Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., NY

In the matter of the estate of LUTHER TRUESDELL of Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co., NY:

LOUISA TRUESDELL and WILLIAM NUTTING 2nd of Ellisburg petitioned to open probate. They stated that Luther had died a natural death at his residence in Ellisburgh on 11 September 1846 and had left no will. Petition filed 17 September 1846.

Heirs/next of kin:
LOUISA TRUESDELL, widow of Luther and petitioner
both under 21 years of age

William Nutting advised the probate court that Louisa Truesdell had deceased sometime in the year 1848 and that he was the lone petitioner and administrator. Dated: 21 August 1851. In another communication he explained that he was a co-partner of KNIGHT B. REED and in the business of farming in Ellisburgh. He said Reed was the father of LOUISA TRUESDELL and that they all lived together. Louisa had died intestate in November 1847. Further, that Lafayette Truesdell, one of Luther's children, died sometime in June of 1849 at five or six years, which left LEWIS M. TRUESDELL. Knight B. Reed died about 20 Nov. 1849. Dated: 10 Dec. 1851.

NOTE: Among the items listed in the inventory of the estate: 3,090 pounds of cheese and 340 pounds of butter. The cheese was valued at $77.25 and the butter at $17.00.

Jefferson Co., NY Estate Papers, Box T11-15/298.

Information contributed by volunteer Marilyn Sapienza.

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