Part 2

National No. 14130
State No. 1538
Chapter No. 37
(Henry Fonda)

Miss Cornelia Dockstader Fonda, b. 7-16-1883, on the Fonda Farm, Fonda, N. Y.

Great Grand-father, Brigadier-General Henry Fonda

Daughter of Albert Fonda, Fonda Farm, Fonda, N. Y., b. 1-2-1844, d. 1-13-1928
Wife, Eliza Jane Dockstader, of Fonda, N. Y. (6-1/2 miles northwest of village)
b. 1-8-1852, d. 8-13-1931
m. 10-12-1882

Son of Douw Henry Fonda, Fonda Farm, Fonda, N. Y., b. 7-21-1809, d. 11-11-1895
Wife, Ann Veeder, Veeder Farm, Fonda, N. Y., b. 1-16-1813, d. 10-15-1890
m. 10-31-1831

Son of Brig. Gen. Henry Fonda of Caughnawaga, N. Y., b. 8-20-1766, d. 9-19-1828
Wife, Hester Mabie of Schenectady, b. 1765, d. 2-11-1840
m. 2-14-1790

Son of Lieutenant-Colonel Adam Fonda, Caughnawaga, N. Y., b. 12-26-1736, d. 9-8-1808
Wife, Nieltje Breese, Schenectady, N. Y., b. 4-17-1735, d. 12-15-1820
m. 1762

Son of Douw (Dow) Fonda of Schenectady and Caughnawaga (NY), b. 8-22-1700, d. 5-22-1780
Wife, Maritje Vrooman, of Schenectady and Caughnawaga (NY) b. 9-1-1699, d. 6-30-1756
m. 10-29-1725

Son of Jellisse Fonda of Schenectady, b. 1670, d. 9-8-1737
Wife, Rachel Winnie, b. (blank), d. (blank)
m. 12-11-1695

Son of Douw Jellisse Fonda of Lubberde Land and Schenectady, N. Y., b. 1640, d. 11-24-1700
Wife, Rebecca Conyn of Albany (NY), b. (blank), d. (blank)

Children of 1812 Ancestor:

Alida Feb. 22, 1783 m. Volkert Veeder
Nellie Oct. 31, 1791 m. Sampson Sammons
Maria March 2, 1795 m. Henry Smith
John August 6, 1797 m. Catherine Dockstader
Adam Nov. 7, 1799 m. Catherine Ann Dockstader
Peter Feb. 12, 1804 m. Gertrude Fonda
Lavina Feb. 12, 1804 m. Alvin Harris
Douw Henry July 21, 1809 married Ann Veeder
Henry Douw July 21, 1809 m. Evelyn Dockstader

Services of Ancestor:

1786 Ensign No. 1 in Col. Frederick Fisher's Regiment
1793 Captain in Brig.-General Volkert Veeder's Regiment
1802 Second Lieut. - Col. Abraham Veeder's Regiment
1810 Major in Brig. - General Richard Dodge's Regiment
1816 Lieutenant-Colonel in 34th Regiment of Infantry
1819 Colonel in 34th Regiment of Infantry
1820 Brigadier-General of the 11th Brigade of Infantry
1807-1816-1819 Served in the New York State Legislature representing the
Fourth Senatorial District of Tryon County.

National No. 8710
State No. 1038
Chapter 14
(Nicholas Quackenbush)

Elizabeth Mabee Quackenbush, wife of Frederick P. Hooper, b. 3-19-1871, Glen, Montgomery County, N. Y. - Resident of Tribes Hill, N. Y.

Great Great Grandfather, Nicholas Quackenbush

Daughter of Harmon Quackenbush, Glen, Montgomery Co., N. Y., b. 1-23-1841, d. 7-5-1910
Wife, (blank), Tribes Hill, Montgomery Co., N. Y., b. 10-1847, d. (blank)
m. 7-11-1869, Glen, Montgomery Co., N. Y.

Son of John J. Quackenbush, Glen, Montgomery Co., N. Y., b. 11-14-1809, d. 9-23-1873
Wife (1st), Elizabeth Mabee, Glen, N. Y., b. 10-14-1814, d. 11-14-1896
m. 5-19-1802

Son of Jacob Quackenbush, b. 11-27-1782, d. 8-21-1841
Wife, Margaret Hugeniee, b. 1-14-1780, d. 2-6-1862
m. 11-14-1802

Son of Nicholas Quackenbush, Tryon County, N. Y., b. 11-9-1750, d. 4-26-1830
Wife, Helen Magdalena Collier, Tryon Co., N. Y., b. 3-9-1761, d. 1-14-1843 (possibly 1853)
m. 4-17-1777

Children of 1812 Ancestor:

Rachel b. Oct. 1780
Jacob b. Nov. 1782
John b. Jan. 1785
Maria b. May 1787
Nancy b. July 1789
Peter b. 12- ? - 1791
Abraham b. Mar. 1797
Isaac b. Jan. 1801
Isaac b. June 1802

Services of Ancestor

Served in War of 1812 as private in Capt. Ichabod L. Judson's Co., Light Infantry, in a regiment of N. Y., detached Militia Commanded by Lt. Col. David Rogers. His service commenced Sept. 8, 1814, and ended Dec. 8, 1814, per Adjutant General's Dept. of War.

National No. 7080
State No. 870
(Jacob Woolever)

Grace Irving Quackenbush Vedder (sic), B. 4-2-188?, Montgomery Co., N. Y.

G. G. Grandfather, Jacob Woolever, b. 2-7-1761, Tryon Co., N. Y., was a citizen of Herkimer Co., N. Y. d. 12-4-1827, Private, N. Y. Militia

Daughter of Joseph Quackenbush, Auriesville, Montgomery Co., N. Y., b. 6-11-1849, d.10-26-1908
Wife, Adaline Hudson Shults, b. 9-11-1848, d. 2-12-1880
m. 12-18-1879, Auriesville, N. Y.

Joseph Quackenbush, son of Isaac J. Quackenbush, b. 7-28-1814, d. 2-12-1880
Wife, Margaret Casler, b. 1-26-1816, d. 12-27-1887
m. 3-18-1841

Margaret Casler, daughter of Joseph Casler, b. 7-12-1773, d. 10-3-1854
Wife, Elizabeth Woolever, b. 10-26-1787, d. 9-28-1871
m. 9-17-1809

Elizabeth Woolever, daughter of Jacob Woolever, Herkimer Co., N. Y., b. 2-7-1761, d. 12-4-1827
Wife, Susanna Flagg, Herkimer Co., N. Y., b. 2-27-1756, d. 8-30-1850
m. 5-15-1779

Children of 1812 Ancestor:

Katherine 2-11-1783
Magdalene 10-25-1785
Elizabeth 10-26-1787
Jacob 2-18-1790
Margaret 10-12-1792
Nicholas 8-2-1795

Services of Ancestor:

Private in Capt. Samuel Lowe's Company, etc.
August 29-1814 - November 29, 1814

National No. 16945
State No. 1647
Chapter 45
(Abraham Veeder)

Miss Elsie Gladys Failing, b. 11-4-1904, Town of Palatine, Montgomery Co., N. Y.

Great-Great-Great-Grandfather, Major General Abraham Veeder

Daughter of J. Aylmer Failing, Town of Palatine, N. Y., b. 8-28-1872, d. 12-12-1939
Wife, Florence Ehle, Town of Palatine, N. Y., b. 12-25-1871, d. 6-22-1949
m. 12-7-1893

Florence Ehle, daughter of Peter Ehle, Town of Palatine, N. Y., b. 7-9-1832, d. 1-17-1917
Wife, Anna Veeder Dockstader, Town of Mohawk, N. Y., b. 11-2-1843, d. 12-19-1914
m. 4-13-1864

Anna Veeder Dockstader, daughter of Jacob J. Dockstader, Town of Mohawk, N. Y., b. 7-28-1809, d. 12-10-1885
Wife, Eliza Veeder, Town of Mohawk, N. Y., b. 1-26-1814, d. 12-12-1847
m. 10-18-1839

Eliza Veeder, daughter of Albert Veeder, Town of Mohawk, N. Y., b. 6-22-1769, d. 10-6-1842
Wife, Nancy Eacker, Mohawk District, Tryon County, b. 5-9-1776, d. 2-9-1820
m. 2-19-1797

Albert Veeder, son of Abraham Veeder, Town of Mohawk, N. Y., b. 11-11-1745, bapt. 11-17-1745, d. 1-25-1814
Wife, 1st, Sarah Veeder, Sachenectady, N. Y., b. 4-22-1750, d. 7-6-1769
m. 2-14-1768

Wife, 2nd, Annatie Fonda (Nancy), Caughnawaga (Fonda), N. Y. 6-7-1773
m. 6-7-1773

Abraham Veeder, son of Johannes Volkertse Veeder, Schenectady, N. Y., Caughnawaga, N. Y., b. 4-8-1714, bapt. 5-23-1714, at Albany, N. Y., d. 6-11-1798
Wife, Catherine Mebie (sic), Schenectady, N. Y., b. 8-6-1720, bapt. Vol. 1, p. 35, Schenectady Dutch Reform Church, d. 1787-8
m. 3-16-1738

Albert Veeder, m. 2nd, Annatie Fonda (Nancy), Caughnawaga (Fonda), N. Y. 6-7-1773

Children of 1812 Ancestor:

Albert (1) b. 6-22-1769 m. Nancy Eacker, 2-19-1797
John (2) b. 7-6-1774 m. Sally Breese, 1-24-1808
Catrine b. 5-9-1776 m. Joseph Soles
Sarah b. 6-3-1779
Sarah b. 9-6-1782 m. George Adam Dockstader
Alida b. 7-24-1784 m. Joseph Yates
Henry b. 8-24-1787 m. 1st, Polly Ragans, 8-18-1811
2nd. Matilda St. John, 5-4-1824
Nancy b. 7-10-1789 m. Matthew Putnam
Elizabeth b. 10-1-1791 m. Eldert Van Woert
Abraham b. 3-11-1795

Abraham Veeder's Will, dated 11-27-1801, registered 2-7-1814, Book of Wills, Vol. 11 p.345, Fonda Court House, Fonda, N. Y. lists son, Albert (by 1st wife), and 7 children (by 2nd wife, Annachi, John, Catharine, Sarah, Alida, Henry, Nancy, Elizabeth).

Services of Ancestor:

Abraham Veeder, Capt. in the War of the Revolution

Abraham Veeder, Montgomery Co., 4th Division State Militia, 1809, promoted from Major General to the place of Peter Gansevoort, resigned, p. 1080, Council of Appointments.

Major Gen. Abraham Veeder, 4th Division, 1812 Council of Appointments, pp. 1400, 1405, 1407. July 4, 1812 N. Y. Military Index (from manufscript Vol. 1, State Lib., Albany, N. Y.)

Page 1439, Saratoga County, 4th Division of Infantry

March 2, 1814, Samuel Clark, major general, vice Abraham Veeder (of Montgomary Co.), deceased.

National No. 7082
State No. 872
Chapter 5
(Nicholas N. Quackenbush)

Helen Horton Durtch Dockstader, b. 10-20-1868, Fonda, N. Y., wife of Henry Helmer Dockstader

Great-Great-Grandfather, Nicholas N. Quackenbush, Auriesville, N. Y.

Daughter of Abner Hall Burtch, Fonda, N. Y., b. 2-4-1835, d. 2-9-1907
Wife, 1st, Charlotte A. Horton, Fonda, N. Y., b. 2-12-1837, d. 12-28-1915
m. 1-1-1858, Fonda, N. Y.

Charlotte A. Horton, daughter of Julius Horton, Hortonville, Virginia, b. 11-22-1809, d. 3-27-1851
Wife, 1st, Helen Magdalene Quackenbush, Fonda, N. Y., b. 10-25-1810, d. 8-8-1885
m. 12-5-1830

Helen M. Quackenbush, daughter of Peter Quackenbush, Montgomery Co., N. Y. b. 12-8-1791, d. 9-3-1825
Wife, 1st, Volle Quackenbush, Montgomery Co., b. 1-5-1791, d. 4-26-1867
m. 9-24-1809

Peter Quackenbush, son of Nicholas N. Quackenbush, Auriesville, N. Y. b. 12-9-1750, d. 4-21-1830
Wife, Helen Magdalene Collier, Auriesville, N. Y., b. 3-19-1761, d. 6-14-1843
m. 4-17-1777

Children of 1812 Ancestor:

Rachel, Jacob, John, Maria, Nancy, Peter, Abraham, Catherine, Isaac, Isaac.

Services of Ancestor:

Private in Capt. Ichabod L. Judsons' (sic) Co. of Light Infantry in a Regiment of N. Y. Detached Militia commanded by Lt. Col. David Rogers. His service commenced September 8, 1814, ended December 8, 1814.

National No. 8579
State No. 1027
Chapter 10 - (13)
(Henry Mallery)

Mary G. Voorhees, wife of William Gunsaul Waldron, b. 7-26-1869 Town of Florida, N. Y., resides in Amsterdam, N. Y.

Daughter of John Enders Voorhees, Amsterdam, N. Y., B. 9-17-1836, d. 11-27-1889
Wife, Cornelia Ann Becker, b. 9-5-1832, d. 5-18-1902
m. 11-13-1866

Cornelia Ann Becker, daughter of Peter Martin Becker, Town of Florida, N. Y., b. 4-20-1798, d. 2-24-1878
Wife, Mary Mallery, Town of Florida, N. Y., b. 9-8-1804, d. 2-13-1871
m. 2-16-1823, Fonda, N. Y.

Mary Mallery, daughter of Henry Mallery, b. Pownal, Vt., to Florida, N. Y., b. 12-7-1781, d. 2-27-1853, Elgin, Ill.
Wife, Polly Bent, Town of Florida, N. Y., b. 10-27-1785, d. 12-5-1879, Elgin, Ill.
m. 7-13-1800

Children of 1812 Ancestor:

William b. 10-7-1801 d. 10-4-1853? Elgin, Ill.
Mary b. 9-8-1804 m. Peter Martin Becker
James B. b. 8-16-1806
Fanny b. 8-5-1810
Eliza b. 11-28-1811 to Dundee, Ill., m. Marcus P. Rowland
James Henry b. 11-29-1814 to Newburgh, N. Y., m. Sarah Jane Ryker
Marcus b. 6-26-1817 to Elgin, Ill., m. Elizabeth Smith
Jane b. 9-29-1819 to Elgin, Ill., m. Silvanus Wilcox

Services of Ancestor:

Henry Mallory was Ensign 1807 under Capt. Job Rice, Jr., in Lt. Col. John T. Visscher's Regiment of Brig. General Abraham Veeder's Brigade of Montgomery County, N. Y.

National No. 9708
State No. 1133
Chapter 21
(Garret C. Newkirk)

Grace Van Buren, widow of Karl Isburgh, b. 1-6-1879, Amsterdam, N. Y. Great-great grandfather, Garret Cornelius Newkirk, Town of Florida, Montgomery Co., N. Y.

Daughter of Cornelius Van Buren, Amsterdam, N. Y., b. 1-25-1840, d. 9-5-1921
Wife, Marion B. Gove, b. 11-13-1844, d. 1-21-1899
m. 1-24-1838

Rachel Maria, daughter of Peter Enders, Schoharie & Fort Hunter, N. Y., b. 10-7-1786, d. 5-29-1869
Wife, Eleanor Maria Newkirk, Glen, N. Y., b. 3-19-1788, d. 12-20-1851
m. 12-4-1805

Eleanor M. Newkirk, daughter of Garret C. Newkirk, Town of Florida, N. Y., b. 1-22-1760, d. 11-12-1839
Wife, Rachel Gardinier, Fonda, N. Y., b. 2-6-1763, d. 1840
m. 6-2-1787, Fonda, N. Y.

Son of Garret C. Newkirk, Town of Florida, N. Y., b. 1-12-1729, Kingston, N. Y., d. 12-??-1821
Wife, Neeltje (Cornelia) Quackenbosh (sic), b. 1735, d. 6-6-1808
m. about 1758

Children of Ancestor:

Eleanor, b. 3-19-1788, d. 12-20-1851, m. Peter Enders
Samuel, b. 4-6-1791, d. 1861, m. Mrs. Alida Z. Newkirk

Junior Division
National No. 12023
State No. 1415
Chapter 28
(William Garbutt)

William Barclay Charles, 3rd, b. 6-22-1920, Amsterdam, N. Y., Res. Amsterdam, N. Y.
Great-Great Grandfather William Garbutt, b. Winbaton, England, 10-15-1786, d. Wheatland, N. Y. 11-22-1867

Son of Marion Garbutt Charles, b. 9-2-1891, d. (blank)
Husband, William Barclay Charles, Jr., Amsterdam, N. Y., b. 3-3-1891, d. (blank)
m. 3-31-1919

Marion Garbutt Charles, daughter of Wm. Henry Garbutt, b. 9-19-1863, d. 8-2-1917
Wife, Jane Menzies, b. 11-29-1863, d. (blank)
m. 10-28-1885

William Henry Garbutt, son of Wm. Dow Garbutt, York, Livingston Co., N. Y., b. 9-15-1834, d. 2-20-1911
Wife, Marion McVean, York, N. Y., b. 8-3-1837, d. 10-11-1914
m. (blank)

Son of William Garbutt, Wheatland, N. Y., b. 10-15-1786, d. 11-22-1867
Wife, 2nd, Elizabeth Dow, Livingston Co., N. Y., b. 3-14-1808, d. 8-19-1884
m. 11-24-1829

Children of Ancestor:

William Dow b. 1834/br> Philip
Robert R.

Services of Ancestor

Private in Capt. Rufus M. Cady's Co. of Col. Daniel Davis' Regiment, Genesee Co., N. Y. Militia, 1812. Served from 6-29-1812 to 7-10-1812, and from 12-20-1813 to 1-5-1814. Private in Capt. Levi Lacy's Co. of Col. Jedidiah Crosby's Genesee Co. Reg., N. Y. Militia, serving from 8-29-1814 to 9-?5-1814.

National No. 7235
State No. 891
Chapter 7
(William Bennett)

Maria Lydia Bennett, wife of John Vedder Morris, b. 4-12-1856, Glen, Montgomery Co., N. Y. Resident, Amsterdam, N. Y.

Grandfather: Amos Bennett

Daughter of William Bennett, Duanesburgh, N. Y., b. 5-26-1794, d. 1-12-1873
Wife, (1st), Elma Stron (sic), Duanesburgh, N. Y., b. 9-3-1809, d. 4-30-1900
m. 1-15-1831 in Duanesburgh, N. Y.

William Bennett, son of Amos Bennett, Duanesburgh, N. Y., b. 6-2-1770, d. 8-8-1840
Wife, Jeanette Stirling, Duanesburgh, N. Y., b. 5-29-1771, d. 4-26-1862
M. (no information)

Children of 1812 Ancestor:

James 1791-1875
Amos 1793-1872
William 1794-1873
Mary 1796
John 1797-1832
Isabel 1799-1875
Ira 1801-1879
Sally 1803-1884
Nancy 1805
Joseph 1807-1874
Joshna 1809
Daniel 1811-1852

Services of Ancestor:

Captain of Capt. Amos Bennett's CO. 12th Regt. N. Y. Militia, his service commenced 8-14-1812. He was discharged 2-22-1813 and allowed nine days to go home.

National No. 11507
State No. 1352
Chapter 26
(Bildad Wright)

Miss Maude Van Husen, b. Aug. 26, 1881, Seneca, Ill., Resident of Amsterdam, N. Y.

Great Great Grandfather, Bildad Wright

Daughter of William Anderson Van Husen, b. 11-24-1846, d. 11-25-1901
Wife, Helen Emeline Wright, Amsterdam, N. Y., b. 5-21-1856, d. 12-15-1909
m. 4-3-1878

Helen E. Wright, daughter of Orrin Wentworth Wright, Mayfield, N. Y., b. 3-11-1828, d. 1907
Wife, (lst) Eleanor Dunning, Mayfield, N. Y., b. 3-29-1825, d. 10-29-1881
m. 12-7-1853

Orrin W. Wright, son of Joel Shipman Wright, Hartland, Conn., b. 8-14-1803, d. 2-7-1884
Wife, Jennet Templeton Wright, b. 1800, d. 5-19-1866

Son of Bildad Wright, Hebron, Conn., b. 6-14-1768, d. 7-31-1853, Mayfield, N. Y.
Wife, Chloe Shipman, Hartland, Conn., b. 2-12-1768, d. 1845
m. 12-16-1790

Children of 1812 Ancestor:

Orrin C. b. 6-22-1791 d. 10-28-1821
Lucretia b. 3-13-1795
Lyman b. 1798 d. 1798
Lyman Daton b. 4-10-1801
Joel Shipman b. 8-14-1803
William b. 3-14-1807
Jonathan Willis b. 7-28-1810

Services of Ancestor:

Sept. 13 to Nov. 21, 1813 from Hartland, Conn.
Ref. Conn. Men in War of 1812, p. 140

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