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CAPTAIN DAVID WHITTIER was born at 17 Sept. 1740 in Newton, N. H. and died in 1815 at Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY. He served in the Revolution as 1st Lieutenant in a company commanded by Samuel Bodwell, which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775. He was a Captain in the 15th Company, 4th Essex and was commissioned April 3, 1776. His service as a Captain in the Regiment commanded by Major Benjamin Gage's Company, which marched on October 4, 1777 to join the Northern Army is also noted in his Revolutionary War record. There is service noted also as a Captain of a Company commanded by Lt. Jeremiah Blanchard subsequent to October 12, 1778.

David Whittier married twice: his first wife was ABIGAIL GREELEY MORRILL b 1740 in Methuen, Massachusetts, whom he married at S. Hampton, NH on 2 June 1763. She died 26 May 1789 in Danville, VT. His second wife was CHARLOTTE KELSEY b 1740 Methuen, MA. That marriage occurred in Henderson, NY in 1813. David had removed to Henderson, Jeff. Co., NY in 1808.

Children of David Whittier per a descendant's DAR record:

1. HANNAH b 7 Jan. 1766; married EBENEZER SAWYER
2. RHODA b 17 March 1768
3. ABIGAIL b 15 March, 1770; married EZRA KITRIDGE
4. DAVID b 11 June 1772
5. LOIS b 27 April 1774
6. ACHSAH b 4 January 1777; married BENJAMIN SIAS
7. JONATHAN b 26 August 1779
8. FANNY b 4 August 1781
9. THOMAS GREEN b 4 April 1784
10. SALOME BARTON b 11 Nov. 1785

Subsequent research by various family members includes individual information on the children:

1. Hannah Whittier was born 7 Jan. 1766 and died in Henderson, Jeff. Co., NY; she married EBENEZER SAWYER, who was born 30 December 1756 in Methuen, Essex Co., MA; they married about 1790 in Methuen. He died in Henderson about 1840.

2. Rhoda Whittier was born 15 March 1768 - unmarried

3. Abigail Whittier was born 15 March 1770 and married JOSEPH UPTON PARKER

4. David Whitter, Jr. was born 11 June 1772 and married CHARLOTTE HOSMER

5. Lois Whittier was born 27 April 1774- unmarried

6. Achsah Whittier was born 4 January 1777 and married WILLIAM SIAS or BENJAMIN SIAS

67 Johnathon Whittier was born 26 August 1779 and married PHOEBE REED TRUESDEL

8. Fanny Whittier was born 4 August 1783 married THOMAS DOBSON, JR.

9. Thomas Green Whittier was born 4 April 1784 and married POLLY YEOMANS

10. Salome Basten Whittier was born 11 November 1785 and died 13 September 1828; she married JEREMIAH WOOD, who was born 23 May 1789 and died 18 May 1850.

Transcriber's research notes by Marilyn Sapienza:

The vital records of Newtown Township, (also referred to as Newton) Rockingham, Co., New Hampshire show the birth of David Whittier "Sr." on 17 September 1740, son of Andrew Whittier and Elizabeth. Andrew Whittier married Elizabeth Huntingon in Amesbury, MA on 6 November 1739. (VIR) Andrew was born 13 Oct. 1716 in Amesbury, MA and died in 1800 in Newtown, Rockingham Co., NH. Wife, Elizabeth Huntington was born in 1715 and died in 1758. The actual distance between Amesbury, MA and Newtown, NH is 6.5 miles. The distance between Amesbury, MA and South Hampton, NY is 2.8 miles. The distance between Methuen, MA and Newton, NH is 17.3 miles. When boundary changes occurred between the two states, Newtown became part of NH.

Their son, David Whittier "Sr.", was born 17 September 1740 in Newtown, Rockingham Co., NH (VIR) David served as a Surveyor of Lumber in Methuen, MA in 1769. In March of 1771, David was chosen as a Town Constable in Methuen. On March 21, 1771, Enoch Merriel was sworn to the position in place of David Whittier. At a town meeting on 7 October 1772, a burying place in the west part of the Town was acknowledged, said land containing about a quarter of an acre and given by Mr. David Whittier for the above use. At that time David's land bordered that of widow Lydia Morrel. In a town meeting on 18 May 1774, the Town voted for either Mr. David Whittier or Mr. John Farnum to be agents with John Hibbard and Joseph Griffen in clearing Denoson's Brook... Source: Town Meeting Records of Methuen, MA. In a Town meeting in February, 1775, a designation was made to divide the town into wards, and Ward 1 was from the Dracut line between the land of Widow Morriel and Daniel Whittier, to the house between the house of John Farnum and Abner Merriel from the befour. (sic) On March 11, 1778, the town referenced Capt. David Whittier's corn mill. It was in a meeting on 19 August, 1779 that Capt. David Whittier was again mentioned to be part of a committee to affix prices per the Regulations of the Convention held at Concord in July last. Capt. David Whittier was again mentioned in the town meeting of 13 March 1782 with the title of Selectman, a position he still held in 1783 and as late as 1789. At that time, David asked the town to create a public road to his saw mill and the town decided it was more beneficial to the public to follow a different course for the road. After this decision was made, David Whittier's name no longer appears in the Town Meeting Records.

The vital records of South Hampton, NH show David's marriage on 2 June 1763 to Abigail Merrill. (VIR)

The 1810 census of Newtown, Rockingham, N. H. shows:
David Whittier with 1 male 26-45; 2 females 16-26; 1 female 26-45 and 1 female 45 and over. This is apparently, David Whittier, Jr., who is buried in the Carpenter Cem. in Henderson, Jeff. Co., NY, and who died on 27 September 1815. (tombstone record)

The 1810 census of Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY does not show an entry for David Whittier, "Sr.". The 1810 census of Newtown, NH, there is no David Whittier, Sr., shown. The female in the household there of David Whittier, Jr., was probably his mother, Abigail, as the female over 45.

In the Carpenter Cemetery in Henderson, Jeff. Co., NY, there is a memorial stone as follows:
Charlotte Hosmer Whittier b 1775 d 20 May 1847
David Whittier 1772-1815
* He born 10 June 1772 at Methuen, Essex Co., MA
There is no existing or recorded marker in the Carpenter Cemetery for either Daniel Whittier "Sr." or either of the wives, i.e., Abigail or Charlotte. The Charlotte Hosmer above is listed as the wife of David Whittier "Jr.".

The earliest deed for a Whittier surname in Jefferson Co., NY is in Book O2, page 223, between Thomas Whittier and Polley, his wife, (No. 9 above) of Ellisburgh, NY and Oliver Batchellor of Ellisburgh; the deed made on the 6th day of November 1833.

No early wills or probate documents are listed in Jefferson County; a cursory check of Oneida County does not show anyone at an early date with the surname Whittier.

Neither David nor his wives received pensions for his service.

Vital Records of Methuen, MA (births)
Abigail d. David and Abigall b 15 March 1770
Achsah d. David and Abigail b 4 Jan. 1777
David son David and Abigall 11 June 1772
Fanny d David and Abigail b 4 Aug. 1781
Hannah dau David and Abigall b 7 Jan. 1766
Jonathan son David and Abigail b 26 Aug. 1779
Louis d David and Abigall b 21 April 1774
Sallome Baston d David and Abigal b 11 Nov. 1785

Vital Records of Methuen, MA (marriages)
Nabby Whittier of Newton and Ens. Joseph U. Parker, int. 2 April 1792
Hannah Whittier and Ebenezer Sawyer, int. 29 May 1786

DAR descendant records show:
Abigal Whittier and spouse, Joseph U. Parker
David Whittier and spouse, Charlotte Hosmer
Rhoda Whittier and Solomon Heaton
Achsah Whittier and Benjamin F. Sias

A David Whittier appears on the tax list for the town of Newton, NH in 1811, p. 458 Town Record, and on the tax list in 1812, same volume, p. 468; same volume 1813, p. 475; 1814, p. 481; special poll in 1814, p. 489; 1815, p. 506; 1816, p. 520; 1817, p. 534. The tax lists were divided into two sections: resident and non-resident. David's name was always in the resident listing.

David Whittier Sr's. military service:
He served under Captain Simeon Stevens Co., headed by Col. Timothy Bedel, Esq. to protect the frontier up to the Connecticut River, etc. David served 11 months, 16 days and was discharged on 31 November 1779. Source: Rolls of Soldiers in the Rev. War from New Hampshire, Vol. 2; Provincial and State Papers, Vol. 15. Unfortunately, Capt. Stevens' records were not made public until 1 August 1818, after his death, and it was then that David Whittier Sr.'s service was included in the published rolls. The SAR rolls of Rev. War soldiers buried in NH include only one Whittier; that is Andrew Whittier who is buried in the Hoyt Cemetery in Gilford, NH. He was of an age to have been a brother of David Whittier, Sr. and Andrew did serve in the War from New Hampshire. The Captain Whittier whose payrolls are documented from the Revolutionary War from New Hampshire was Captain Benjamin Whittier.

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