Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of CALEB BURNAM of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY:

CHARLES N. ELY of Watertown petitioned to open probate. Further, that Caleb Burnam had deceased on 9 November 1853 and had made a will, according to the Petition of NATHANIEL N. BURNAM of Watertown

Heirs/next of kin named in petition to open probate:
STEPHEN BURNAM of Rutland, Jefferson Co., NY
NATHANIEL BURNAM of Watertown, petitioner
FRANCES BURNAM of Hillsborough Co., New Hampshire
All of the above were brothers of Caleb Burnum
LUCY ROBINSON, of Hillsborough Co., NY, a sister of the deceased and of full age
Heirs at law and next of kin of EPPS BARNAM and ISRAEL BARNAM, both deceased, being brothers of Caleb, whose ages, names and places of residence are unknown.
Dated 16 November 1853


CALEB BURNAM of Watertown, at the age of 26 named his brothers: NATHANIEL BURNAM and STEVEN BURNAM. To NATHANIEL N. BURNAM and CAROLINE LEVIS, wife of WILLIAM LEVIS, LOREN BURNAM, CALEB BURNAM, AUSTIN G. BURNAM, MEHITABLE BALL, wife of HENRY BALL. MARY WEAVER, wife of FRANKLIN WEAVER. EMILY MALLORY wife of AMOS W. MALLORY. DELIA BURNAM, WALTER BURNAM, STEPHEN G. BURNAM being sons and daughters of my brothers, NATHANIEL and STEPHEN. To SUSAN LINCOLN, wife of MARTIN LINCOLN and to URSULA COBB, wife of CHARLES COBB if living. To niece, JULIA WEAVER, wife of JEREMIAH WEAVER. To the Burrville Society, commonly called the Congregational Church and Society of Burrville, of which he was a member. To nephew CALEB BURNAM his gold watch. To CAROLINE LEVIS, LORON BURNAM, CALEB BURNAM, MAHITABLE BALL, AUSTIN G. BURNAM, MARY WEAVER, JULIA WEAVER, STEPHEN BURNAM and SUSAN LINCOLN. Will dated 9 September 1853. /s/ Caleb Burnam
Witnesses: ADRIEL ELY of Watertown and CHARLES N. ELY of Watertown
Will proved: 2 January 1854.

Jefferson Co. NY Wills: Vol 2, p. 554.

NOTE: WALTER A. BURNAM of Baldwin Lake Co, MI; STEPHEN G. BURNAM of Watertown; EMILY A. MALLERY of Rutland; ADELIA S. BAKER of Watertown; MARY A. WEAVER of Watertown were all children of STEPHEN BURNAM. CHARLES BURNAM and FRANKLIN D. BURNAM of Watertown, were children of DEXTER M. BURNAM, who was a deceased son of STEPHEN BURNAM. Per Jefferson Co. NY Estate Papers, Box B49-51/18 and Migration #52.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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