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John Trowbridge Family

JOHN TROWBRIDGE, son of JAMES TROWBRIDGE, was born 28 February 1772, in Wilton, Connecticut, and died 25 February 1852 in Adams Centre, NY. He married first, in1792, in Whitesborough, NY to SARAH GOULD, daughter of JAMES and SARAH GOULD, born 1774. Sarah died in 1803 in Whitesborough. John married in 1804 to ABIGAIL NOURSE/NURSE who died in April 1812 in Rodman, NY. His third wife, whom he married in Pinckney, NY, was WAITY (GREENE) WITTER, widow of JAMES WITTER and daughter of CHARLES and WAITY (BAILEY) GREENE, born 20 December 1787 in Westerly, RI. She died 9 September 1873 in Adams Centre, Jefferson Co., NY.

John Trowbridge emigrated to the state of New York, probably with his father and brothers. He lived several years at Whtiesborough and removed from there to Rodman in Jefferson County and finally settled in Adams Centre. He was engaged in farming all of his life and was a deacon of the Seventh Day Baptist Church in Adams Centre.

Children with Sarah Gould:
1)SARAH b 10 August 1703; married WILLIAM BUTTERFIELD of Rodman, NY
2)ADONIS b 14 September 1795
3)PHILOMELA b 8 Feb. 1797; married SAMUEL FARWELL of Utica, NY
4)JAMES b 1 March 1799; he went to Mississippi before middle age and died there.

Children with Abigail:
5)THANKFUL bc 1805; married ___HALL of Springfield, Michigan
6)RACHEL MARIA b 20 August 1807; married GEORGE W. PERKINS of Pulaski, NY
7)POLLY b 10 March 1809; married 1)WILLIAM NICHOLS of Rodman and 2)ABEL PARKER of Rodman
8)LORIN b 9 March 1811

Children with Waity:
9)ORRIN ALONZO b 19 October 1819
10)CINDERELLA b 28 August 1822; m 29 December 1853 to ELI A. SEELEY and lived in Adams Centre, NY
11)JOHN RILEY b 1824; d 1835
12)MARGARET ANN b 1 June 1826; married SMITH CHAPIN of Rodman, NY

JOHN RILEY TROWBRIDGE, son of ORRIN ALONZO (#9) was born 18 February 1844 in Adams Centre, NY and lived in Adams, NY. He married 19 March 1864 in Adams Centre to ADELAIDE LOOMIS, daughter of SYLVESTER and LOUISA (GREENE) LOOMIS, born 29 October 29, 1845 in Albion, NY. She died 1 February 1882 in Dexter, NY. John R. was a farmer in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY.

Children of John Riley Trowbridge and Louisa (Greene) Loomis:
1)EMMA ELIZABETH b 3 Jan. 1865; m 15 Dec. 1886 to WILLIAM HENRY ARCHER and resided in Lowville, NY
2)NETTIE ADELE b 14 November 1867; married DAVID JONES and lived in Adams Centre, NY
3)MARY CINDRILLA, b 5 Nov. 1870; d 18 Sept. 1897 in Dexter, NY
4)ANNA LOUISA b 12 April 1873; m. SIDNEY ZUFELT and lived in Watertown, NY
5)VIOLA ESTHER b 13 May 1875; married MENZO FILLMORE and lived in Woodville, NY
6)ESTHER ALICE b 24 Dec. 1878; m 1 Feb. 1897 to ALDEN McLEAN and lived in Dexter, NY
7)JOHN RILEY b 1 March 1881; d 5 July 1885 in Watertown, NY.

WILLIAM RANDALL TROWBRIDGE was born 26 December 1847, in Adams Center, NY, son of ORRIN ALONZO (#9), and lived in Adams Centre. He married on 15 January 1872 in Adams Centre to VANDELIA ADELL GREENE, daughter of FRANKLIN JOSEPH and CORDELIA ANN (SWEET) GREENE, born 28 June 1853 in Adams Centre.

William Randall settled in his native place, Adams Centre, NY, where he engaged in the business of buying and shipping stock. In March 1888, he removed with his family to Hinsdale, ILL and took charge of E. M. Borton's large stock farm. In February 1894, he returned to Adams Centre and re-engaged in his former business there, in which his son was associated with him.

Children of William R. Trowbridge and Vandelia Greene:
1)SHERMAN RANDALL b 18 April 1874
2)CORDELIA ANN b 21 May 1879.

LOREN JONES TROWBRIDGE, born 30 March 1849 in Adams Center, NY was the son of ORRIN ALONZO (#9) and removed to Chicago, Illinois

ELI SEELEY TROWBRIDGE, born 10 August 1854 in Adams Center, NY was the son of ORRIN ALONZO (#9) and lived in San Jose, California

CHARLES JAMES TROWBRIDGE b 26 October 1856 in Adams Center, NY was the son of ORRIN ALONZO (#9) and lived in Adams Centre, and lived in Chicago, ILL. He married 17 September 1885 in Adams Centre to EMILY STOODLEY, daughter of AMOS and HARRIET (WHITE) STOODLEY, born 24 Oct. 1865 in Brideville Farm, Devon, England. Charles J. was a carpenter in Chicago.

Children of Charles J. Trowbridge and Emily Stoodley:
1)LLOYD STOODLEY b 17 March 1892 in Lorraine, NY
2)LULA MARIAN b 11 Oct. 1895 in Chicago, Illinois.

THOMAS PHILANDER TROWBRIDGE was born 17 April 1859 in Adams Centre, NY, son of ORRIN ALONZO (#9), and lived in Adams Centre. He married on 2 March 1898 in Adams to NELLIE WASHBURNE, daughter of GEORGE and JANE (MOULTON) WASHBURNE, born 20 June 1869 in Dowagiac, Michigan. Thomas Philander was engaged in farming at Adams Centre.

Children of Thomas P. Trowbridge and Nellie Washburne:
1)GEORGE ELI b 27 April 1902
2)CHARLES ORRIN b 1 November 1903; d 30 July 1907

FRANK TROWBRIDGE was born 1 April 1864 in Adams Centre, NY, son of ORRIN ALONZO (#9), and died 22 January 1899 in Adams Centre. He married on 17 Feb. 1886 in Adams Centre to DORA JANE CHASE, daughter of HENRY STEPHEN and LAURA URSULA (MAXSON) CHASE, born 26 August 1869 in Sackett's Harbor, NY. She continued to reside in Adams Centre. Frank was engaged in farming all of his life at Adams Centre.

Children of Frank Trowbridge and Dora Jane Chase:
1)LAURA ESTHER b 3 Oct. 1886
2)ARTHUR MAXSON b 3 June 1888
3)HELEN ELECTA b 29 April 1890
4)HAROLD b 23 April 1892
5)ELSIE b 23 Jan. 1896
6)JOHN HENRY b 27 March 1898; d 12 March 1899.

SETH SAMUEL TROWBRIDGE was born 9 January 1866 in Adams Centre, NY, son of ORRIN ALONZO (#9) and lived in Adams Centre. He married 5 September 1888 in Adams, to MINNIE ROMELIA THOMAS, daughter of CHARLES WARREN and CORNELIA (OATMAN) THOMAS, born 16 Oct. 1872 in Adams. Seth Trowbridge was always engaged in farming in Adams Centre.

Children of Seth S. Trowbridge and Minnie Romelia Thomas:
1)EDNA CORNELIA b 24 July 1894.

Source: Trowbridge Genealogy

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