Paris, France

In the matter of the estate of C. LIVINGSTON JUHEL of Paris, France:

The following excerpts from the translated will reveal relationships within the LeRay family of Jefferson County. On 26 September 1864, James LeRay de Chaumont Marquise de St. Paul petitioned the Supreme Court of the State of New York, stating that he was the rightful heir of the deceased. The Supreme Court ruled that the will itself was valid but not a codicil which was later added in that there had been no proof of execution by laws of the State of New York.


I give to CHARLES LERAY de CHAUMONT COUNT de SAINT PAUL, my grandson sole child born of the marriage of JAMES LERAY de CHAUMONT MARQUIS of SAINT PAUL, with the deceased lady LOUISA JUNY de VALORI, in case he shall attain the age of twenty-four years and also if he shall before that age marry with the consent of his father, the sum of four hundred thousand francs...with right to the interest of the said sum at the rate of four percent per annum..when he shall attain the age of twenty four years...In any case from the day of my decease his father shall give him an annual...of four thousand francs, which shall ultimately sink into the interests of the capital to him presently given.

For the guaranty of the said legacy of four hundred thousand francs my estate of LaBretouche will remain specially affected and mortgaged and in case the estate shall not be found in my succession there shall be given on good real estate of sufficient value a special guaranty and mortgage.

I give and leave to my grandson, JAMES LERAY de CHAUMONT MARQUIS de SAINT PAUL all of my personal and real estate that I shall possess at the moment of my death and which shall compose my succession either in France or in America or in all other countries; excepting therefrom well understood my dispositions by special title to the effect of which I institute my grandson above named as my universal legatee in full propriety....
Made and passed at Paris in the office aforesaid of Mr. Duclouse in the year one thousand eight hundred and fifty-seven the nineteenth of December at about half past one o'clock P.M. /s/ C. Livingston Juhel
Jefferson Co., NY Estate Papers, Box J7-10.

Jefferson Co., NY Wills, Vol. 9, pp. 576-580.

NOTE: In an affidavit of Charles LeRay Chaumont Count de Saint Paul, sworn to on 7 September 1864, he stated that the maiden name of Madame Juhel was CORNELIA LIVINGSTON; that she was born in the State of New York and was married to M. JEAN JUHEL. Further, that although she lived for many years in France, she always claimed to have her domicile in Jefferson County where she once owned a large landed estate. At the time of her death, all the real and personal estate of which she was the owner in the State of New York consisted of lands and houses in the cities of New York and Brooklyn and about six thousand four hundred dollars in money and stocks of the State of New York. He stated that he was the only grandson and heir at law/next of kin of Madam Juhel and entitled to all of her real and personal estate.

On 3 October 1864, ABNER L. ELY swore that he was familiar with the real estate of the late Cornelia Juhel, as the agent entrusted with the charge and management thereof; his estimated value of that date was $27,000.
On 6 October 1864, Charles stated that he was aware of $6,500 as personal property.

Vincent LeRay de Chaumont was the son of James D. LeRay, born in France in 1790; his son James, married the daughter of the Marquis de Valois and the direct line ended in 1917 when their only son, Charles LeRay de Chaumont, Marquis de St. Paul, died.

Marriage notice: Married on 26 March in Paris, France, James, son of Vincent LeRay de Chaumont of Jefferson County, to Jenny, daughter of the Marquis de Valori of Paris - Source: Northern Journal (Lowville, NY) Thursday, 28 1840.

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