Waitstill Lewis Will

In the matter of the estate of Waitstill Lewis of Champion, Jeff. Co., NY:
On 18 November 1867, Samuel Merrill of Champion, Jeff. Co., petitioned to open probate and stated that the widow left no husband or descendants, nor father or mother, brothers or sisters surviving her. The following named heirs are nephews and nieces of the deceased:

M. Merrill
Orson Merrill
Allen Merrill
Miner C. Merrill
Sanuel Merrill of Champion
Waitstill Reed of Philadelphia, all of Jefferson Co., NY
Lucretia Merrill of Pamelia, Jeff. Co., an inmate of the Asylum of said County
Mary S. Phillips of Hammond
John N. Merrill of DeKalb, St. Lawrence Co., NY
Harlow S. Merrill of the City of New York
Adna Merrill and
Orville Merrill of Sandersfield, Massachusetts
Eliza Freeman
Edward Rowley and Edwin Rowley of Colbrook, Conn.
Athelia Dake of Wethersfield, Ill.
Sibbel Sweet and Eveline Sliter of Leeds Township, Prov. of Ontario Canada

Wills of Waitstill Lewis

She stated first that she was a widow of Champion, Jeff. Co. She asked the executor to place suitable tombstones with inscriptions that would direct living relations and friends to her grave. Named her nephew, Miner C. Merrill. And after the decease of her husband and the worldly estate of Nicholas Lewis deceased (her husband while living) being in an unsettled condition, both real and personal estate, and her portion and rights in and of the same being not now legally determined, she directed her executor to do and perform everything to secure and save harmless her estate. Her portion of that estate to be equitable portions. When settled, bequests to: Miner C. Merrill, Mary W. Merrill, William Merrill, Mary M. Merrill, Orson Merrill, Allen Merrill, Waitstill and Samuel Merrill, Lucretia Merrill, Sibbil Sweet, John H. Merrill (Harriet A. LaFare) Mary S. Phillips, Athelia Dake, Evelin Sliter Erwin M. Merrill and Samuel L. Merrill. Erwin M. Merrill and Samuel L. Merrill shall each have one half share of the bequest. Appointed Miner C. Merrill of Champion as sole executor.
Will dated 12 March 1861 /s/ Waitstill Lewis
Witnesses: Nathan Francis and Gurden P. Francis of Champion
Will proved 6 January 1868.
Jeff. Co., NY Wills, V 12, p. 21.

Waitstill Merrill Lewis was born 1 June 1778. She was the daughter of Moses Merrill and Waitstill Heth. She married Nicholas Lewis of Champion

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