Many of you have written to have your address changed on this website. Some of you have waited for over a year. That's one thing over which I have little control, but here are some hints to speed up the process. At last count, this site had over 3,000 pages. A page can be anywhere from 1K to 400K, with a corresponding number of words. Since you are tired of waiting to see changes, and I'm VERY tired of shuffling all the paper around with your emails printed out for he-who-posts, please

1. Email us once again, with ADDRESS CHANGE in subject line.

2. Make sure your old and your new addresses are clearly spelled out, and clearly marked as to which is which.

3. Then, if you want to see the change made quickly, list each place on the site where the change needs to take place. For example:

For surnames: under Dixon, Cupernall, Wagoner.

For pioneers: under Collins, Wagoner, Bamford

For links: go to LINKS and note what titles we are using for your website

For queries: List each instance your query appears.

If this seems like a lot of work for you, please consider what it means for the poor coordinator who gets ten changes of various sorts in today's mail, saying, "Please change my address." Yes, we receive such messages! Is the address on your email the new one or the old one? Where do we find you on the site? Once? twice? eighteen times?

And since we are on the topic, one more thing. A few of you have emailed me several times, on different topics, and never got a reply. I reply to ALL emails with return addresses. I'm hearing some of you gurus, over the miles, saying "Just click on the 'reply' icon, Dummy!" Yes, dears, that works most of the time. On a few emails, however, clicking on the reply icon gets the word "above" popped into the address line. Then my system tells me, kindly, that it can't send mail to "above". Or else absolutely nothing appears on that line, and I still get a message that the letter can't be sent. I am computer illiterate, as I've said many times, and I don't know if it's your system or mine, or what to do about it. If you want an answer, have your complete address visible in the body of your email. Many folks have their return address as an automatic tag at the end of their message. That's fine, but just one last complaint: about 10% of us do not always ACCURATELY transcribe our own addresses. Email is picky: .com is NOT .net, and just one wrong character in a 20 character address invalidates the whole thing.

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