Mary F. Rogers Will

In the matter of the estate of MARY F. ROGERS of Hounsfield, Jeff. Co., NY:
HARRY W. CUNNINGHAM of Hillsboro, Traill Co., N.D. petitioned to open probate as a brother of Mary. He stated that Mary had departed this life on 1 December 1892 in Hounsfield, upwards of 81 years, and had not left a will. Petition dated 6 January 1893.

HARRY W. CUNNINGHAM, petitioner, brother of the deceased of Hillsboro, Trail Co., ND, age 67.
WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM, brother of deceased , of Maquoketa, Jackson Co., Iowa, age 80
AMY SNYDER, niece of deceased, only child of JAMES CUNNINGHAM, deceased, brother of the deceased, of Kennedy, Dallas Co., Iowa, age 27
CHESTER GUERNSEY, nephew of the deceased, age 70 years, residence Ainsworth, Lake Co., Indiana
JOSEPH H. GUERNSEY, nephew of deceased, age 50 residence of Ainsworth, Lake Co., Ind.
MRS. MARY BECKSTED, niece, age 45, of Smith, River Valley, DelNorte Co, California
MRS. SAVIRA SHEFFIELD, niece, age 35 of 118 S. Sherman St., Denver, Colorado, both nieces of the deceased
OTIS GUERNSEY, nephew of the deceased, age 60, resident of Canyon City, Grant Co., Oregon
HOSEA B. GURNSEY, nephew, residence unknown
HENRY SHEFFIELD, nephew of deceased, age 45, resident of Bagley, Guthrie Co, Iowa
PERRY SHEFFIELD, nephew of deceased, age 41, resident of Valparaiso, Porter Co., Indiana
MARJORIE SHEFFIELD, great niece of Porter Co., Indiana
JESSE SHEFFIELD, nephew age 37, resident of Valparaiso, Indian
GEORGE SHEFFIELD, nephew, age 37, of Valparaiso, Ind.
HAZZARD SHEFFIELD, nephew, age 35, resident of Valparaiso, Ind.
ELVIRA WILLIAMS, niece, age 35 of Valparaiso
LAVINA LUDDINGTON, niece, age 33, resident of Valparaiso
ADDIE THATCHER, niece, age 29, resident of Valparaiso
MARY YOHN, niece, age 27, resident of Valparaiso, all children of ELVIRA SHEFFIELD who was a sister of the deceased, who is now dead.
FRANCES E. TUCKER, niece, the daughter and only child of HANNAH PHELPS, a deceased sister of the intestate, resident of Ontario, San Bernardino Co., California.
TRUMAN CUNNINGHAM, nephew of Kennedy, Dallas Co., Iowa
HENRY CUNNINGHAM, nephew, Dow City, Crawford Co., Iowa
Amy Snyder, Truman and Henry Cunningham are children of James Cunningham, deceased brother of the intestate.
Chester S. Gurnsey, Joseph H. Gurnsey, Otis Gurnsey, Hosea B. Gurnsey, Mary Becksted and Savira Sheffield are the only children living at the time of the death of said intestate, of Savira Gurnsey, a deceased sister of the intestate.
Henry Sheffield, Perry Sheffield, Marjorie Sheffield, George Sheffield, Hazard Sheffield, Elvira Williams, Lavina Luddington, Addie Thatcher and Mary Yohn are children of Elvira Sheffield, a deceased sister of the intestate, except Marjorie Sheffield, who is the only child of Jesse Sheffield, a son of Elvira, who died intestate since the death of Mary F. Rogers.

Of the persons named, all are of full age except Marjorie Sheffield, who is an infant under the age of 14, at age 9 years, and now resides with Charles W. Yoost at Valparaiso, Indiana.
Jeff. Co., NY Estate Papers 1805-1900, Box R5-8, Case 67-109, No. R-100

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