Notebooks from Adams County WI:

HAKES - Jonathon Hakes came from [Jefferson Co.] New York and is buried at Easton, Wis.; married Lovina Thomas.
Transcription Note: Jonathan Hakes Jr., b 1805 at Berlin, Rensselaer Co., NY, son of Jonathan Hakes Jr. 3rd, b 13 Aug 1780 Stonington, CT; married Clorinda Mixter 1800 and moved with his father in 1780 to Petersburg NY, and from there to Adams, Jefferson Co NY where he died 23 Aug 1825. He was a farmer.

HAKES - Byron Hakes, son of Jonathon and Lovina (Thomas) Hakes, died in the Civil War leaving two children, Byron and Martha Adell; widow Hattie remarried [name of second husband not given].

HAKES - Byron Hakes, son of Jonathon and Lovina (Thomas) Hakes, died in the Civil War leaving two children, Byron and Martha Adell; widow Hattie remarried [name of second husband not given].

HAKES - Clorynda Hakes, daughter of Jonathan and Lovina (Thomas) Hakes, married James Needham. Clorynda died in Idaho.

HAKES - Clorynda, death, see Clorynda Needham.

HAKES - Julia Maroe Hakes, daughter of Jonathan and Lovina (Thomas) Hakes, born November 15, 1832.

HAKES - Julia Maroe, marriage, see Anson Reeves.

HAKES - Julia Maroe, death, see Julia M. Reeves.

HAKES - Martha Hakes, daughter of Jonathon and Lovina (Thomas) Hakes, died at 13 years of age.

REEVES, - Abrum, son of Azeal and Alzina Reeves, died in infancy in Jefferson Co., NY.

REEVES, - Anson, married Julia Maroe Hakes 30 Sept 1851 in Jefferson Co., NY.

REEVES - Julia Maroe (Hakes) Reeves died 27 Feb 1877.

REEVES - Persis Reeves, daughter of Azeal and Alzina Reeves, died at 19 years of age in Jefferson Co., NY

History of Adams County WI:

DUNN, Thomas William, resident of White Creek, Adams Co., WI. Born 23 March 1855 Jefferson County NY. Father was Robert Dunn, born England. Mother was Fanny Fee born New York City, NY. Wife was Amy Esther Foster whom he married 27 April 1886. Her parents: Leonard Foster and Esther Roach

HARRIS, Ananias, resident of Springville, Adams Co., WI. Born 13 Dec.1812 in Henderson, Jefferson Co., NY. Father was Jeremiah Harris born Richmond NH. D Springfield PA. Mother was Priscilla Cole who died 1868. Paternal grandfather was Anthony Harris. Paternal great-grandfather was Anthony Harris Sr. b. 1736 Richmond NH. Maternal grandfather was Barnabas Cole b Chatham, MA d. Conneaut, PA. Ananias Harris' first wife was Margaret Smith born PA and d Springfield PA 6 Oct 1841. They were married Jan 1839. Her father was Joshua Smith and her mother was Margaret___. His second wife was Phoebe Cordelia Brower, b McKean Co. PA. They were married 18 April 1845. Her father was Isaac Brower born in NY and her mother was Jane Cole born in NY.

YORK, Oliver Martin, resident of Monroe, Adams Co., WI. Born 8 Feb 1827 in Adams, Jefferson Co., NY. Father was Erastus York who died in Dunn Co. WI age 86. Mother was Elizabeth Tilden who died 24 June 1843 in Jefferson Co. NY, age 41. Wife of Oliver York was Lydia Ackerman of Poynette, WI who d 30 Dec 1894. Their date of marriage was 8 Oct. 1848 in Honey Creek, Walworth Co., WI

History of Vernon County WI

ALLEN, Thomas J., was born in Jefferson Co., NY in 1856, son of John W. Allen and Lavina Boyer. Thomas married Alice Sheldon, daughter of George W. Sheldon of Vernon Co., WI.

History of Walworth County WI

HOLCOMB, Webster and Julia (Brown). Webster was a native of Watertown, Jefferson Co., NY. The Holcombs came originally from Holland several generations past. Julia Brown was from Erie County, PA and came with her parents Rufus and Syrena (Peck) Brown to Medina Co, OH and then to Wisconsin in about 1854. Webster Holcomb moved to Jefferson Co., WI in 1845 and settled in Concord Township. At age 16 he aided in the defense of Sackett's Harbor against the British in the War of 1812. His father, John Holcomb, was also a soldier in that war.
Webster Holcomb was married in NY to Abigail Perkins and they were the parents of ten children. After her death in 1854, Webster married Julia Brown and they had one child, Willis P. Holcomb.

WILSON, John Gregg, was born 22 Nov 1824 in Jefferson Co., NY, the son of Victor and Elizabeth (Carpenter) Wilson. Victor was the son of John Gregg Wilson and Sarah (Newkirk) Wilson. Victor's father was probably born in New York City and was the son of Irish parents. He, John Gregg Wilson, was a soldier in Washington's army during the American Revolution, taking part in the siege of Yorktown and saw the surrender of Cornwallis. He was only a boy when he entered the patriot army, his two brothers, both officers, got him into the army. He drew a pension after the war. Victor and Elizabeth (Carpenter) Wilson were both born in 1800 in Montgomery Co., NY and soon moved to Jefferson Co., NY., where their son, John Gregg Wilson, was born. John lived in Jefferson County until 1849 at which time he came west and located in Walworth Co., WI. His parents Victor and Elizabeth remained in Jefferson County NY where they died. John (b 1824) married first on 18 Sept 1849 in NY to Charlotte Maxon,daughter of Asa L. and Julia Maxon. She died 23 Nov 1854; he married second Lucetta J. McCollum. She died 18 Aug. 1905.

SMITH, Albert Eugene was born 28 Oct. 1836 at Cape Vincent, Jefferson Co. NY. He was the son of John and Lucy (Andrews) Smith, the father born in England. John Smith emigrated to American at about age 16 and settled at Cape Vincent and took up farming. His wife, Lucy, was born in New York. John and Lucy moved to Walworth Co., WI when Albert was about 12 years old, and settled in Geneva Township. Albert served in the Civil War, having enlisted in Wisconsin. Albert married on 14 Jan 1874 to Elizabeth Reek of Linn, WI. Both Albert's grandfather, Stephen A. Andrews, and his great-grandfather Andrews served through the Revolutionary War and fought at Bunker Hill.

Maxson family

JOHN MAXSON was born in 1639 and he and his wife were buried at Westerly RI. Benjamin and Stephen Maxson of the third generation and Col. Jesse Maxson, son of David, was of the fourth generation. He was an aid on Washington's staff and was killed in the battle of Guilford Court House in 1781.

JOHN MAXSON, son of the emigrant, was born in 1639 and married Sarah Mosher. John Maxson, born on 21 April 1701, was a son of John and Judith (Clark) Maxson. The father, born 1666, died in 1747, was the son of John Maxson who was born in 1639.

ASA MAXSON, great-grandfather of Henry J. Maxson was a pioneer settler of Jefferson Co., NY and was a soldier in the Revolution and served on a vessel on Long Island Sound. His son Asa, grandfather of Henry J. Maxson was a lumberman at Petersburgh, Rensselaer Co., NY. Asa L. Maxon, father of Henry J., was born in that county and was a farmer. About 1853 he moved to Big Foot Prairie, Walworth Co, WI and settled there.

NATHAN DWIGHT MAXON was born in Walworth Twnp, 15 May 1857, son of Henry J. and Phebe (Howland) Maxon. Phebe was born S. Adams, Berkshire Co MA 17 Sept 1836 and died in Walworth Co, WI 25 Jan 1911. County GenWebSite Henry was probably born at Adams, Jefferson Co., NY. Henry was the son of Asa Lewis Maxon (born 22 May 1802) and Julia Ann (Read) Maxon, who were married 9 July 1822.

ASA L. MAXON was the son of Asa (born 1 July 1776) and Polly (Lewis) Maxson.

ASA born 1776, was the son of Asa (b 6 March 1752) and Lois (Stillman) Maxson.

ASA born 1752, was the son of David and Abigail (Greenman) Maxson; David was the son of John and Thankful (Randall) Maxson.

History of Whitewater, Walworth County WI and biography of the Peck family:

PECK, George Wilbur, writer, newspaper editor, politician and statesman, was born in Henderson, Jefferson Co, NY on 28 Sept. 1840. His ancestors who settled in Hartford CT were originally from Essex, England. Between 1803 and 1805, the Peck family moved to Jefferson Co., NY, where George was born. His parents were David B. Peck, a tavern keeper and Alzenia Joslin Peck. The parents moved to Cold Spring, WI about 1843. It is thought that his paternal grandfather, Luman Peck, also joined them for the trip west; he is buried in a Cold Spring Cemetery with an 1844 date.
George died on 16 April 1916 after a brilliant career. He was also the author of Peck's Bad Boy.

ALLEN, William P. was the son of John and Mary Allen and was born in Jefferson Co,. NY, in 1821. In 1842 he was a teacher at Portageville, Wyoming Co., NY. He came to Sharon WI in 1845 and for 14 years served as clerk and assessor and another 20 years as justice of the peace. In 1873 he became the postmaster of the village, at which place he was a dealer in general goods. William died 25 July 1901. His wife was Sophronia L. Lyman.

COOK, Seymour Amos of Lagrange Twp, Walworth Co, WI, was born in Whitewater Twp, WI on 21 August 1860. He was the son of Alvin Wesley Cook and Lucinda (Stafford) Cook, both natives of New York. Alvin W. Cook was born in Jefferson Co., NY and Lucinda was born in Allegany Co, NY. Alvin came to Lagrange Twp in 1845 and in 1846 Lucinda arrived and they were married in Walworth County. They were the parents of eight children.

CON, David was born in Rhode Island on 16 March 1785 and lived in Madison and Jefferson Counties, NY. In 1852 he followed his sons to the town of Walworth, WI and died there 9 June 1838. His wife, Mary Bentley, was born 5 June 1787 and died 25 Sept. 1870.

History of Outagamie Co., WI:

COUGH, Jere W. was born in Pleasant Valley, Jefferson Co., NY on 16 January 1845 and moved to Outagamie Co, WI in 1867. He resides on a farm in the fourth ward of the City of Appleton. Mrs. Mary E. Cough was born in Point Peninsula, 1841 and came to Outagamie Co. in 1850.

History of Seward Nebraska

TREMPER, Stephen C., was born in Jefferson County NY on 27 Nov 1826. He came west to Wisconsin in 1846 and located in Dodge County where he farmed and lived at the outbreak of the Civil War. In March 1864 he enlisted in the Fourth WI Cavalry, Company M. and served until the close of the war and was subsequently sent to Mexico on Government service, being in the army nearly three years. He returned to Wisconsin where he lived until 1871 and then moved to Nebraska where he took up a homestead. He married in Dodge Co. WI in 1847 to Miss Maria J Fisher and with whom he had seven children.

History of the State of New Hampshire

HARRIS, Jeremiah, second son of Anthony and Ruth (Broadway) Harris, was born 8 May 1768 in Richmond, NH and died 16 Sept 1849 in Springfield PA in his 82nd year. His wife, Priscilla Cole, was the daughter of Barnabas and Asenath Cole of Amenia, NY. Barnabas Cole was a Revolutionary soldier of NY and passed his last years in Coneaut, Erie Co, PA. During the first years of their married life, Jeremiah and Priscilla (Cole) Harris lived near Prescott, Ontario on the Rideau River. He was subsequently a resident for many years of Henderson, Jefferson County, NY. Eventually he removed to Springfield, Erie Co, PA where he farmed.

History of Sheboygan County WI

WHEELER, Henry, Jr a prominent farmer of the town of Plymouth, WI. As a young man Henry Wheeler Sr., the father, emigrated to New York State. The War of 1812 had begun and he shouldered his musket and served; in recognition of his services, he received a government land warrant. While in Jefferson County NY he married Mrs. Lucy Butterfield, whose maiden name was Barrett. She died when son Henry was about seven, leaving six children. After her death, Henry married Lucretia Hitchcock by whom he had three children. Henry Jr. was born 16 April 1830 in Rodman Township, Jefferson Co., NY. At age 15 he began to make his own living, working on the farm for wages for approximately eight years. On 30 Sept 1852, at Ellisburgh, NY., Mr. Wheeler and Miss Helen M. Gardner were married. She was the daughter of Horace and Sophronia (Lewis) Gardner. They had three children. In 1853 Henry and Helen moved to Plymouth WI where he purchased 80 acres of timberland. Mrs. Wheeler died 10 Nov 1884 and Henry married as his second wife, Mrs. Elvyra Horth, daughter of Ebenezer Truesdell. Elvyra was born in Ellisburgh NY and was a cousin of Mr. Wheeler's first wife. Elvyra was married first to George Royce, by whom she had two children. After Mr. Royce died, his widow became the wife of William Horth and they had one child.

EASTMAN, Enos resided in Plymouth, Sheboygan Co, WI a well-known pioneer having arrived on 13 May 1849. Mr. Eastman was a native of New York State, and was born in the town of Ellisburgh, Jefferson Co, 27 Oct 1821. His father, Enos Eastman, Sr., son of Enoch Eastman, was born in the town of Rupert, Bennington Co, VT. On 20 Aug 1786. Enos Eastman Sr., the father of Enos Jr., married Vashti Green, who was also born in the town of Rupert. (Her father was David Green) In 1814 they, Enos Sr., moved to New York State, where the wife/mother died when Enos Jr. was about two years old. He was the youngest of a family of six children. Enos Sr. married second to Charity Woodard. They had five children. The eldest, Cyrus, was born in 1811 and resides in Jefferson Co., NY. LaFayette born in 1819 resided in Plymouth, Sheboygan Co. Austin, the eldest was born in 1809 and lived in Ellisburgh NY most of his life and who passed away in 1890 in his 81st year. Lamira was born in 1813 and married Ebenezer Wood; she died in 1890. Orilla W. Eastman never married but lived on the old Eastman homestead until her death in 1864 at age 49. Enos Eastman Jr. resided at home until he had attained his majority and on 11 Jan 1844 he married Miss Miriam Carpenter, who was born at Sandy Creek, Oswego Co., NY on 15 Feb 1822. Her parents were Asa and Louisa (Wood) Carpenter, the former a native of CT and the latter of VT.

Biographies of Waukesha County, WI:

DAVIS, Hon. Cushman Kellog - State Senator for Wisconsin - was born 16th June 1838 Henderson, Jefferson Co. NY, of Welsh ancestry, who came originally from South Wales to Massachusetts. His father, Horatio N. Davis, moved to Wisconsin shortly after Cushman's birth, and served as a state senator for Wisconsin for two terms, and was a captain in a Wisconsin regiment during the Civil War. Horatio and his wife moved to St. Paul, MN while in the 80's. In 1880, Senator Davis married Miss Anna M. Agnew of St. Paul and on 18 Jan. 1887 he was chosen United States senator and was re-elected in 1893.

GIBBS, Rev. John F. a native of Otsego Co., NY. His father, Daniel Gibbs, was born in the town of Litchfield CT about 1767 and at the age of 16, he went to Vermont. Some years later, with others, he went to Genesee Co. in NY where he cleared a farm at Waskey Flats for Seth Price. He declined an offer of acreage as payment and went into Herkimer Co., NY where he married Magdalena Lighthall, of German descent; they had ten children.

GIBBS, John F., the youngest, was born in Otsego Co., NY on 10 May 1830 and spent the first years of his life in Otsego, Genesee and St. Lawrence Cos., but then located in the village of Theresa, Jefferson Co., NY where he engaged in farming for a time. He also owned and ran a boat on the Erie Canal from Buffalo to Albany, which he continued to do until 1848. He then engaged in merchandising until 1852 whereupon he closed his business and removed to Wisconsin, locating on a farm in the town of LeRoy, Dodge Co., which was his home until 1874 when he removed to the Town of Summit. He united with the M. E. church in 1860 and became a deacon in 1868, and an Elder in October of 1873. He married in Jefferson Co., NY to Mary Hawkins, a native of that county and she died in Dodge Co., WI 5 Jan 1866. Rev. Gibbs' second marriage was on 5 July 1866 to Adelia M. Crossman, a native of Jefferson Co., NY.

VanBRUNT, G. W., a farmer and stock raiser, proprietor of the Springdale Summer Resort in Waterville. Born in St. Lawrence Co NY in July 1830 and with his parents removed to Wisconsin in May of 1846. They resided on a farm in Dodge County until 1861. While living in Horicon, WI he was in the manufacture of the Van Brunt Seeder, for which he was the inventor and patentee; in 1870 he sold his interest in the Seeder works and in 1873 bought another farm. He married in Jefferson Co., NY in 1853 to Jane Head. They had two children.

MAYNARD, Nathan F. of Waukesha, WI was born at Fenner, Madison Co, NY 29 Dec 1815. He remained in Madison Co until 187 and then removed to Wisconsin, and to Pewaukee where he resided. Mr. Maynard was married three times 1) Desdemona Raymond, a native of NY born 15 Jan 1821 and died 29 Jan 1850; 2) Mary J. Sampson who was born in NY and died 4 July 1852; 3) Sally A. White, who was born 15 April 1833 in Jefferson Co., NY and came to Wisconsin in 1845. Mr. Maynard was the father of eleven children by wives one and three.

ORVIS, Samuel Emery b 11 July 1834 Denmark, Lewis Co NY, d 24 May 1887 Parents: Elias Orvis and Eunice Anderson. Samuel married 26 Nov. 1854 at Waukesha, WI to Eleanor Campbell, born 4 Nov 1828 Clayton, Jefferson Co NY., died 16 May 1911. Six children born in Waukesha Co., WI

OLIN, Daniel A. b 3 June 1826 Canton, NY. Parents: Joseph and Huldah Olin. Married 1) on 5 July 1850 at Madrid, NY to Sarah L. Sweet, b 27 Mar 1829 at Hinesburg, VT, d 15 May 1851 Waukesha WI. Daniel married 2) on 18 June 1854 Port Washington, WI to Marietta Teall, born 23 Feb 1826 Pierrpont, NY.

Oak Hill Cemetery burials in Brookfield Township, Waukesha Co., WI


SPENCER, Matilda 16 Oct 1865/4 Sept 1912 Matilda (Bolter), wife of John M., daughter of William and Minnie (Falk)Bolter, next to:

SPENCER, John M. - 1865 1936, father, WWI symbol (son of John and Mahalia) born 18 Nov 1865 d 8 Jan 1936

SPENCER, Mahalia (Ray) wife of John Spencer who was born in Jefferson Co., NY, 26 July 1832; died in Brookfield WI 24 Nov 1869 age 37 years.

SPENCER, George O., in memory of son of John and Mahalia Spencer, who was born Jefferson Co., NY 15 Dec 1850, died in Dwadas, MN. 19 July 1876 age 25 y, 7 m 4 d.

SPENCER, ALVIRA 1854-1921 (daughter of John and Mahalia)

SPENCER, JOHN born 15 Feb 1922 died 22 Jan 1900, son of William and Anna (Haas) born Buckingham, England.

History of Otter Tail County MN

CARPENTER, Albert C. of Dead Lake Twp, Otter Tail Co., was born 3 May 1860 in Freeborn Co. MN, son of Willard L. and Prudah M. (Bullock) Carpenter, both natives of Jefferson County, NY near Ellisburg. The paternal grandparents of Albert were George and Kaziah (Macumber) Carpenter, who were natives of Vermont, but who removed in 1830 to Jefferson Co., NY where they settled on a farm and remained there until 1844. George Carpenter died in 1879 and served in the War of 1812. Kaziah (Macumber) Carpenter passed away in 1865. George and Keziah had five children; one of their daughters, Azubah Carpenter, married Lemuel E. Bullock, a native of Jefferson Co., NY.
The maternal grandparents of Albert c. Carpenter were Asa and Sarah (Blanchard) Bullock, both natives of Vermont and early settlers in Jefferson County, NY, where they were neighbors of George and Kaziah Carpenter. Asa Bullock had been a messmate of George Carpenter during their service in the War of 1812, both having served in Belknap's company. Asa Bullock was a shoemaker by trade, but after his removal west, he settled in Lake County, IL and engaged in saw-mill work. In 1855 he also moved to Minnesota where he died in 1859. Wife Sarah passed away in Illinois before their removal to Minnesota. They were the parents of ten children.

CARPENTER, Willard L., father of Albert C. was born on 10 Nov 1832 and moved west with his parents to Freeborn Co., MN, where he married Prudah M. Bullock, born 23 Dec 1835 and died 1 October 1906. Willard died 19 Oct 1912. Albert C. Carpenter was united in marriage with Ellen Grover, in 1895. She was the daughter of Thomas J. Grover of Freeborn Co., MN, having settled there in 1856.

Albert C. Carpenter was united in marriage with Ellen Grover, in 1895. She was the daughter of Thomas J. Grover of Freeborn Co., MN, having settled there in 1856.

History of Belmont, Portage County, WI:

TURNER, Charles. Son of Henry and Rosetta P. (Edwards) Turner. Charles as born at Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY on 23 March 1839. In 1871 he married Georgia Ann Morgan, daughter of David R. and Maria Morgan. She was born 18 March 1849. In 1854 Charles came to the town of Belmont and in 1867 moved to the town of Dayton; in 1874 he moved to Plainfield in Waushara County; from there he moved to Stevens Point, in Portage Co. Charles and Georgia had three children. Charles served in the Civil War from 4 Nov 1864 to 30 July 1865. He is buried at Red Lodge, Carbon Co., Montana and his wife is buried in the First Belmont Cemetery, her date of death was 12 Nov 1877.

CLARK, Milo was born 1831 Jefferson Co., NY, and died in 1913 at his home in Oshkosh, Winnebago Co., WI. His wife was Emma D., who was born 1839 and died in 1928. He was among the earliest settlers in Portage County, WI, first settling in the Town of Belmont and later at Plover.

History of Shawano County, WI

ANDREWS, Benjamin B., moved to Birnamwood, WI in 1884 and with a man named Van Doren, built a sawmill at that place in 1892. Benjamin Andrews married in 1865 to Agnes Parris, who was born in Canada of Scotch descent, one of a family of five children. Her father was a baker in Canada. Benjamin and Agnes had four children.
Agnes passed away 14 Dec 1874, and Benjamin married second, on 16 March 1876 to Martha O. Thorn, born Jefferson County, NY on 6 March 1852. She was the daughter of John and Sarah Thorn, natives of New York who removed to Wisconsin in 1854. Martha was one of ten children. Martha and Benjamin Andrews had four children.

History of Waushara County, WI

DECKER, Thomas E., was a leading citizen of Waushara Co., WI. He was born at Cape Vincent, Jefferson Co., NY on 24 April 1846. His ancestors were of Irish and Dutch extraction. His great grandfather, Michael Decker, was a native of Holland and came to America before the Revolutionary War., locating on the Hudson River; he then moved to the area of Concord, MA. It was there that he received a gunshot wound which killed him. His family later returned to NY. Michael Decker, Jr., the grandfather of Thomas Decker, was born near New York City and was a shoemaker by trade. He married Mary Scott and died at Cape Vincent, NY, where he had lived for many years. During the war of 1812 he aided in the American defense of Sackett's Harbor. At the time of the French Revolution in 1837 [Patriot's War?], his brother, Peter Decker, joined a company of filibusters, crossing the St. Lawrence River at Ogdensburg to Prescott, CA, where they joined the French rebels. Besieged by British forces, they took refuge in an old stone mill and were captured. While their leader was taken to Kingston CA and hung, the privates and non-com officers were exiled to a penal colony on Van Dieman's Land. Peter Decker received a pardon but never returned to the United States. Thomas Decker's maternal grandfather was a native of Ireland and died on the ocean during the crossing to America. His family settled in Quebec and then moved to Prescott CA. James Decker, father of Thomas, was born in May of 1809 in Oneida Co., NY and was a farmer. He moved to Jefferson Co., NY, locating at Cape Vincent, where he was in the butcher business for a short time but returned to farming. In 1862 he came to Wisconsin and purchased land in Adams Co., WI but two years later moved to Waushara Co. He married Elizabeth Travis of Ireland, who as an infant was taken by her parents to Brockville, CA whre she lived until her marriage. Thomas Decker was the oldest of a family of 12 children and his boyhood days were spent in Cape Vincent. Thomas Decker married Eva Wilson who was born in Adams Co, WI 18 Dec 1852, the only child of William and Melinda (Sabaw) Wilson of Pennsylvania.

DECKER, James Henry was born in Troy, NY on 18 October 1832 to James and Azubah A. Decker. He married on 8 Sept. 1852 to Caroline A. Reynolds, who was born in Valatia, Columbia Co., NY. Her father, Raymond Reynolds, was born in the same county in 1802, a son of Nathaniel Reynolds, whose father was born in Manchester, England. James died in Watertown, NY on 16 October 1867. James Decker Sr., the father, was born in 1808 and was a jeweler for wholesale and retail in Troy, NY. He moved to Watertown and purchased a home at No. 48 Arsenal Street. His wife, Azubah A. Decker, nee Betts, was born in Lansingburg, NY in 1810 and died in 1891 at 80 years at Maquoketa, Iowa, where James had made major land investments. James Henry and Caroline had two children, born in Watertown, NY.

History of Manitowoc Co., WI

RAND, G. S., of the firm of Rand and Burger, shipbuilders of Manitowoc, was born May 1830 in Golden Hill, CT. As a boy, he moved to Jefferson Co., NY with his parents and in 1847 to Michigan; in 1848 to Chicago and in 1849 to Manitowoc, WI. He then followed the lakes for about four years. In 1853 he began the ship building business. He was also the superintendent of the Goodrich shipyard, having built all of their steamers and he also built some of the largest vessels on the lakes.

RAND, E. K., of the firm of Wagner, Rand & Co., wholesale and retail hardware of Manitowoc, was a native of Jefferson County NY. In 1848 he came to Chicago, then to St. Louis in 1851. He then moved to Manitowoc, WI and engaged in shipbuilding for about five years. It was then that he opened a general store. He and his brother formed a partnership of about four years; his brother withdrew from the business. The firm continued until March of 1881 when it became Wagner, Rand & Co.

American Biographies

TAYLOR, William Robert was the 11th governor of Wisconsin (1874-76) and was born at Woodbury, Litchfield Co., CT on 10 July 1818, son of Robert and Mary (Coleman) Taylor. Orphaned at age six, he was cared for by neighbors and with them removed to Jefferson County, NY., which then was a sparsely settled wilderness. In 1848 Mr. Taylor moved to Cottage Grove, Dane Co, WI, which became his permanent address and engaged in farming, and lumbering. Having served in various public offices, he was nominated for governor in 1873 on a platform of genuine reform. He married at LaPort, OH in 1842 to Catherine Hurd, daughter of James Hurd, with whom he had three children. In 1886 he married Viola Lee, daughter of Edison Lee of Madison WI and with her had one son.

OSBORN, Thomas W., senator, was born at Scotch Plains, Union Co., NJ on 9 March 1836. In 1842 his father removed to Wilna, Jefferson Co., NY where the son received his education while working on a farm. After completing Madison University in 1860, he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1861. He enlisted in the Union Army during the civil War and participated in a number of battles through the entire war, having been wounded three times. After the war he removed to Pensacola, FL and served in several offices there. He died in New York City on 18 Dec 1898.

NORTHRUP, George Washington, educator, was born at Antwerp, Jefferson Co., NY, on 15 October 1826, the son of William and Anna (Williams) Northrup, and grandson of Remington and Amy (Knowles) Northrup. The Northrups were descendants of Stephen Northrup who came to America in 1645. George graduated from Williams College in 1854 with honors. He graduated at the Rochester Theological Seminary in 1857 and was ordained in Rochester, NY in the same year and became a professor of church history. The degree of D.D. Was conferred on him by Rochester University in 1864 and that of LL.D., by the Kalamazoo College in 1879.
He was twice married, his second wife being Naomi Sayles of Chicago, IL. George died in Chicago, IL on 30 Dec 1900.

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