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It should be noted that Mrs. Gruman was an avid DAR volunteer of records and the following references for Jefferson County, NY were abstracted from the above book.

Age 72 on 27 May 1833, residing in Antwerp, NY. Served part time under Capt. Polk and Gene Glover. He enlisted in Limerick, Me in 1781. Private for 6 months under Bates and Lt. Col. John Brooks, Mass. Born 1761 in Scarsdale, Cumberland Co., Maine. Died July 16, 1841. After the war he lived in Deerfield, Oneida Co., NY and died in Antwerp, (Jefferson Co.), NY. Daniel Foster enlisted at Saco, Maine in 1781 and served 7 1/2 months as a Sergeant in 1780.


Taken from will of JULIA HUNGERFORD of Watertown, NY - will made 6 Oct. 1870:
CORNELIA HUNGERFORD, petitioner of Pompey, Onondaga, NY and HIRAM HUNGERFORD of Watertown, LESLIE HUNGERFORD of Watertown, HENRY C. HUNGERFORD of Carthage, NY; ELIZA HUNTINGTON of Dexter and severally of Jeff. Co. Brothers and sisters of the deceased and all of full age.
MRS. RHODA HAYNOR of North Hampton, Mass., and MORRIS C. HUNGERFORD of New Jersey, children of CHARLES P. HUNGERFORD, deceased, brother of the aforesaid of full age. CORNELIA HUNGERFORD, sister of JULIA, for Executor.

Will Book 29, page 185, Watertown, NY:
SYLVESTER KILBY of Henderson, NY Nov. 11, 1890
Children: WILLIAM, FREDERICK A., FRANK M. & ELVA BOYCE only children of FRANCIS NEWTON KILBY, DECEASED, son of Sylvester...Will proved Nov. 26, 1890

Will of LAURA H. HUNGERFORD of Town of LeRay, Jeff. Co., NY - Will page 144
Will proved Mar. 24, 1863

Will of DAVID BOYCE Book 12, p. 249 of Watertown, NY:
Children: DAVID L., GEORGE S., BIRDSALL, WASHINGTON, DOLPHUS S., MONROE D., PAULINE HOWARD, all of Jefferson County. NATHANIEL BOYCE of Bull Rock, Ontario; MORTIMER D. of Cherry Valley, Illinois; CORDELIA ROGERS and ANGELINE DAHLEY of Rochester, NY and CHARLOTTE A. BOYCE. Will made Dec. 17, 1868

Will of ALANSON TUBBS, in Jeff. Co. Court House:
Only children: JARED C. and CHARLES H. TUBBS
Will probated Mar. 7, 1874

Will of SARAH M. KILBY of Henderson, NY filed in Watertown, NY on Oct. 17, 1881
Signed by JAMES & MARY E. CHILD, Henderson, NY

LETTER OF GUARDIANSHIP, filed Oct. 6, 1834:
Addressed to Benjamin Wright, Surrogate of Jeff. Co., NY
The petition of LEVI TORRY, of Jefferson County, shows that one MARINDA TORRY died in the State of Virginia without making any last will and testament, as far as petitioner knows, that your petitioner has been informed, that the said MIRINDA died, leaving some personal estate, amounting to from $300 to $500, and that all the children of your petitioner are entitled to a distribution share of said estate. I, your petitioner is desirous to be guardian of said children, for the purpose of receiving the share of said estate owed to them, and investment of same for their benefit.

Your petitioner further represents that all of minor children are under 14 years of age and all reside in Jefferson Co. Their names are: MARY C. TORRY, FANNY M. TORRY, ALVIA E. TORRY, ANN JERUSHA TORRY and HARRIET TORRY. Dated: Oct. 6, 1834 /s/ LEVI TORRY


On 15 Feb. 1923, the Deborah Champion Chapter (DAR) was presented with a copy of the will of SAMUEL GILBERT, drawn 1 April 1816. Signed by SYLVESTER GILBERT, THOMAS WELLS, ANDREW WELLS of Hebron. SAMUEL GILBERT was the father of DEBORAH GILBERT CHAMPION for whom the Adams Chapter was named.

On or near Feb. 29, 1924, MRS. ELIZABETH WHITCOMB INGRAHAM. Memorial service held Sunday, May 25, 1924.

MRS. MINNIE LITTLEFIELD LAIRD died May 26, 1924, wife of DAVID H. LAIRD. Married Sept. 19, 1883. She was born in Woodville, May 29, 1864, only child of ELIJAH & SALLY HINES LITTLEFIELD.

MRS. ALZUIA ROBINSON ANDRES died Sat. Feb. 7, 1925, at the home of her daughter, MRS. J. H. CHAPMAN. Mrs. Andrus was born in Lorraine, the daughter of JOHN F. ROBINSON of Boston, Mass. and RHODA BAILEY. After her marriage to DAVID J. ANDRUS of Saginaw, Michigan, they lived in Pierpont Manor, where three children were born. Two sons, WILL J. and JOHN R., and a daughter, MRS. J. J. CHAPMAN of Adams. Her husband died years ago. Mrs. Andrus was a descendant of JOHN ROBINSON of Mayflower fame.

MRS. EVA E. COLLINS, age 72, of Henderson, died this morning at the house of the Good Samaritan - 1925. She was born in Butterville, NY. She was the widow of GEORGE COLLINS, who died 14 years ago in Henderson.

MRS. FANNY OATMAN GRIMSHAW of Lorraine, died very suddenly on June 30th 1925. She married CHARLES C. GRIMSHAW. Mrs. Grimshaw was born in Adams, the daughter of ELIJAH and HARRIETT OATMAN. They had three children: MRS. FRED ISHAM of Rodman; ALLEN of Adams; EDNA who died in childhood.

MRS. MILA RICE passed away in 1925 at the age of nearly 88. MILA E. LIFFINGWELL was born in Henderson, and when about 20 years of age, married WM. N. RICE, who died in 1893 at Smithville, NY. Burial in family plot at Smithville.

MRS. ANNA COOPER BOOMER, age 73; death occurred Oct. 3rd, 1925. She married EUGENE in 1879.

Nov. 17, 1925, Tribute to the memory of MISS FRANCES GAYLORD, age 76. Born in Adams Feb. 24, 1849, daughter of DAVID & ANGELINA GAYLORD.

LYMAN ELLIS came from Troy in 1797. He married SYLVIA, daughter of NATHAN BURHAN. No children. They adopted MAHOLEN ELLIS who died in Utica and a daughter, CAROLINE WILLARD, who married DANIEL FISKE by whom she had two sons: Daniel and Willard Orville. Lyman Ellis died in 1847 and is buried in Ellisburg.

MRS. SARAH MORGAN MAUVILLE, died April 17, 1926. She was born in Henderson in 1835, daughter of RUSSEL MORGAN & OLIVIA SMITH JONES. She married Dr. MARQUIS MAUVILLE in 1866. Her great grandfather was EDWARD SALISBURY from Rhode Island by way of Delta, NY; he was the first settler in Adams and the second was her maternal grandfather, DAVID SMITH. He married EDWARD SALISBURY'S daughter. Paternal grandparents ELIAS JONES and RUSSELL MORAN came from Connecticut.

MRS. FANNIE S. LEGG of Adams died May 23rd, 1926 in Watertown. She was born at Three Mile Bay on March 1, 1854, daughter of ELIZA & THOMAS STILL. She married KASEE H. LEGG of Heuvelton, NY on Dec. 27, 1881. Mr. Legg died in 1911. She is survived by two daughters, MRS. BIANCO L. HUTCHINSON of Upper Montclaire, NJ, and MRS. JESSIE L. BASS of Newark NH and a granddaughter, MARY WOODS of Hutchinson.

MRS. MINNIE BEMIS HUDSON, age 50, wife of LEWIS E. HUDSON, died about Aug. 13, 1926. They have a son, SCHUYLER.

DELBERT J. BRADBURY, 79, of Adams, died Dec. 8, 1948; born at Gardners Corners, May 3rd, 1870, one of eight children of JOHN D. & MARIAN MURPHY BRADBURY. On Nov. 13, 1896 he married Miss MINNIE FAIRMAN of Barnes Corners.

MRS. JAY NUTTING DeWITT, age 72, widow of CHARLES DeWITT, died Sept. 6, 1949 at Sandy Creek, NY. Surviving are a son, ___of Lacona, and two grandchildren of Lacona and Mrs. JOHN (ROSEMARY) REARDON of Watertown; three great grandchildren: Mrs. Dewitt was born in Henderson on Sept. 29, 1878, daughter of MANFORD and LILLIAN CRITTENDEN NUTTING. She was married on Jan. 1, 1896 to CHARLES, who died in Lacona on June 11, 1938.

1849- MRS. GEORGE GARDENER, age 72, died in Schenectady, widow of Dr. GEORGE E. GARDENER of Ellisburg. He was for many years, a practicing physician in Ellisburg. Their daughter, MARY, died and an only son, JOHN, survives, together with a nephew, GEORGE WELLS of Sandy Creek. Burial in Ellisburg.

JACOB HENRY HUGHES, age 81, died in 1949 and was buried in Fairview Cemetery in Rodman. He was born in Battersea, Ontario on March 7, 1868, son of EDWARD & RACHEL STOVER HUGHES. On Nov. 23, 1900, Mr. Hughes married Miss DORA CAREY in Watertown. Surviving are his widow, DORA HUGHES of Adams; brothers: J. WESLEY HUGHES of Adams, and a sister, MRS. GARY (EFFIE)VROMAN of Rodman.

MRS. ELVA W. ADAMS, age 80, died at her home in Adams on Jan. 17, 1949. She was born in New Haven, NY on May 15, 1859, daughter of WM. W. & SUSAN STREETER WOOD. She moved to N. Adams in 1886. Surviving are one daughters, MRS. H. D. (CLAREEN)McHENRY of San Diego, Cal. One son, ROE K. ADAMS of Orlando, Florida and 5 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren.

MRS. E. P. VROMAN of Adams, NY died Apr. 18, 1949. Her parents were Mr. and Mrs. GOMER M. DAVIS of Adams Center. She was born in Watertown on Sept. 5, 1910, daughter of GOMER M. & HAZEL WILSON DAVIS. On July 6, 1935, she married E. ROSS VROMAN, who was the son of Mr. and Mrs. GARY VROMAN of Rodman.

Attorney GEORGE S. TRIPP, age 42, died in 1949 in Watertown, NY. He married ALICE L. JONES, daughter of MRS. JESSIE LOVELACE JONES and the late FRED L. JONES of Henderson. They were the parents of 12 children, 11 of whom survive.

CHARLES KENYON, age 78 died in Adams, NY on Jan. 20, 1949. He was survived by his widow, MRS. CADDIE TOTMAN KENYON, one daughter: MRS. CHARLES E. BICKLE JR. (DORIS) of Brooklyn, and one son, DONALD KENYON of Adams, one grandson, ENSIGN FLOYD O. KENYON of Newport, RI, and one sister, MRS. MARY KENYON RHODES of Adams, NY.


Miss LENA COOPER of Adams became the bride of WILLIAM H. GILMAN on July 12, 1927. Mrs. Gilman is the youngest daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. GEORGE COOPER. Mr. Gilman's first wife was Miss MARY STONE of Adams.

Friends gathered for the marriage of Miss HAZEL M. SNYDER to ROGER WILLIAMS. Mrs. Williams is the only daughter of Mr. & Mrs. R. H. SNYDER. Mr. Williams is the son of MRS. R. SEYMOUR EASTMAN of Belleville. (no dates given)

In Adams on Dec. 30, 1923, JOHN HINES of Malone and Miss RUTH WILLIAMS, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. F. M. WILLIAMS.

The WAITE-AVERILL wedding was solemnized on Nov. 1, 1905 in Adams at the bride's home.

At the home of the bride in Ellisburg on Aug. 16, 1915, EDWARD A. DENISON and Miss ZADIA B. EGGLESTON

In Sunland, Cal., MRS. MINA KRAHN WALKER of W. Chestnut St., Santa Anna, Cal. became the bride of HARRY EDWARD RIPLEY of Anaheim and Adams, NY. The marriage was on Sunday, Nov. 27, 1949. Mrs. Walker was the widow of ROBERT WALKER of Adams.

Mr. and Mrs. HOWARD M. CLEVELAND, married on July 5, 1919. Mrs. Cleveland, the former Miss HOPE M. BRAUT of Depauville, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. WILLIS BRAUT. Mr. Cleveland, son of Mr. & Mrs. ORVILLE M. CLEVELAND of Brownville. Four children: MRS. WM. (HELEN L.)CARNES, San Pedro, Cal. and HAROLD W. CLEVELAND, MISS BARBARA CLEVELAND, MISS MARIAN R. CLEVELAND and two grandchildren.

At Henderson on July 12, 1949, the wedding of Miss MARILYN JOHNSON, daughter of Mr. & MRS. ROBERT F. JOHNSON of Salamanca, NY and ROBERT WOOLEY, son of MRS. GEORGE WOOLEY of Medford, Mass.

At Adams on Nov. 8, 1949, the wedding of Miss JEANETTE MARY GREENLEY, daughter of VERNON GEORGE GREENLEY and the late NELLIE G. GREENLEY, and Corporal CRAIG BURT HITCHCOCK, son of Mr. and MRS. CRAIG BURT HITCHCOCK.

At Woodville on July 8, 1949, Mr. and Mrs. L. L. EVELEIGH celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary. Both are 79 years old. Miss MYRA E. TRUESDEL & LESLIE L. EVELEIGH were married July 10, 1890 in Watertown. One daughter, MRS. GEORGE M. WOOD and a granddaughter, MRS. EDWIN J. CLARK, both of Woodville were present(?)

In Lorraine, NY on March 13, 1949, ROBERT S. GROFF of Adams and Miss JEANETTE LOUISE DEALING of Lorraine.


EBENEZER WOOD was born in Norwich, Conn., Sept. 17, 1771; he was the son of Rev. NATHANIEL WOOD.

One hundred three years ago, last Sunday, Feb. 15, 1925, there was born in Adams, Right Rev. HENRY BENJAMIN WHIPPLE, DD, LLD, Bishop of Minnesota. In early life, Mr. Whipple married a daughter of Judge Wright.

J. STERLING MORTON was born in Adams on Apr. 22, 1832. His grandfather was ABNER MORTON, who moved to Jefferson Co. in 1816. His son, JULIUS DEWEY, father of J. STERLING. Abner's wife was EMELINE STERLING. To J. Sterling Morton and his wife, CAROLINE JOY, were born four sons: JOY, PAUL, MARK and CARL. Carl died a few months before his father in 1902.

At Mannsville, Feb. 15, 1925: A charming little woman of 85 years is MRS. CARRIE E. ALLEN. She was born Aug. 4, 1841. Her mother, DIANA MARSH BROWN, was born at Cranes Corners, town of Warren, Herkimer Co. Mrs. Allen's grandparents were Quakers. Her grandfather, ASA BROWN, was known as Quaker Brown, born in Rehoboth, Rhode Island and moved to Danby, VT in 1797. Her father, OTIS BROWN, was born in 1797.

M. L. BURNHAM celebrated his 80th birthday on Saturday evening. He was born in Henderson, June 12, 1869, son of EMERY & EMILY ALEXANDER BURNHAM. He was twice married: his first wife of MYRA BARNEY and his second was MRS. KATE BARNEY WHITNEY. MRS. LENA THOMPSON, MISS SAMARIA STRICKLAND and BERT THOMPSON were also honored, since their birthdays occur shortly.

On Jan. 3rd, 1949, HENRY BONNETT celebrated his 80th birthday. His son-in-law and daughter, Supervisor and Mrs. EDWIN POOR of Belleville. Henry was born on 3 Jan. 1869, son of the late ISAAC & JANIE BAXTER BONNETT. He was twice married.
First, was FLORA KEUNAY of Galloup Island Dec. 25, 1890. She died in 1927?. He married to MRS. ADDIE MERRIAM NELLIS of Pamelia Four Corners. One daughter and three sons by his first wife: MRS. EDWIN (RUTH) POOR; EARL H. & NORRIS A., both of Henderson, and ISAAC, who is deceased. There are six grandchildren and one great grandchild.

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