LeRay, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of HENRY TAGGART of LeRay, Jefferson Co., NY:

Petition to open Probate brought by EDWIN L. PADDOCK on the 29th day of January 1851 and informed the court that Henry Taggart died intestate. One of the original petitions was JEHYLE TAGGART of LeRay and stated that she and BENJAMEN DIGHTON duly qualified Administrators of the estate of Henry Taggart who deceased on the 26th day of July 1839. But, BENJAMEN DIGHTON died on the 8th day of August 1846, which left Jehyle the sole administrator. She signed this document as Julina. After a final inventory, his debts were such that part of the farm had to be sold to satisfy the creditors.

Heirs/next of kin named in Petition:
JULINA TAGGART, widow of Henry Taggart
JOSEPH B. TAGGART of full age
DEMPSTER TAGGART and LYDIA O. TAGGART, minors under 21 years and having no general guardian in the state, all of LeRay, Jefferson Co.
WILLIAM TAGGART and WATSON TAGGART of Terrehaute, County of Bigo, Indiana of full age, children of Henry Taggart

Jefferson Co. Estate Papers, Box T-1, 1-21

NOTE: Henry Taggart was born 10 June 1789 and died 8 July 1839 in Jefferson Co. His spouse was given as Julina Dighton Taggart b 1796, died 1878. Buried Old Evans Mills Cemetery. Byron B. Taggart b 1831 and died 1897. Dempster Taggart was born 1833 and died 1889. Joseph Bassett Taggart was born 1823 and died in 1908. Watson Taggart was born in 1829 and died in 1853. Joseph B. Taggart married Margaret Benoit. According to historian Oakes, Julina's father was JOHN DIGHTON, an early settler of Pamelia, Jefferson Co., who came to America as a soldier in Burgoyne's army but after the Battle of Saratoga, became a citizen of the US and a soldier in the Continental Army.

JOSEPH TAGGART of Black River was given in an on-line biography as the father of Henry Taggart.
BETSEY DIGHTON, widow of John died 12 Sept. 1853 at 88 years, 4 months and is buried in LeRay.
Welton Modisett was a Presbyterian minister, husband of Mary.

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