Asa Hall of LeRay Estate

In the matter of the estate of Asa Hall of LeRay, Jeff. Co., NO:
James Woodworth of LeRay stated on 10 January 1855 that Asa Hall had died intestate at LeRay. Betsey Hall, widow of the deceased, was co-executor with James Woodworth. The final inventory was $446.33. George Hall received his portion of the estate from his father's estate on 11 May 1858. On the same date, Delia H. Anstell also collected her share of her father's estate. Also, Genett Hall and Cornelia Elizabeth Hall; also Marion Chaumont.

On 19 March 1858, the following persons filed a letter of interest regarding the Asa Hall estate with the Surrogate Court: Henry Anstell, Delia Anstell, Elisabeth Hall, George Hall, Genett Hall, James Chamont and Marion Chamont. A semi-formal petition was filed with the court on 9 April 1858 regarding Asa Hall's estate, and named the above heirs as children of the deceased, and further that his widow, Betsey Hall, was also now deceased.
Jeff. Co., NY Estate papers Box 11 No. H-87

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