Joseph Butterfield Estate

In the matter of the estate of JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD of Alexandria, NY: On 16 December 1854, LAURA G. BUTTERFIELD of Alexandria, petitioned to open probate.

Heirs/next of kin:

FRANCES, J. BUTTERFIELD of Alexandria, a minor with no general guardian was the sole heir and next of kin of the deceased.
LAURA G. BUTTERFIELD, widow of the said FRANCIS J. BUTTERFIELD, sole heir and next of kin.


JOSEPH BUTTERFIELD mentioned his beloved wife and son, FRANCIS JOSIAH BUTTERFIELD, and they were to divide the estate equally. Named AUGUSTUS E. SPAULDING. Named LAURA B. GOWARD. Named JOANNA C. BRADT and money to be kept by Augustus E. Spalding for safekeeping and at her death to go to her children. Named JONAS C. BUTTERFIELD. Named REUBEN J. BUTTERFIELD. Named ELIZABETH BUTTERFIELD. The bequests were to be paid from the proceeds or sales of land he owned in St. Lawrence County. Except the money to Elizabeth Butterfield to be paid yearly out of his property in Jefferson Co. Appointed his wife and AUGUSTUS E. SPALDING and HENRY S. WHITE as executors. Will dated: 4 November 1854.
/s/ Joseph Butterfield.
Witnesses: Henry S. White of Redwood, A. Burlingame and M. C. Burlingame both of Redwood.

CODICIL: Directed JOANNA C. BRADT to have the interest on $300 named in his will for her and children. Which was his wish should be paid yearly to her from the proceeds of the St. Lawrence Co. lands that belonged to him, after Augustus E. Spalding received his pay for moneys paid out by him for taxes, etc.
/s/ Joseph Butterfield
Witnesses: H. S. White of Redwood and L. G. Goward of North Chelmsford, MA
Will proved: 16 December 1854
Jeff. Co., NY Wills, Vol. 3, p. 260.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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