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Cape Vincent French Families


Claude Favry ; born 12/11/1798; married Therese Herard ;born 9/27/96; in Bougey France and emigrated to Rosiere NY cira 1831 with their four children.

Francois born 1824

Jean Baptiste [John B Favry.] [1827/1920] married Mary Ette Lawrence [cira 1830/1915], daughter of Toufsaint and Frances Laurent [Lawrence] They are buried in the Cedar Grove cemetery in Chaumont NY along with their daughter Mary C. Favry Giles.[1861/1933] Her husband Frank P. Giles [1854/ 1944] and son Frank J Giles [1882/1959]

Joseph born 1828

Virginie circa [1830/1918] married Nicholas Lawrence, [!924/ 1895,] son of Toufsaint and Frances Laurent [Lawrence] They are buried in the newer Rosiere cemetery.

Provided by Rick Lawrence and Jean- Marie Guillaume, of France. Rick's ancestors also lived in Rosiere sur Mace France in the early to mid-1800s.

Pioneer Edus Family

Peter Edus and his wife Elizabeth, came to Rosiere NY circa 1831. They had 5 children.

Stephen Edus [previous marriage] and

Joseph Edus [previous marriage] Both came earlier to escape military conscription.

Margret age 8 ; when the trip was made; Married Frances [Bourcey] Bourcy

Frances age 6

Peter age 4

There is a very detailed family history [ told by Margret’s daughter; Mrs. Mary Bourcey Wagner. She describes the reasons they came , the trip over, and a very detailed account of her Mother’s life.[ which included a few years of living and working for the LeRay family as a teenager.]

It was found in an elderly neighbors house when he passed away. It ran in the newspaper in the 1930s. Ernest G Cook interviewed Mary Bourcey Wagner[ Margret Edus Bourceys daughter ] when she was 83 years old. I believe he interviewed dozens of elderly people and published their memories. I have a copy of the original [very hard to read ] clippings. I know the Lyme Historical Society has it in their files, and I see no reason not to share it.
Rick Lawrence

The Edus Story, mentioned above, is available on this site, in PDF format

Margret and Frances had at least 2 children, Mary [mentioned above] and Joseph who married Mary Anne Besha, who died early in their marriage had one daughter; Mary Jane Bouncy who married Stephen Lawrence.

Mary Jane had been raised by her grandparents. Margret and Frances Bourcey

Pioneer Bourcey/ Bourcy Family

The Pioneer Branche Family practiced the trade of Bourlier or Saddler while in France. The trade was passed father to son.

Jean Frances Bourcey who was born in the Commune of Bures Meuthe in 1787, married Mary Barerry Barbalen in 1810. He was a blacksmith and farmer.

Their first child was Marguerite Anne Bouncy [1811/1889] [ Jean Frances and Mary , above were the grandparents of Frances Bourcey who married Margret Edus; see Pioneer Edus family above].

Jean Frances and Mary’s first child was Marguerite Anne Bourcey[1811/1889]. She married Simeon Branche Bourlier.

On Simeons birth certificate:

In the commune of Frency, Dept of Haunte Marne France on the 10th day of Dec 1811 at 7am appeared before me, Francois Vaurnier, Mayor of the Commune, one named Jean Branche Bourlier age 24 years, declared the birth of a son born 12/9/1811 at 8 pm to him and his wife Marguerite Jacquot age 25 years declaring that his surname would be Simeon.

The Branches were the first French family to come to Rosiere NY in 1829

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