Adams, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of DAVID AYERS of Adams, Jefferson Co., NY:

On 11 April 1866 NATHAN G. WHITFORD of Rodman, NY petitioned to open the estate for probate.

Heirs/next of kin:
MARY COOK of Verona
DANIEL AYERS of Verona, Oneida Co., NY- all of the above of Oneida Co., NY
ELECTRA A. POTTER of Adams, Jefferson Co.
CALISTA A. SEARS of New York City
ELIZABETH HARRIS of Venango, Crawford Co., PA
CHARLES AYERS of Fulton, Rock Co., WI
All children of David Ayers, deceased
AUGUSTA EAMES of Oneida Valley, Madison Co., NY,
children of SARAH EAMES, a deceased daughter of deceased
MARY JONE LARRIBA and HENRIETTA MORREL of Verona, Oneida Co., NY, children of MATILDA LAWTON, a deceased daughter of David Ayers.
FRANK AYERS of Albion, Dane Co., WI, son of DAVID AYERS, a deceased son of David Ayers of Rodman, deceased
All above being of full age.


DAVID AYERS at 78 years of age named each of his daughters; MARY COOK, ELIZABETH HARRIS, HARRIET N. DEAN, ELECTRA POTTER and CALISTA A. SEARS. Named daughter CATHERINE PECKHAM, wife of LUCIEN T. PECKHAM. Mentioned deceased son DAVID'S heirs and David Srs. daughters SARAH EAMES and MATILDA LAWTON, his children both deceased. Named sons DANIEL and CHARLES. Appointed AUGUSTUS P. HARRIS and NATHAN G. WHITFORD of Rodman as executors. Will dated 12 May 1858. /s/ David Ayers
Witnesses: OLIVER COON and DANIEL FOX both of Adams, Jefferson Co.
Will proved: 6 June 1866.

Jefferson Co., NY Wills, Vol. 11, p. 63.

NOTE: According to the 1865 census record, David Ayers was born in Vermont about 1780. Daughter ELECTRA A. POTTER, wife of CORREL D. POTTER, was born about 1829. David Ayers, the deceased, was enumerated at Brattleboro, Windham Co., VT in 1850, listed as basketmaker. EMILY PHALEN was the wife of PATRICK PHALAN/Phalen of Camden, Oneida Co., NY, she bc 1832. MARY COOK was bc 1815 and was the wife of JOHN COOK of Verona, Oneida Co. HARRIET N. DEAN was bc 1827 and was the wife of E. TISDALE DEAN of Verona, Oneida Co., NY. MATILDA LAWTON was bc 1813 and died 26 March 1854, wife of JOSHUA W. LAWTON. FRANCIS A. (FRANK) EAMES was born 1838 in Madison Co., NY, child of DAVID F. EAMES who died in 1850 and his wife, SARAH ANN EAMES, who died in 1842 at 31 years, bc 1811.

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