Jane H. Canfield Estate

In the matter of the estate of JANE H. CANFIELD of Sacket's Harbor, Jefferson Co., NY: On 3 June 1854, THEODORE CANFIELD of Hounsfield, petitioned to open probate.

Heirs/next of kin:

FANNY CANFIELD, mother of the testator
THEODORE CANFIELD and JOHN CANFIELD, brothers of testator
ANNIS A. STONE, sister of testator, and all of Hounsfield
SARAH D. HUDSON, wife of SANFORD A. HUDSON, a sister of testator, of Janesville, Rock Co., WI, all of full age.
FANNY C. HOWE, a niece of testator of Hounsfield, a minor with no general guardian
EDWARD A. SACKET, minors having no general guardian of Sandusky, Ohio, children of HARRIET SACKET, deceased, who was a sister of the testator
RICHARD M. CANFIELD of Brattleborough, Vermont, of full age


JANE H. CANFIELD named ANNIS A. STONE. Named JOHN CANFIELD. Named ANNA L. CANFIELD. Directed that Anna L. Canfield was to have the use of one feather bed which was to remain in the use of ANNIS A. STONE while the family of her mother remained together. Named her sisters, ANNIS and SARAH. Named SARAH D. HUDSON. Named FANNY C. HOWE. Named THEODORE CANFIELD to receive her right title and interest in house and lot deeded to her by GEORGE A. SACKET. Named JANE M. SACKET. Named JANE M., FREDERIC and EDWARD A. SACKET, and a note of ELIZA SACKET. Named sister, HARRIET HUDSON. Named SARAH D. HUDSON. Appointed JOHN CANFIELD as executor for her will. Will dated 31 January 1854.
/s/ Jane H. Canfield
Witnesses: Annis A. Stone, Mary Smith and Anne L. Canfield all of Sackets Harbor
Will proved: 24 July 1854.
Jefferson Co. NY Wills, Vol. 3, p. 139.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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