Barnett Hicks Estate

In the matter of the estate of Barnett Hicks of Ellisburgh, Jeff. Co., NY:
Stephen Hicks of Ellisburgh petitioned to open probate and stated that Barnett Hicks departed this life on 19 May 1888 intestate. Petition dated 2 March 1892.

Stephen Hicks

Maria M. Rury, both of Ellisburgh

Darius Hicks of Providence, RI, who died after his father and left a widow, Elizabeth G. Hicks and two sons, being Irving Hicks of Portland, Oregon and Ernest Hicks of Portland, Maine, both 21. The said Elizabeth G. Hicks claims to be the sole legatee and devisee under the will of said Darius Hicks, deceased.

Harriet N. Convis of Hudson, Michigan, children of the deceased and all 21 years

Frank Downer of Ellisburg, NY-the only living child of Ursula M. Downer. At the time of intestate's death, he left him surviving one other child of said Ursula, deceased, named Earl Downer

Earl Downer of Ashland, Nebraska, children of Ursula M. Downer, a deceased daughter of Barnett Hicks. Earl died at Ashland, Nebraska and left surviving as his next of kin and heir at law, his father, Andrew J. Downer, of full age of Ashland, Nebraska and his brother, the said Frank Downer of Ellisburgh, aforesaid.

Frank is of full age and Earl is a minor under 14 years. The deceased left him surviving, his widow, Abigail Hicks, who died recently intestate, and her next of kin are the above-named persons and none other.
Petition dated 9 May 1893
Jeff. Co., NY Estate Papers Box H-11 No. 116.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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