Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of JOHN DINGMAN late of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY:

JACOB SHOECRAFT of Mannville, Jefferson Co., petitioned to open probate on 29 May 1894.

Heirs/next of kin named in petition to open:
JULIA LOWRY of Boylston, Oswego Co., NY
POLLY DONLING of Boylston, Oswego Co., NY
JANE DINGMAN of Boylston, Oswego Co., NY
FRANKLIN WAST, of Boylston, Oswego Co., NY
EMMA PILKIN of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY
HARRIET NICHOLS of Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY
JOHN COLE of the village of Mannville, Jefferson Co., NY

MARY DOENBURG appeared to present the circumstances of her appearance in the probate court: DEBORAH SHOECRAFT asked that the Letters of Administration for the estate of John Dingman could be granted to her and her husband, JACOB SHOECRAFT. Deborah was a sister of John Dingman; her brother John Dingman died intestate at his residence in Boylston, Oswego Co on the 15 day of May 1894. Further, John Dingman went to Iowa on business and became a citizen of that state but returned to Boylston; she argued that the probate court had no jurisdiction to grant Letters of Administration in Jefferson Co. She went on to state that she was unmarried and the oldest surviving sister of John Dingman except JANE DINGMAN, an unmarried sister who was a resident of Boylston. That Jane, because of health problems could not administer the estate. After the two opposing sisters held a meeting in the probate office it was decided that the matter would move to Oswego Co., NY and all parties would participate in the settlement of the estate.

Jefferson Co., NY Estate Papers, Box D6-86.

NOTE: In the 1880 Census of Boylston, Oswego Co., Julia Lowery, born 1828, is listed with spouse: JAMES E. LOWERY. JOHN COLE was born in Ireland and wife, JANE DINGMAN, in NY. Son, JAMES COLE born 22 Oct. 1853 in Michigan. JACOB SHOECRAFT, born 14 Feb 1819 in Herkimer Co NY; died 9 May 1908 in Ellisburg, Jefferson Co. He married on 5 October 1844 to DEBORAH DINGMAN, born 31 May 1826 in Boylston, Oswego Co. NY. Deborah died 1 Sept. 1906 in Mannsville, Jefferson Co. Her obituary stated that she was the daughter of JOHANNES DINGMAN and DORCAS WRIGHT. GEORGE W. DINGMAN, died 5 Jan. 1913 in NY, age 78; born 16 Dec. 1835 NY, father John Dingman and mother, Dorcas Wright.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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