Frederick F. Myers Will

In the matter of the estate of Frederick F. Myers of Clayton, Jeff. Co., NY:
On 2 June 1862, James Johnson of Clayton, NY petitioned to open probate.

Martha Meyers of Clayton, of full age, widow of the deceased
Mary Johnson, wife of Peterman Johnson
Abigail Austin, wife of George Austin
Elizabeth Philips, wife of John Philips of Clayton
John F. Myers of Watertown, all of full age and of Jefferson Co., NY, and children of the deceased Caroline Fryden
Pamelia Low, wife of Dr. H. Low of Clayton, children of full age, of Martha, who was a deceased daughter of Frederick F. Myers, deceased
Caroline Shell, wife of Frederick Shell of Clayton
Mary Margaret Beals, wife of Elam Beals of Lyondale, Lewis Co., NY
William H. Meyers now of the United States but whom it cannot be determined where, of full age, children of Hiram Meyers, deceased, who was a son of the said Frederick F. Meyers, deceased.
Elisabeth Stebbins, wife of William H. Stebbins of Palmyra, Luna Co, Michigan and Holisman Austin of Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio, of full age, children of Catherine, a deceased daughter of said testator, Frederick Meyers,
Charles Snyder of Clayton, NY a minor having no guardian, son of Caroline, a deceased daughter of Catherine, aforesaid who was a daughter of said Frederick F. Myers, deceased.

Will of Frederick F. Myers

Frederick named his wife, Abagail. Mentioned the heirs of his deceased son, Hiram: William Henry Meyers; Caroline Meyers; Margaret Meyers. Named his son, John Frederick Meyers. Named his daughter Mary Johnson; his daughter Abigail Austin; his daughter Elizabeth Philips; Caroline Dreyden, wife of John Snyder and Elizabeth Stewart, daughters and heirs of my deceased daughter, Katherine. Caroline Snyder and Pamelia Snyder, daughters and heirs of my deceased daughter, Martha. He appointed Waterman Johnson and James Johnson as co-executors.
Will dated 30 November 1857 /s/ Frederick F. Myers
Witnesses: L. E. Frame and J. G. Rundell both of Clayton, NY
CODICIL: Nothing of his estate is to be paid to William Henry Meyers in full of the said new legacy given and bequeathed to him and that the sum of one hundred dollars be deducted from the part of his property bequeathed to son, John Frederick Meyers and that the sum of money to his daughters be increased ...Dated 26 Nov. 1858 /s/ F. F. Myers
Witnesses: L. E. Frame and S. V. Frame both of Clayton
Will proved: 21 July 1862
Jeff. Co., NY Wills, Vol. 8, p. 578.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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