The Wisconsin story and biography Vol 8

HAIGHT, Walter Lyman was born at Waukesha, WI on 4 March 1884. The Haight family had its origin in America with Simon Haight, who came from England to Charlestown, MA in 1628. He died at Stamford CT in 1657. Caleb, a son of Simon, settled in Dutchess Co., NY and one of his sons, Theron W. Haight, father of Walter L., moved to Waukesha Co, WI after serving through the Civil War. Theron W. Haight was born in Jefferson Co., NY, on 14 Sept. 1840. Theron W. Haight married Annie Y. Youmans, born in Mukwonago, WI, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. H. A Youmans, who were from Vermont. Walter Lyman Haight married 28 June 1911 in Milwaukee, WI to Geraldine H. Foley, daughter of James Foley.

History of Berrien County, MI

McKINDLEY, Frank, was born at Ellisburg, Jefferson Co., NY 15 Dec 1846. His father died when Frank was very young and his mother, whose maiden name was Mary Ellis, became the wife of Hiram Tubbs. Her grandfather Ellis was a pioneer and at an early date became a resident of that section of New York which is now called Ellisburg Twp., Jefferson Co., NY. In March of 1854, Hiram Tubbs came with his family to Michigan where he engaged in farming. In 1859 Mr. Tubbs resided, at age 83, with his daughter, Mrs. Chevis. Mary Ellis, mother of Frank, died in 1895. By her first marriage, Mary Ellis had two sons, the elder being John E. McKindley of Osakis, MN. By her second marriage to Mr. Tubbs she became the mother of four children. Frank McKindley served in the Civil War, Company D, Sixty-sixth Illinois Western Sharpshooters; he was only 16 years old. Although wounded, he continued in service and on 10 Nov. 1868 he married Helen Howard, daughter of John F. and Sylvesta (Easton) Howard. She died 2 Feb 1902 at age 86 years and six months. John F. Howard and his wife were both natives of New York, being married in Jefferson Co., NY, and lived in Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan. Mr. Howard passed away at age 45 on 3 Sept. 1859.

SUTHERLAND, John R. was born in Broome Co., NY on 8 Sept 1832 and died 22 Dec 1904; at age seven his parents brought him to Michigan in Kalamazoo County. He married 5 October 1856 to Mary A. Shippy, who was born in Jefferson Co., NY on 24 Feb 1834, daughter of William Shippy, a native of that state. William Shippy died when Mary was about seven years old. Her mother, nee Lydia Ingraham, was also a native of New York and after William Shippy died, she married George Collis. In 1848 she and her husband moved to Berrien County, MI.

Virginia Biography Encyclopedia

SKINNER, William E., father of Major Frank E. Skinner, was born 14 June 1840 in Jefferson Co., NY, son of Amasa Skinner. His high school education was received at Antwerp, NY. As a young man, he moved to Wisconsin, and located in Calumet Co. where he initially farmed but became involved in the building trades and moved to Washington, D.C. He married 9 Sept 1869 to Mary A. Knickerbocker, born 25 Sept 848, daughter of Adam and Catherine (Blakeman) Knickerbocker of Dutchess Co, NY and of Calumet Co., WI. William died 28 Sept. 1898.

Biographical record of Sheboygan Co, WI

PIERCE, Melvin, was one of the prominent citizens of Lyndon Twp, Sheboygan Co., WI. He was a native of Jefferson Co., NY, born there on 10 March 1835, son of James and Elizabeth (Bess) Pierce. James Pierce was born in Somersetshire, England in 1791 and was a weaver by trade. With his family, James crossed to America about 1829, making the voyage in a sailing vessel, which after nine weeks finally dropped anchor in New York harbor. He settled in Jefferson Co., NY and left there to move to Wisconsin in 1848. James died in 1873. Elizabeth (Bess) Pierce was born in 1798 and died on the old homestead on 25 April 1887. Melvin Pierce married on 29 Oct. 1874 to Mahala Daharsh, who was born in New York on 24 Aug 1839, daughter of Cornelius and Ann (Rothler) Daharsh.
Her father, Cornelius, was born in New York on 27 Jan. 1811 and died in 1874. He was a shipbuilder but after a westward move became a farmer. Ann Rothler Daharsh was born in NY in 1817 and died in 1889.

Bench and Bar of Wisconsin - Biography

WELCH, William of Madison, Dane Co., WI, was born 12 Nov 1821 in the town of Lorraine, Jefferson Co., NY. His public school education there ended at age 15; he moved to Watertown, NY and apprenticed in a printing office. By 1840, he had become a newspaper man. In 1843 he formed a partnership with Joel Green in the publication of the Black River Journal, which dissolved in a year. In October 1844, William Welch moved west, settling at Rockford, IL. He read law there and formed a law partnership which also did not last. He turned to St. Louis where he worked for another newspaper but became ill and returned to Rockford. In 1845 he visited Wisconsin and with his brother-in-law, Chester Bushnell, he purchased an old hotel in Madison. There he combined both law profession and that of hotel keeper. He married in 1850 to Jane W. Petherick, daughter of William Petherick. On 1 May 1882 James and Jane moved their family to Minneapolis, MN.

History of Madison Co, Iowa

WILSON, Leonard J., Lincoln Twp, farmer, born in Canada in 1830; removed to Ilinois in 1850 and came to Iowa in 1858. Settled in Adair Co.; to Adair Co., in 1858, where he engaged in farming. He married Jennie Hoselton in 1855, born in Jefferson Co., NY. They had six children.

History of Columbia Co, WI

ALVERSON, Miles T., real estate and loan agent, was born in the town of Rodman, Jefferson Co., NY, on 26 Jan 1833. He was the son of Almanson and Sylenda Alverson, who moved to Russell, St. Lawrence Co., NY, in November of 1848, where they lived until 1854. In October of that year Miles came to Wisconsin to the town of Arlington, with friend Ambrose Powers. In 1857 Miles went to Missouri, where he taught school for a year and then returned to Lowville, WI as a carpenter. He married 23 March 1859 to Melissa Low, only daughter of Hon. Jacob and Caroline Low, of Lowville; Jacob Low died 24 Jan 1875. Melissa Low was born in New York City 28 March 1841. Miles' father died 29 Aug. 1879 and his mother was living on the homestead in Russell, St. Lawrence Co., NY.

PARSNEAU, M. D. farmer, Doylestown, Columbia Co, WI, was born in Vermont on 22 Aug 1828, son of Gilbert and Mary (Legisa) Parsneau of Canada. M. D. came to Fall River, WI and after two years went to Kewaunee, MI, where he remained for 20 years. M. D. had survived the great fire at Peshtigo WI but lost most of his personal effects. He returned to Fall River, then Doylestown and then to his farm He married 4 October 1853 in Jefferson Co., NY, by Rev. John Thomas, Rev. H. Corbin assisting, to Judith A. Warner, daughter of Seneca and Abigail (Brown) Warner who were from Aldburg, VT. They had eight children. M. D. had two brothers, Jehial and William V. and several nephews who were in the military. Gilbert Parsneau was in the War of 1812 , and was in jail in Montreal, sentenced to be hung, when peace was declared and he was exchanged.

History of Yellow Medicine Co., MN

DRUMMOND, W. E., was born in Jefferson County, NY in 1845. He moved to Iowa with his parents when he was ten and to Fillmore Co, MN in 1856. He learned the blacksmithing trade in 1866 and served in the Civil War until the spring of 1865. He moved from Fillmore Co, to Wergeland and then to a shop in Porter Village. He married Mary H. Cooper in 1875; she died in 1877 and left one child. Mr. Drummond married second to Lizzie Pifenger in 1878; they had one child.

History of Outagamie Co, WI

BALLARD, Anson was born in Appling, Jefferson Co., NY, on 20 Dec. 1821. He was a graduate of Hamilton College in NY in 1845. After graduation he taught school in Maryland and Tennessee. He moved to Appleton, WI in 1850 and was admitted to the bar at Green Bay on 9 Oct 1850. On 1 May 1851 he married Harriet M. Story of Sheboygan, WI. They had seven children. In the early 1860's Mr. Ballard founded a school based on the Pestalozzian system of education which was the forerunner of kindergarten. Mr. Ballard held various city offices. He died in Appleton, WI 4 April 1873 and at that time was the largest owner of land in the county.

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