Charles E. Reeves Will

In the matter of the estate of CHARLES E. REEVES of Brownville, Jeff. Co., NY:
Upon the petition of THOMAS A. REEVES of Hounsfield, brother of the deceased dated 4 January 1893; Thomas stated that Charles had deceased on 13 December 1886 at Brownville, NY and left no will.

MARTIN REEVES, brother, of Brownsville
THOMAS H. REEVES, petitioner and brother, of Hounsfield
WILLIAM G. REEVES, brother of Brownsville
SARAH A. KRISHALL, a sister, of Brownsville
JAMES A. REEVES, a brother of Kalamazoo, Michigan
HIRAM A. REEVES, a brother of Scotland, S. Dakota, all of full age. The deceased left no father and had a wife, MINNIE REEVES, who resided in the State of Texas who had obtained a divorce against him about a year before his death and they had a daughter who is now under 14 years old and almost 11 named IDA M. REEVES, and as your petitioner is informed resides with her daughter at Wacovia, State of Texas, their last known address.

On 3 June 1893, MINNIE C. REEVES was of the City of St. Louis and became the administrator of the estate. Her petition stated she was of the City of New York and that she was the widow of the deceased. Further that Minnie Ida Reeves, their only child resided with her mother and is under 14 years of age. When she signed the petition she stated she was of St. Louis.

Jeff. Co., NY Estate Papers 1805-1900, Box R8-11 Case 110-159, No. R-133

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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