b 4 Nov. 1754
JONATHAN b 12 September 1757; d 1841; married LILLIS MASON

JONATHAN FISH was the son of DANIEL and MARY (TALLMAN) FISH. He was born 12 September 1757 and died 29 June 1841, Buried in the Brewster Cemetery near Ellisburg, NY. With his brother, George, he was a private in Capt. Peleg Peck's Company, Col. Geo. Williams Regiment. His date of enlistment was 29 Sept. 1777 and his discharge was on 30 Oct. 1777. The service was one month, one day under Maj. Gen. Spencer on a secret expedition. Tiverton, RI was his station and the roll was sworn to at Swanzey, MA. In 1832 he was placed on the pension roll of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY for his service in the Rhode Island, Militia. On November 14, 1781 he married LILLIS MASON, of Lanesboro, MA. She was born 1766 and d 21 March 1848 at 82 years. Both are buried in the Brewster Cemetery.

Transcriber's note: The original Massachusetts vital records were destroyed in a fire and I was not able to verify the information for Lillis Mason.

Their children were:
1. JONATHAN b 14 March 1784; m HARRIET (HULL) b 1786
2. CALVIN B. b 14 July 1786 ; d 20 Aug. 1828; m 1)BETSY WARREN and 2)CLARISSA
3. LUCINDA b 17 June 1790 (town record of New Ashford, MA) d 7 June 1818 in Penfield, Monroe Co., NY. Married SILAS BARKER on 9 April 1807 in Cheshire, Berkshire Co., MA He was bc 1782 Lanesborough, Berkshire Co., MA.

Their children:
b. GEORGE M. BARKER b 3 May 1814
c. ALBERT BARKER b 5 May 1818

4. NANCY b 1793 Berkshire Co., MA; d 5 Feb. 1852; m AUGUSTUS LUM (Deacon) b 16 Nov. 1791 and d 6 July 1869. He married 2) SARAH b 18 April 1797 in England and d 4 May 1868
5. ANNA m. THURSTIN BARKER; she d 10 Feb. 1858 at 53 years, 11 months. Thurstin died 31 Jan. 1859 at 65 years, 7 months.

Their children:
a. AMANDA BARKER b 24 Aug. 1817 d 26 Jan. 1891; married as his second wife, TIMOTHY BREWSTER on 13 Jan. 1838; he died 27 Jan. 1897 in Syracuse, NY

6. MATILDA m HOLLY HARD; d 23 April 1833 at 30 years; residents of Michigan (per Jonathan's will)
7. SILAS d 19 April 1840 at 32 years; named as youngest son in father's will; married CAROLINE; bc 1810, resident of Ellisburgh; In 1870 she was at Mt. Pleasant Township, Whiteside, Illinois

OSMAR S. FISH bc 1835
ELIZA C. FISH bc 1837

8. LAVINA (LOVISA) d 2 March 1836 at 30 years
9. MARY S. d 23 Oct. 1831 at 32 years
10. MARTHA ANN, wife of GEORGE CARPENTER of the Province of Upper Canada

Her children:
a. GEORGE BAILEY of Lorraine, Jeff. Co.

In the probate petition, minors mentioned were: HORACE, GEORGE, NANCY JANE, ADELINE HULL all of Ellisburgh, NY. Also mentioned were MARCIA and ALFRED ROUNDS as minors of Ellisburgh.

1. JONATHAN FISH, son of Jonathan & Lilis Fish, was b 14 March 1784, in New Ashford, MA (town record) and married HARRIET HULL, who was b 1786 and d 26 July 1865 at 79 years, 6 months, 15 days.

Their children were identified in two wills, as follows:

a. JANE FISH LOWREY of Ellisburgh; married LORENZO LOWREY of Lorraine, NY She b March 1819 and d 6 Jan. 1908 at 88 years 10 months. Lorenzo was born 1815 and d 1890 - buried Maplewood Cemetery in Mannsville, NY

Their children:

b. MASON FISH d 1828 at 4 years
c. LUTHER M. FISH b 1815 d 17 June 1886 at 71 years. He married 2)ARVILLA M. COLE b 1825 and d 29 Nov. 1892 at 68 years. He married 1)MATILDA HAVEN, who died 13 July 1841 at 26 years
d. SILAS O. FISH d 1842 at 21 years
e. EMORY O. FISH of Ellisburgh, d 29 Nov. 1890 at 64; m 1)EMELEY A. d 1847 at 22 years 2)SALLY M. JAMES, who d 26 Oct. 1909
f. LORENZO FISH d 1 Oct. 1865 at 52 years; married BETSEY who d 11 Aug. 1878 at 60 years, 6 months In the petition to open probate on his estate,
the following persons were identified:

Emory O. Fish - brother
Joel Fish of Fox Lake, WI - brother
Jane Lowery of Ellisburgh - sister
Juliette Larkins and Olivia Brown of Ellisburgh
Jonathan Nicholson of Brooklyn, NY
Harriet Thayer/Thair of Onondaga Co., NY-these four as Nicholson children of his deceased sister, Betsey
Delia Fish of Ellisburg, daughter of his brother, George N. and Mason Fish of Racine, son of his brother, George
Harvey Fuller of Seneca, IL, son of Ursula Fish Fuller, his sister
Eliza L. Messinger, Jane L. Messinger, Sarah M. Fay, Antoinette S. Fay and Olive M. Hechtman, children of his sister, Harriet Fish Fay

g. JOEL W. FISH of Fox Lake, Dodge Co., WI; b 1 Feb. 1817, d 23 May 1907* in Evanston, Illinois. Married 1 September 1846 to RACHEL WEATHERBY STONE, bc 1820 in MA or NY. In his father's will, Jonathan, is mentioned the fact that quite a lot of money had been spent on Joel's education. His father left him some money, a bible and Joel was allowed to take whatever books he might want from his father's library.

Their children:
1. WILLIAM FISH b 1848
2. ANNA MARY FISH b 1850
3. JENNIE FISH b 1853

In the 1850 census of Geneva, Walworth Co., WI, Joel W. Fish, with wife, Rachael, with their two oldest children; also in the household is NORMAN FISH, age 22, bc 1828. See biographical information from Dodge Co., Wisconsin following.

h. GEORGE N. FISH d 9 April 1841 at 35 years; married 1) BETSEY, who d 5 Oct. 1836 and 2)EUNICE

Their children: 1. MASON FISH bc 1833 of Racine, Wisconsin
2. ADELIA "DELIA" FISH d 16 Dec. 1903 at 72; bc 1831

i. BETSEY FISH B 1800 d 30 May 1831 at 31 years; married PELATIAH NICHOLSON

Their children:
2. JOHNATHAN F. NICHOLSON-residence unknown
3. ALMIRA M. BROWN of Ellisburgh, NY

j. HARRIET FISH married JOEL FAY of Erie County, Pennsylvania

Their children:
1. ELIZA L. FAY married Messinger
2. OLIVE FAY married Hechtman
4. JANE L. FAY married Messinger

k. URSULA FISH d 16 Dec. 1834 at 24 years; she married JESSE FULLER of Seneca, Lasalle Co., Illnois

Their son:
HARVEY FULLER of Akron, Summit Co., Ohio

In his will, Jonathan Fish named the following:

Harriet Fish, his wife
Jane Lowrey, his daughter
Granddaughters of:
Harriet Fay
Betsey Nicholson
Delia Fish
Luther Fish, his son
Joel W. Fish, his son
Grandson: Norman Fish (it could not be determined whose child he was; however, his grandfather remembered him in his will. Norman was b 1827 and d 28 Sept. 1865; he married Rosette E., who was b 1832 and d June 1913. Both are buried in Maplewood Cem. Jeff. Co., NY)Norman and Rossette's children: Lillus b 1855; Hannah b 1857; Minnie Ursula b 1861. Harvey Fuller
Mason Fish, his grandson
Almyra Fish and Delia Fish
Jonathan Nicholson, his grandson
Joel D. Fish, his grandson
E. O. Fish, his son
Lorenzo Fish, his son
Emory O. Fish, his son

2. CALVIN FISH, son of JONATHAN and LILIS FISH, was born 14 July 1786 in New Ashford, MA and d at Ellisburgh, NY 1 August 1845. On 6 April 1806 he married BETSEY WARREN, b 1786 and d 11 Dec. 1841. The marriage was in Cheshire, Berkshire, MA. (town record)

Their children were:
a. JONAS WARREN FISH b 31 Mar. 1807 MA d 11 Dec. 1869; m 5 Sept. 1832 SARAH ANN FISH who was b 2 May 1811 and d 21 Nov. 1900.

Their children:
a1. GEORGE BOARDMAN FISH b Ellisburgh 6 Aug. 1837 d 3 October 1866 married MARY E. HUNT, b 17 Sept. 1846 d 30 June 1871

Their children:
1. MARY L. FISH DAR No. 126302 b Jefferson Co NY; m Harrison Ellsworth b 1817 ; married 1867. Mary b 1839 d 1910

a2. MARTHA FISH b 23 Feb. 1843 d 24 Aug. 1905

b. LYMAN FISH of Allegan, Michigan


MELVINA A. FISH of Ellisburgh; d 1863 at 48 years, 6 months
Philip P. Martin of Ellisburgh was appointed special guardian of HENRY C. FISH,
CHARLES FINN and ELVYRA FINN, who were minors at the time of Calvin's death.

LORENZO FISH, son of Jonathan Fish and Harriet Hull, was of Ellisburgh, NY. His wife was named Betsey. In his will, dated 19 September 1861, he named the following:

Albert Miles
Betsey, his wife.

In the petition to open probate the following list of names was provided:
Betsey Fish, his widow, of Ellisburgh
Emory O. Fish of Ellisburgh - his brother
Joel Fish of Fox Lake, Dodge Co., WI - his brother
Jane Lowery of Ellisburgh - his sister
Juliette Larkins and Olivia Brown of Ellisburgh
Jonathan Nicholson of Brookyn, NY
Harriet Thayer of Camillus, Onondaga Co., NY, children of Betsey Nicholson, a deceased sister
Delia Fish of Ellisburgh, and Aaron Fish of Racine, WI, children of George Fish, a deceased brother
Harvey Fuller of Seneca, LaSalle Co., IL, son of Ursula Fuller, a deceased sister
Eliza L. Messinger, Jane L. Messinger, Sarah M. Fay, Antoinette S. Fay of Cook, Erie Co., PA and Olive M. Hechtman of Washington, D.C., children of Harriet Fay, a deceased sister


Source: The US Biographical Dictionary and Portrait Gallery of Eminent and Self-Made Men, Wisconsin Vol. (1877):

FOX LAKE: JOEL W. FISH, is a native of Berkshire Co., Massachusetts and was born at Cheshire on 1 Feb. 1817. His parents were JONATHAN and HARRIET (HULL) FISH. His grandfather was a Revolutionary War soldier and pensioner. His father was a farmer and also a licensed Baptist preacher. He worked his farm nearly up to the time of his death, which occurred March 24, 1853. He moved to Jefferson Co., NY, as a child, and settled in the town of Ellisburg. He joined the Baptist Church there at age 14. At age 18 he attended the academy at Belleville, Jeff. Co., and afterward finished his preparatory studies at Hamilton, teaching meanwhile during the winters. In 1839 he entered Madison University and graduated in course. In 1843 he entered the theological seminary at the same place and received his diploma in August of 1845. He was ordained in the church and came directly to Wisconsin and in the autumn of 1845 he became the pastor of the Baptist Church at Geneva, where he also served as town Superintendent of Schools.

He was a pastor at Racine for two years and at Fox Lake for eleven years. In 1877 he served the Baptist Church at Waupaca. He resided at Fox Lake for 21 years... Mrs. Fish was Miss RACHEL W. STONE of Pulaski, NY. They married on 1 September 1846 and had five children, but only one, a son, is now living. Joel died in the home of his son in Evanston. It is believed that Joel and wife, Rachael, are both buried in Fox Lake, Wisconsin. Note: there is more information in this article, than presented here about his political and religious accomplishments.

* Death date for Joel W. Fish from The Chicago Daily News Almanac and Year Book Vol. 24

The Fish Family in England and America by Lester Warren Fish, pub. 1948 by Tuttle Pub. Co., Rutland, Vermont
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