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Indexed by Francis and Johan Jackson, and generously contributed to this Jefferson County website for your use.

Explanation of headings:
last name; first name; middle initial; maiden name; date of death; place of death,
date of issue of paper; page number; whether there is an obituary; or simply a death notice.

Fabbi Armond E   4-Nov-04 Carthage, NY 6-Nov D5 *  
Fairbanks Karl D   1-May-04 Fulton, NY 4-May D1   *
Fairbanks Laura D   25-Sep-04 Canton, NY 26-Sep B4   *
Fairbanks Laura   Davidson 25-Sep-04 Canton, NY 27-Sep D5 *  
Faircloth Sarah   Ramsey 1-Apr-04 Merrimac, MA 4-Apr B6 *  
Fallon Margaret E Healey 8-Nov-04 Potsdam, NY 10-Nov D7 *  
Fancher Timothy S   9-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 10-Mar D6 *  
Fargo Leona   Souva 2-Apr-04 Lakeland, FL 6-Apr D7 *  
Fargo Mary M   19-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 20-Apr D7 *  
Farnel Alberta G   5-Mar-04 Carthage, NY 6-Mar D1   *
Farnel Alberta G Gowing 5-Mar-04 Carthage, NY 7-Mar B4 *  
Farney Clifton M   9-Jun-04 Castorland, NY 10-Jun D7 *  
Farney Leonard C   17-Nov-04 Melrose, MA 16-Dec D7 *  
Farnsworth Edith E Kennedy 18-Apr-04 Syracuse, NY 21-Apr D7 *  
Farnsworth Earl    26-Oct-04 Bradenton, FL 3-Nov D1   *
Farnsworth Earl J   26-Oct-04 Bradenton, FL 4-Nov D7 *  
Farr Randy L   11-Jan-04 Boonville, NY 12-Jan D5 *  
Farr Roger    17-May-04 Hailesboro, NY 18-May D1   *
Farr Roger Sr G   17-May-04 Hailesboro, NY 19-May D7 *  
Farr Doris    23-Sep-04 Gouverneur, NY 25-Sep D1   *
Farr Doris   Breese 23-Sep-04 Gouverneur, NY 27-Sep D5 *  
Farrell J Warner    31-May-04 Ogdensburg, NY 2-Jun D7 *  
Faulkner Florence B   19-Jan-04 Syracuse, NY 22-Jan D1   *
Fay Eileen   Mahoney 26-Jul-04 Canton, NY 27-Jul D7 *  
Fayette Caroline J   6-Jul-04 Ogdensburg, NY 9-Jul D7 *  
Fefee Harold H   16-Feb-04 Bristol, VT 18-Feb D7 *  
Feisthamel Sharon   Dingman 30-Dec-03 Watertown, NY 2-Jan D5 *  
Felt Frances   Morris 6-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 8-Apr D7 *  
Felt Vincent D   6-Sep-04 Ogdensburg, NY 8-Sep D7 *  
Ferguson Jeanette A Crowner 4-Mar-04 Carthage, NY 5-Mar D7 *  
Ferguson Jayn   Virkler 16-Oct-04 Syracuse, NY 18-Oct D5 *  
Ferguson Cloyd J   16-Dec-04 Syracuse, NY 17-Dec D7 *  
Ferrance Marion    19-Nov-04 Lowville, NY 20-Nov D1   *
Ferrance Marion D   19-Nov-04 Lowville, NY 21-Nov B6 *  
Ferris Albert S   29-Jun-04 Tupper Lake, NY 30-Jun D7 *  
Feuerstein George C   4-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 6-Jan D1   *
Feuerstein George C   4-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 7-Jan D7 *  
Fiaschetti Elizabeth T Hickin 14-Apr-04 Houston, TX 26-Apr D5 *  
Fields Evelyn J Wheeler 19-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 22-Apr D7 *  
Fields Rita M   2-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 4-Jun D7 *  
Fifield Junior M   13-Jan-04 Gouverneur, NY 14-Jan D1   *
Fifield Junior M   13-Jan-04 Gouverneur, NY 15-Jan D7 *  
Filson Carrie A Roberts 24-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 26-Dec B4 *  
Finch Grace E   23-Oct-04 Syracuse, NY 27-Oct D1   *
Finley Robert H   18-May-04 Ogdensburg, NY 19-May D7 *  
Finley Katherine M Crowner 3-Jul-04 Rochester, NY 24-Aug D7 *  
Finn Renee M Davis 31-Dec-03 Utica, NY 3-Jan D1   *
Finn Renee   Davis 31-Dec-03 Utica, NY 4-Jan B4 *  
Finnegan Lyle H   12-Jan-04 Newark, NJ 17-Jan D7 *  
Finnegan Edith   Payne 28-May-04 Ogdensburg, NY 29-May D5 *  
Finnerty Hannah M   ? Syracuse, NY 4-Jun D7 *  
Fiorentio Alta G Morgia 19-Oct-04 Watertown, NY 20-Oct D7 *  
Fischer Edward W   8-Oct-04 Gouverneur, NY 10-Oct B5 *  
Fishel Lois M Emrich 13-Oct-04 Gouverneur, NY 14-Oct D7 *  
Fisher Jean L   13-Jan-04 Ogdensburg, NY 14-Jan D1   *
Fisher Jean   Langford 13-Jan-04 Ogdensburg, NY 15-Jan D7 *  
Fisher Elmer A   10-Apr-04 Canton, NY 11-Apr B7 *  
Fisher Vicki M Harrington 18-Nov-04 Rome, NY 20-Nov D5 *  
Fitchette Esther K   8-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 9-Mar D1   *
Fitchette Esther K Rice 8-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 10-Mar D7 *  
Fitzgerald Patrick M   25-Jan-04 Twp Sweden, NY 28-Jan D4 *  
Fitzgerald Kenneth M   24-Mar-04 Lowville, NY 25-Mar D7 *  
Fitzgerald Bernard A   10-Apr-04 Zephyrhills, FL 21-Apr D7 *  
Fitzsimmons Shawn M   11-Jul-04 Saranac, NY 13-Jul D1   *
Fitzsimmons Eugene L   12-Jul-04 Syracuse, NY 14-Jul D7 *  
Fitzsimmons Jennie M   19-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 20-Sep D1   *
Fitzsimmons Jennie M Ayen 19-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 21-Sep D7 *  
Flack Wallace C   30-Dec-03 S Carolina 3-Jan D5 *  
Flake Lorna M Zehr 10-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 12-Aug D7 *  
Flake Dorothy M Carr 24-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 26-Nov D1   *
Flanagan F. Madeline    12-Aug-04 Syracuse, NY 14-Aug D1   *
Flanagan Julia B   27-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 29-Sep D1   *
Flanagan Julia   Boni 27-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 30-Sep D7 *  
Flath Dorothy   Lingenfelter 25-Feb-04 Evans Mills, NY 27-Feb D7 *  
Fleming Debra A Sligar 30-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 2-Jul D7 *  
Fleming Michael Jr P   29-Jun-04 Zebulon, NC 11-Jul B6   *
Fleming R. Frederick    11-Dec-04 Champion, NY 12-Dec B5 *  
Fletcher Earl B   21-Mar-04 Star Lake, NY 23-Mar D1   *
Fletcher Earl B   21-Mar-04 Star Lake, NY 24-Mar D7 *  
Fletcher Ethel   Cloud 22-Aug-04 DePeyster, NY 24-Aug D7 *  
Fleury Alfred Jr P   5-Apr-04 Norfolk, VA 7-Apr D7 *  
Fleury Ruth M Willis 31-May-04 Potsdam, NY 1-Jun D5 *  
Flint Thomas G   9-Feb-04 Syracuse, NY 10-Feb D7 *  
Flood Ruth M Dingman 7-Jan-04 Alex Bay, NY 10-Jan D7 *  
Flores Sue   Bailey 28-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 30-Sep D7 *  
Flynn Marcela   Bean 17-Oct-04 Massena, NY 19-Oct D7 *  
Fobes Wayne L   7-Mar-04 Syracuse, NY 9-Mar D7 *  
Foley John H   29-Sep-04 Newport News, VA 15-Oct D7 *  
Foley William Jr P   30-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 1-Dec D7 *  
Folgert Dr Emmett J   25-Sep-04 Massena, NY 26-Sep B4 *  
Folsom Robert J   14-Feb-04 Saranac Lake, NY 16-Feb D5 *  
Foot Winifred A Kennedy 25-Aug-04 Auburn, NY 27-Aug D1   *
Foote Grace   Bush 6-Jul-04 Sacramento, CA 9-Jul D7 *  
Forbes Suzanne R Chapman 15-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 19-Feb D7 *  
Forbes Vernon F   22-Nov-04 Burlington, VT 23-Nov D7 *  
Ford Veneta G Porter 20-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 21-Jan D7 *  
Forney Lila   Madden 10-Jun-04 Carthage, NY 11-Jun D7 *  
Forney Rosemary A Meyers 30-Jun-04 Massena, NY 2-Jul D7 *  
Forrestt Madelyn I Ulozsa 17-Mar-04 Massena, NY 19-Mar D7 *  
Fortier Eugene O   24-Sep-04 Tupper Lake, NY 26-Sep B4 *  
Fortune Theresa M LaClair 27-Dec-04 Hailesboro, NY 28-Dec D5 *  
Fosco John F   28-Jun-04 Adams Ctr, NY 29-Jun D7 *  
Fosco John F   27-Jun-04 Adams Ctr, NY 30-Jun D1   *
Foster Wilma   Countryman 13-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 14-Jan D7 *  
Foster Norma   Bignall 1-Feb-04 Syracuse, NY 4-Feb D1   *
Foster Ralph N   4-Nov-04 Fulton, NY 12-Nov D1   *
Fowler Oscar L   1-Aug-04 Syracuse, NY 4-Aug D1   *
Fox Lula   Hutton 24-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 26-Dec B4 *  
Fragoso Francisco R   2-Mar-04 Massena, NY 3-Mar D1   *
Fragoso Francisco R   2-Mar-04 Massena, NY 4-Mar D7 *  
Francis Beatrice A McDonald 21-Feb-04 Malone, NY 22-Feb B6 *  
Francis Carmen I Cole 3-Mar-04 Provo, UT 6-Mar D5 *  
Francis William Sr J   12-Dec-04 Massena, NY 14-Dec D7 *  
Francomano Alfred A   28-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 30-Apr D7 *  
Frank Joseph W   14-May-04 Brownville, NY 15-May D5 *  
Frank Helen M.J Bates 1-Dec-04 Carthage, NY 2-Dec D7 *  
Fraser Mildred E Woodward 28-May-04 St Regis Falls, NY 29-May D5 *  
Frazier Paul Sr T   21-May-04 Pulaski, NY 22-May D7 *  
Frazier Col Frank W   17-Dec-04 Colorado Sprngs, CO 22-Dec D7 *  
Freeman Leigh Jr J   15-Feb-04 Utica, NY 17-Feb D5 *  
Freeman Herbert W   29-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 31-Dec D1   *
Fregoe Melissa J Favreau 22-Dec-04 Twp Massena, NY 24-Dec D7 *  
Fregoe Nicolas G   22-Dec-04 Twp Massena, NY 24-Dec D7 *  
French Malcolm E   13-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 14-Jul D7 *  
French Chad M   24-Jul-04 Burlington, VT 25-Jul B4 *  
Frick Douglas G   14-Jul-04 Buffalo, NY 16-Jul D7 *  
Frijo Frank L   9-Jan-04 Clearwater, FL 14-Jan D1   *
Friot Walter B   24-Jan-04 Rensselaer Falls, NY 26-Jan D5 *  
Frisco Harold R   9-Feb-04 Pyrites, NY 11-Feb D7 *  
Frisina Nancy J   21-Feb-04 Ogdensburg, NY 23-Feb D5 *  
Fudala Ronald K   24-Aug-04 Camillus, NY 27-Aug D1   *
Fukes Matthew    17-Jun-04 Brasher Falls, NY 19-Jun D5 *  
Fuller Jean E Bradt 23-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 25-Mar D7 *  
Fuller Leslie E   21-Mar-04 Madison, WI 9-Apr D7 *  
Fuller William M   17-Oct-04 Antwerp, NY 19-Oct D7 *  
Furman Harry    21-Oct-04 Alex Bay, NY 23-Oct D5 *  
Gabor George J   30-Jun-04 Massena, NY 2-Jul D7 *  
Gabriel Rev Howard    24-Nov-04 Hilton, NY 28-Nov B4 *  
Gadway Theresa M Lamica 29-May-04 Malone, NY 1-Jun D5 *  
Gaffney Patrick H   1-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 2-Mar D7 *  
Gaffney Dorothy A Frenette 7-Aug-04 Potsdam, NY 8-Aug B5 *  
Gaffney John W   16-Dec-04 Massena, NY 18-Dec D5 *  
Gage Beryl M   22-Mar-04 Massena, NY 23-Mar D1   *
Gage Beryl M White 22-Mar-04 Massena, NY 24-Mar D7 *  
Gage Calvin C   8-Jul-04 Doylestown, PA 20-Jul D7 *  
Gagnier Reva M Villnave 2-May-04 Lake Placid, NY 5-May D7 *  
Gagnon Monica W Clarke 2-Aug-04 Ogdensburg, NY 3-Aug D7 *  
Gaige John Sr K   28-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 30-Jul D7 *  
Gaines Myrtle E   18-Jan-04 West Carthage,NY 19-Jan D1   *
Gaines Myrtle E Todd 18-Jan-04 West Carthage,NY 20-Jan D5 *  
Gaines Myrtle E Todd 18-Jan-04 West Carthage,NY 21-Jan D7 *  
Gaines Katherine E Lawrence 11-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 12-Jun D5 *  
Gale Sterling G   22-Jan-04 North Bangor, NY 24-Jan D7 *  
Gale Carl M   20-Jun-04 Burlington, VT 22-Jun D7 *  
Gale Grace   O'Malley 29-Aug-04 DeRuyter, NY 2-Sep D7 *  
Gallagher Mary K McIntyre 26-Oct-04 The Villages, FL 30-Oct D5 *  
Gallien Victor T   13-May-04 Malone, NY 14-May D7 *  
Galloway Roberta   Vanderbogart 8-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 9-Apr D7 *  
Galpin Marc A   28-Feb-04 Frisco, TX 11-Apr B7 *  
Galutz Guy    1-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 3-Aug D7 *  
Galvin Mary E   28-Aug-04 Lowville, NY 29-Aug B6 *  
Galvin Josephine    13-Sep-04 Ogdensburg, NY 14-Sep D1   *
Galvin Josephine   Sovie 13-Sep-04 Ogdensburg, NY 15-Sep D7 *  
Gamble Matilda E Regetz 23-Jul-04 Baldwinsville, NY 25-Jul B4 *  
Ganeriski Mary A   21-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 22-Jul D1   *
Ganeriski Mary A   21-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 23-Jul D7 *  
Ganter Florence   Lindsey 15-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 16-Mar D7 *  
Garbus Charlotte    7-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 8-Nov D1   *
Garbus Charlotte   Case 7-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 10-Nov D7 *  
Gardener Robert L   5-Feb-04 Adams Ctr, NY 7-Feb D7 *  
Gardener Mae A Murray 19-Mar-04 Massena, NY 21-Mar B4 *  
Gardner Marion   Benware 14-Mar-04 Massena, NY 16-Mar D7 *  
Gardner Dr Murray H   9-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 10-Apr D5 *  
Gardner Leon Jr L   19-Jun-04 Syracuse, NY 22-Jun D7 *  
Gardner Mary F Saucier 2-Aug-04 Massena, NY 4-Aug D7 *  
Gardner Claude E   19-Oct-04 Williamstown, NY 22-Oct D1   *
Garnsey Georgia   Gardner 31-Dec-03 Castorland, NY 5-Jan D5 *  
Garretson Milla K Jacobsen 29-Jan-04 Turin, NY 1-Feb B5 *  
Garrow Donita R   8-Apr-04 Cornwall, Ont, CAN 9-Apr D1   *
Garrow Donita R   8-Apr-04 Cornwall, Ont, CAN 10-Apr D5 *  
Garulski Mona E   24-May-04 Massena, NY 26-May D1   *
Garulski Mona E   25-May-04 Massena, NY 27-May D7 *  
Garvey Robert H   14-Dec-04 Ogdensburg, NY 16-Dec D7 *  
Gaston Florence   Ellis 2-Feb-04 Lake Worth, FL 6-Feb D7 *  
Gates Waylon D   14-Mar-04 Gouverneur, NY 16-Mar D7 *  
Gates Alfred G   31-Aug-04 Adams, NY 1-Sep D7 *  
Gaydos Katherine   Greene 17-Oct-04 Huntington, NY 19-Oct D7 *  
Gebo David C   24-Feb-04 Burlington, VT 26-Feb D7 *  
Gebo Mildred D Ring 8-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 10-Sep D7 *  
Geer Kevin M   13-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 15-Jul D7 *  
Geiger Beatrice E Ebersole 15-Dec-04 Lowville, NY 16-Dec D7 *  
Geigert Hattie M   8-Jun-04 Alex Bay, NY 9-Jun D1   *
Geigert Hattie M Koessl 8-Jun-04 Alex Bay, NY 10-Jun D7 *  
Geiser Esther H Ashbrook 7-Mar-04 Massena, NY 9-Mar D7 *  
Genito Joseph    6-Mar-04 Carthage, NY 7-Mar B4 *  
George Gail A   26-Jan-04 Gouverneur, NY 28-Jan D1   *
George Gail A Conklin 26-Jan-04 Gouverneur, NY 29-Jan D7 *  
George Donald J   25-Aug-04 Evans Mills, NY 29-Aug B6 *  
Gerace Anthony    8-Jul-04 Carthage, NY 9-Jul D7 *  
Gerber Thelma M Harmer 19-Apr-04 St Petersburg, FL 4-May D7 *  
Gering Margaret    15-Nov-04 North Lawrence, NY 16-Nov D1   *
Gering Margaret   Doyle 15-Nov-04 North Lawrence, NY 17-Nov D7 *  
Gerstenschlager David L   24-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 27-Nov D5 *  
Getman Lloyd G   6-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 7-Apr D7 *  
Getman Jack L   19-Nov-04 Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan 23-Nov D7 *  
Getman Harold J   23-Nov-04 Tampa, FL 8-Dec D7 *  
Ghostlaw Wayne J   4-Feb-04 Fort Covington, NY 6-Feb D7 *  
Ghostlaw Raymond J   28-Mar-04 Malone, NY 30-Mar D1   *
Gibbs Eugene L   21-Mar-04 Ogdensburg, NY 23-Mar D7 *  
Gibbs Barbara    23-Apr-04 Carthage, NY 24-Apr D1   *
Gibbs Barbara M Decker 23-Apr-04 Carthage, NY 27-Apr D7 *  
Giblin Agnes   McIntyre 8-Aug-04 West Carthage, NY 10-Aug D7 *  
Gibson Elsa E   14-Feb-04 Potsdam, NY 15-Feb B6   *
Gibson Elsa    14-Feb-04 Canton, NY 17-Feb D5 *  
Gibson Paul A   12-Mar-04 Carthage, NY 13-Mar D1   *
Gibson Paul A   12-Mar-04 Carthage, NY 14-Mar B6 *  
Gibson Betty J   27-Jun-04 Great Bend, NY 28-Jun D1   *
Giddings Cindy M   1-Nov-04 Phoenix, NY 5-Nov D1   *
Gigliotti Edna    26-May-04 Lowville, NY 29-May D1   *
Gilbert Virginia    10-May-04 Syracuse, NY 13-May D1   *
Gilbert Eugene E   18-Oct-04 DeKalb Jct, NY 19-Oct D7 *  
Gilbert Albert E   20-Nov-04 Massena, NY 21-Nov B6   *
Gilbow Debra E   13-Jul-04 Burke, NY 14-Jul D1   *
Giles Robert W   17-Aug-04 Massena, NY 18-Aug D1   *
Giles Robert W   17-Aug-04 Massena, NY 19-Aug D7 *  
Gill Linda S   26-Jun-04 Natural Bridge, NY 27-Jun B6   *
Gill Linda   Schermerhorn 26-Jun-04 Natural Bridge, NY 28-Jun D5 *  
Gillan Pauline E Rich 9-Mar-04 Adams, NY 10-Mar D7 *  
Gillen Loretta E Dunlay 6-Apr-04 Tyler, TX 8-Apr D7 *  
Gillett Robert S   11-Nov-04 Lowville, NY 13-Nov D5 *  
Gillette Robert C   18-Jul-04 Redwood, NY 21-Jul D7 *  
Gilligan Shirley P Durant 15-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 17-Mar D7 *  
Gilmore Alice G   30-Jul-04 Potsdam, NY 31-Jul D1   *
Gilmore Alice   Grant 30-Jul-04 Potsdam, NY 5-Aug D7 *  
Gilson Bettie V Gilson 21-Jan-04 Canton, NY 22-Jan D7 *  
Gimber Mildred   Dollinger 8-Jun-04 Alex Bay, NY 9-Jun D1   *
Gimber Mildred   Dollinger 8-Jun-04 Alex Bay, NY 10-Jun D7 *  
Girard Gerald K   21-Mar-04 Zephyrhills, FL 23-Mar D1   *
Girard Gerald K   21-Mar-04 Zephyrhills, FL 26-Mar D7 *  
Given Bryonna L   16-Jan-04 Gouverneur, NY 21-Jan D7 *  
Given Claude C   11-Nov-04 Shock, WV 27-Nov D5 *  
Gladle Duncan    14-Sep-04 Carthage, NY 15-Sep D1   *
Gladle Duncan A   15-Sep-04 Carthage, NY 16-Sep D7 *  
Gleason Irma   Miller 6-Jun-04 Massena, NY 8-Jun D1   *
Gleason Douglas W   12-Sep-04 Fayetteville, NC 15-Sep D7 *  
Gleich Gerald G   23-Sep-04 Malone, NY 24-Sep D7 *  
Glenister Ralph C   21-May-04 Pulaski, NY 22-May D7 *  
Glover Rose   Schneider 7-Dec-04 Castro Valley, CA 17-Dec D7 *  
Gluck Juliann   Meuser 3-Mar-04 New Haven, CT 7-Apr D7 *  
Godfrey Beulah S   6-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 9-Jun D1   *
Godin Frances   Ryder 25-Mar-04 Oswego, NY 27-Mar D7 *  
Goings Myrtle L Weidinger 1-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 3-Aug D7 *  
Gokey June R   9-Apr-04 Syracuse, NY 10-Apr D1   *
Gokey June R Vanderwerken 9-Apr-04 Syracuse, NY 11-Apr B7 *  
Golden Gary J   25-Nov-04 Albuquerque, NM 2-Dec D7 *  
Goldie Morgan E   16-Dec-04 Newton Falls, NY 17-Dec D1   *
Goldie Morgan E   16-Dec-04 Newton Falls, NY 18-Dec D5 *  
Golja Belva J Gardner 6-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 8-Jun D7 *  
Gollinger Margaret R   16-Sep-04 Mitchell, IN 22-Sep D7 *  
Gonseth Garland F   11-Oct-04 Brownville, NY 13-Oct D7 *  
Gonyea Helen M   19-Sep-04 Potsdam, NY 20-Sep D1   *
Gonyea Helen M Bartlett 19-Sep-04 Potsdam, NY 21-Sep D7 *  
Gonzales Ladislada O   14-Feb-04 San Marcos, TX 21-Feb D1   *
Goodale Maryette J Maracle 23-Feb-04 Potsdam, NY 25-Feb D7 *  
Goodale Everett    7-May-04 Gouverneur, NY 8-May D5 *  
Goodale Bessie   Carline 18-Jun-04 Canton, NY 19-Jun D5 *  
Goodale Brianna M   21-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 23-Dec D7 *  
Goodfellow Marion   McCrystal 30-Dec-03 Massena, NY 2-Jan D5 *  
Goodfriend Aline M LaBrosse 10-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 11-Jun D7 *  
Goodnough Marguerite E Steacy 2-Feb-04 Hartford, CT 8-Feb B4 *  
Goodnough Agnes I   20-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 22-Feb B6   *
Goodnough Agnes I Downs 20-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 23-Feb D5 *  
Goodridge Leta I Pharoah 13-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 14-Jun D5 *  
Goodspeed Richard F   30-May-04 Carthage, NY 1-Jun D5 *  
Goodwin Sharon L   21-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 22-Aug B6   *
Goodwin Sharon L Monroe 21-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 23-Aug D5 *  
Gordon Marline   MacDonald 14-Jan-04 Rome, NY 16-Jan D7 *  
Gordon Louise   Catalina 13-Oct-04 Colonie, NY 19-Oct D6 *  
Gordon Verna P Weatherbee 15-Dec-04 Burlington, VT 18-Dec D5 *  
Gorgen Timothy M   20-Sep-04 Buffalo, NY 23-Sep D1   *
Gorgen Timothy M   20-Sep-04 Buffalo, NY 24-Sep D7 *  
Gorman Lois I Hall 27-Nov-04 Oswego, NY 30-Nov D7 *  
Gould Bertha    1-Jul-04 Potsdam, NY 2-Jul D1   *
Gould Bertha A Wilkins 1-Jul-04 Potsdam, NY 3-Jul D5 *  
Gould Kenneth L   3-Aug-04 Clayton, NY 4-Aug D7 *  
Gould Addie M   28-Aug-04 Oswego, NY 29-Aug B6   *
Gould Addie M Dack 28-Aug-04 Oswego, NY 30-Aug D5 *  
Gould Donna   Hardman 30-Sep-04 Rochester, NY 16-Oct D5 *  
Gould Estella B   23-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 24-Dec D1   *
Goutremout Floyd D   28-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 29-Nov D1   *
Goutremout Floyd D   28-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 30-Nov D7 *  
Gow Iva   Hoffman 22-Dec-03 Eustis, FL 26-Jun D7 *  
Graff Pamela K Martin 18-Sep-04 Syracuse, NY 21-Sep D1   *
Graham Leah   Vrooman 3-Mar-04 Gouverneur, NY 4-Mar D7 *  
Graham Marjorie R   19-Sep-04 Dade City, FL 21-Sep D5 *  
Grall Lucille M Bailey 29-Nov-04 Lake Placid, NY 1-Dec D7 *  
Grandaw Dorothy C Best 23-Jul-04 Leesburg, FL 29-Jul D7 *  
Granger Joyce I   12-Jul-04 Syracuse, NY 14-Jul D7 *  
Grant Esther L Humphrey 9-Jan-04 Springfield, MO 10-Jan D7 *  
Grant Helen C Greeson 23-Jun-04 Norfolk, NY 25-Jun D7 *  
Grant Elaine P Plumb 22-Sep-04 Twp Potsdam, NY 23-Sep D7 *  
Gratch Inez   Miller 8-Aug-04 Carthage, NY 10-Aug D7 *  
Gravel Elsie L   17-Oct-04 Massena, NY 18-Oct D1   *
Gravel Elsie L Bruso 17-Oct-04 Massena, NY 19-Oct D7 *  
Graveline Paul W   25-Apr-04 Melbourne Beach, FL 28-Apr D7 *  
Graveline William Sr J   8-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 10-Jun D7 *  
Gravelle James R   7-Apr-04 North Port, FL 13-Apr D5 *  
Graver Jason C   10-Nov-04 Twp Boonville, NY 13-Nov D5 *  
Gray Robert V   5-Jan-04 Massena, NY 7-Jan D7 *  
Gray Betsey C Walsh 24-Jun-04 Syracuse, NY 25-Jun D7 *  
Gray Burt A   7-Nov-04 Potsdam, NY 8-Nov D5 *  
Green May S   31-Dec-03 Ogdensburg, NY 2-Jan D1   *
Green Bulah    21-Feb-04 Massena, NY 22-Feb B6   *
Green Una   Martin 21-Feb-04 Ogdensburg, NY 23-Feb D5 *  
Green Beulah E Davis 21-Feb-04 Massena, NY 23-Feb D5 *  
Green Archie M   16-May-04 Colton, NY 17-May D5 *  
Green Frances   Fitzgerald 5-Jul-04 Twp Ellisburg, NY 7-Jul D7 *  
Green Margaret   Smith 3-Jul-04 Schenectady, NY 7-Jul D7 *  
Green Joseph M   18-Sep-04 Black River, NY 20-Sep D5 *  
Green Mark R   4-Oct-04 Unionville, NY 5-Oct D7 *  
Green Beverly M Peets 6-Nov-04 Massena, NY 8-Nov D5 *  
Green Charles W   8-Nov-04 LaFargeville, NY 9-Nov D1   *
Green Charles W   1-Nov-04 Pensacola, FL 10-Nov D7 *  
Greene Richard Sr L   20-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 22-Jan D7 *  
Greene Margaret H   13-Jun-04 Norfolk, NY 14-Jun D1   *
Greene Margaret   Hastings 13-Jun-04 Norfolk, NY 15-Jun D7 *  
Greene Blanche C   3-Nov-04 Canton, NY 4-Nov D1   *
Greene Blanche   Cardinal 3-Nov-04 Canton, NY 5-Nov D7 *  
Greene Horace I   15-Dec-04 Alex Bay, NY 16-Dec D7 *  
Greenfield Rev Ivan    1-Sep-04 Stuart, FL 12-Sep B6   *
Greenfield Rev Ivan V   1-Sep-04 Stuart, FL 15-Sep D7 *  
Greenwood Mabel K Milligan 12-Apr-04 Colorado Sprgs, CO 12-May D7 *  
Greer James G   14-Jul-04 West Monroe, NY 17-Jul D1   *
Gregory Marilyn C Schneider 30-Oct-04 Plessis, NY 1-Nov D5 *  
Grenga Ralph M   2-Feb-04 Fulton, NY 5-Feb D1   *
Grenier Marie H   27-Aug-04 Winthrop, NY 28-Aug D1   *
Grenier Marie H Martineau 27-Aug-04 Winthrop, NY 29-Aug B6 *  
Greve Norman F   20-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 22-Jun D7 *  
Griebel Marion J Wetzel 14-May-04 Pulaski, NY 16-May B5 *  
Grieco Anthony T   3-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 4-Jan B4 *  
Grieco Clement J   3-Jul-04 Ocala, FL 6-Jul D5 *  
Griffin Gerald T   12-Mar-04 Scranton, NY 14-Mar B6   *
Griffin Rose   Loppler 9-Apr-04 Tupper Lake, NY 10-Apr D5 *  
Griffin James B   24-Sep-04 Rome, NY 28-Sep D1   *
Griffis Lewis C   17-Jul-04 Syracuse, NY 19-Jul D5 *  
Griffith James S   16-Apr-04 Syracuse, NY 18-Apr B5   *
Griffith James F   16-Apr-04 Syracuse, NY 19-Apr D5 *  
Griswold Kenneth L   10-Nov-04 Carthage, NY 11-Nov D7 *  
Gritsch Beverly   Bonville 26-Oct-04 New Hartford, NY 28-Oct D7 *  
Groff Elizabeth    22-Jan-04 Boonville, NY 24-Jan D7 *  
Groman Jessie O Strickland 12-Jul-04 Massena, NY 13-Jul D7 *  
Groody Michael L   11-Sep-04 Massena, NY 14-Sep D7 *  
Grout Eleanor    7-Oct-04 Gouverneur, NY 8-Oct D1   *
Grout Eleanor   Edmunds 7-Oct-04 Gouverneur, NY 9-Oct D5 *  
Grow Paul D   14-Feb-04 Albany, NY 19-Feb D7 *  
Gruby Janet M Slawson 24-May-04 Utica, NY 26-May D7 *  
Grulich Paul N   2-Apr-04 Saranac Lake, NY 5-Apr D5 *  
Grulich Alice B Dohnalek 2-Apr-04 Saranac Lake, NY 5-Apr D5 *  
Guardino Joseph B   4-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 5-Dec B6 *  
Guarino Peter J   5-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 6-Aug D7 *  
Gudridge Douglas A   23-Sep-04 Oklawaha, FL 25-Sep D4 *  
Gudridge Peggy M Benton 3-Oct-04 Crystal River, FL 20-Oct D7 *  
Guerard Paul E   11-Sep-04 Massena, NY 12-Sep B6 *  
Guiendon Louise   Brown 5-May-04 Savannah, GA 8-May D1   *
Guiles Eudora J Bassette 24-Sep-04 Star Lake, NY 25-Sep D5 *  
Guimond Robert J   25-Jan-04 Malone, NY 27-Jan D1   *
Gunnell Jeannette M Hilden 11-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 13-Aug D7 *  
Gurdak Andrew P   22-Apr-04 Carthage, NY 24-Apr D1   *
Gushea Laurie A Hart 1-Feb-04 Syracuse, NY 3-Feb   *  
Gushea V. Leroy    15-May-04 Ogdensburg, NY 17-May D5 *  
Gussett Marie V   29-Jan-04 Ogdensburg, NY 31-Jan D5 *  
Gydesen Constance E Zimmer 9-Feb-04 Lowville, NY 10-Feb D7 *  
Haas Maria   Tobler 18-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 21-Jun D5 *  
Hackett Catherine A Staub 18-Jul-04 Burlington, VT 22-Jul D7 *  
Hadley Walter G   11-Dec-04 Carthage, NY 12-Dec B5 *  
Haig Douglas H   18-Jul-04 North Bangor, NY 20-Jul D7 *  
Haile Joseph H   25-Mar-04 Tupper Lake, NY 26-Mar D7 *  
Hails Phyllis M   26-Oct-04 Havertown, PA 3-Nov D1   *
Haines Gene E   11-Mar-04 Dexter, NY 12-Mar D1   *
Haines Gene L   11-Mar-04 Dexter, NY 13-Mar D5 *  
Halderewski Stephen P   26-May-04 Ogdensburg, NY 27-May D1   *
Halderewski Stephen P   26-May-04 Ogdensburg, NY 28-May D7 *  
Hale Ethel S   30-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 31-Jul D1   *
Hale Ethel   Stevenson 30-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 1-Aug B4 *  
Haley James L   30-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 31-Mar D7 *  
Haley Karl Jr S   7-Dec-04 Marietta, GA 9-Dec D7 *  
Hall Grace B   7-Mar-04 Colorado Sprgs, CO 9-Mar D1   *
Hall Grace B Henderson 7-Mar-04 Colorado Sprgs, CO 10-Mar D7 *  
Hall Keitha H Jeffers 30-Mar-04 Tavares, FL 2-Apr D7 *  
Hall Beverly T   5-Jun-04 Kissimmee, FL 26-Jun D7 *  
Hall Lillian L   3-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 6-Aug D1   *
Hall Robert E   26-Aug-04 Burlington, VT 28-Aug D5 *  
Hall Mary E Rubado 12-Dec-04 Massena, NY 14-Dec D7 *  
Hallahan Catherine C   24-Apr-04 Massena, NY 26-Apr D1   *
Hallahan Catherine C Hammill 24-Apr-04 Massena, NY 27-Apr D7 *  
Halliday Richard E   26-Feb-04 Pillar Pt, NY 28-Feb D1   *
Halsey Donald I   2-Jan-04 Syracuse, NY 4-Jan B4 *  
Halsey Lyle P   24-Oct-04 Fulton, NY 26-Oct D7 *  
Hamamjian Sue   Baratian 6-Oct-04 Saratoga, CA 30-Oct D5 *  
Hamblin Thomas M   2-Apr-04 Carthage, NY 3-Apr D5 *  
Hamel Randolph C   9-Mar-04 Hershey, PA 13-Mar D1   *
Hamelin Lucien J   19-Jul-04 Massena, NY 22-Jul D7 *  
Hamelin Stella   Garrow 20-Aug-04 Hogansburg, NY 22-Aug B6 *  
Hamelink Lurrenne E LeFever 29-Mar-04 Lowville, NY 30-Mar D7 *  
Hamer John D   8-Jan-04 Mexico, NY 14-Jan D7 *  
Hamilton Donald    15-Jan-04 Hopkinton, NY 16-Jan D1   *
Hamilton Donald    15-Jan-04 Hopkinton, NY 17-Jan D7 *  
Hamilton Margaret    8-Feb-04 Canton, NY 10-Feb D1   *
Hamilton Margaret    8-Feb-04 Canton, NY 11-Feb D7 *  
Hamilton Jerrold N   1-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 2-Jul D1   *
Hamilton Jerrold N   1-Jul-04 Watertown, NY 3-Jul D5 *  
Hamilton Clifford E   11-Dec-04 Massena, NY 12-Dec B5 *  
Hamilton Paul D   29-Dec-04 South Colton, NY 30-Dec D1   *
Hamilton Paul D   31-Dec-04 South Colton, NY 31-Dec D7 *  
Hamlin Loren K   31-Jan-04 Decatur, TX 13-Jul D7 *  
Hamlin Charles J   30-Nov-04 Canastota, NY 2-Dec D7 *  
Hammarstrom Charolette F Guillemette 29-Feb-04 Syracuse, NY 5-Mar D7 *  
Hammill John L   3-Apr-04 Malone, NY 4-Apr B6 *  
Hampton Vivian F   17-Jul-04 Massena, NY 18-Jul B5   *
Hampton Vivian F Hanson 17-Jul-04 Massena, NY 19-Jul D5 *  
Hampton Max Jr    24-Sep-04 Massena, NY 25-Sep D5 *  
Haner Helen M Kelly 29-Oct-04 Canton, NY 30-Oct D5 *  
Hankey Helen T Hughes 1-Mar-04 Appleton, WI 3-Mar D7 *  
Hanking Elda M   14-May-04 Canton, NY 15-May D1   *
Hanking Elda M Pierotto 14-May-04 Canton, NY 18-May D7 *  
Hannahs Marguerite    22-Feb-04 Schuyler Falls, NY 23-Feb D1   *
Hannahs Marguerite   White 22-Feb-04 Schuyler Falls, NY 24-Feb D7 *  
Hanno Marlean M Campany 11-Jan-04 Lowville, NY 13-Jan D7 *  
Hannon Nettie   Felice 11-Nov-04 Syracuse, NY 17-Nov D7 *  
Hanson Korey S   18-Sep-04 Syracuse, NY 23-Sep D5 *  
Hanson Clinton Jr V   5-Dec-04 Cape Vincent, NY 8-Dec D7 *  
Hansson Virginia B Adams 4-May-04 Alex Bay, NY 6-May D7 *  
Hantman Francine    27-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 29-Jun D7 *  
Hapner Mary E Blose 17-Aug-04 Erie, PA 18-Aug D7 *  
Harber Raymond F   17-Aug-04 Syracuse, NY 19-Aug D7 *  
Hardy Mark P   11-Jan-04 Fernando Beach, FL 17-Jan D7 *  
Hardy Madeline E Hutchins 10-May-04 Carthage, NY 13-May D7 *  
Harmer Edmond H   14-Oct-04 Springfield, OH 16-Oct D5 *  
Harnden Dr Hurlbut L   9-Feb-04 Madison, IN 13-Mar D5 *  
Harrell Stephen H   30-Sep-04 Syracuse, NY 2-Sep D1   *
Harris Andrew T   21-Aug-04 Twp Wilna, NY 23-Aug D5 *  
Harris Ronald K   17-Sep-04 New Jersey 22-Sep D7 *  
Harris Shirley    25-Sep-04 Ormond Beach, FL 26-Sep B4   *
Harris Shirley   McDonald 25-Sep-04 Ormond Beach, FL 28-Sep D7 *  
Harris Shelby L   25-Nov-04 Syracuse, NY 28-Nov B4 *  
Hart Marvin    11-Apr-04 Orleans, NY 13-Apr D5 *  
Hart Frances   Jones 21-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 22-Apr D7 *  
Hartman Frances    27-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 28-Jun D1   *
Hartson Douglas Sr C   17-Feb-04 Winthrop, NY 19-Feb D7 *  
Hartson Joan A Miller 21-Jul-04 Baldwinsville, NY 23-Jul D7 *  
Haskins Richard G   9-Oct-04 Lumberton, NC 14-Oct D7 *  
Haskins Howard G   3-Dec-04 Syracuse, NY 4-Dec D1   *
Haskins Howard R   3-Dec-04 Syracuse, NY 7-Dec D7 *  
Hasner Carol A Allison 29-Nov-04 Dexter, NY 30-Nov D7 *  
Hasse Olive A Higgins 22-Oct-04 Potsdam, NY 23-Oct D5 *  
Hastings Ralph H   2-Feb-04 Oswego, NY 4-Feb D7 *  
Hastings Marjorie L Wood 29-Mar-04 Malone, NY 1-Apr D7 *  
Hastings Aileen D   18-Jun-04 Syracuse, NY 20-Jun B4   *
Hastings Aileen   Donahue 18-Jun-04 Syracuse, NY 21-Jun D5 *  
Hatch Carol A Rivers 23-Jan-04 Syracuse, NY 25-Jan B6 *  
Hatch Marie   Carr 7-Mar-04 Pittsburgh, PA 4-Jun D7 *  
Hathaway Angelica    9-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 10-Aug D1   *
Hathaway Anjelica   Augliano 9-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 11-Aug D7 *  
Hatrell Sister Mary A   30-Jun-04 Lake Placid, NY 2-Jul D7 *  
Hauber Phyllis E Durant 8-Jul-04 Belton, TX 11-Jul B6 *  
Hause Ellen J Bedford 16-Mar-04 Canton, NY 17-Mar D7 *  
Haven Naomi I   18-Aug-04 Canton, NY 19-Aug D1   *
Haven Naomi I Coughlin 18-Aug-04 Canton, NY 20-Aug D7 *  
Hawes Robert    31-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 1-Sep D1   *
Hawes Robert P   31-Aug-04 Watertown, NY 2-Sep D7 *  
Hawkins Russell A   26-Mar-04 LaFargeville, NY 27-Mar D1   *
Hawkins Russell A   26-Mar-04 LaFargeville, NY 28-Mar B6 *  
Hawley Ruth E Weigel 17-Oct-04 Tempe, AZ 2-Nov D7 *  
Hayes Lewis R   5-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 6-Jan D7 *  
Hayes Vivian R Clark 3-Jul-04 Ogdensburg, NY 6-Jul D5 *  
Hayes S. Isabella   Church 1-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 2-Sep D7 *  
Hayes Robert C   17-Oct-04 Rochester, NY 19-Oct D1   *
Hayes Robert C   17-Oct-04 Rochester, NY 20-Oct D7 *  
Haynes Charles W   5-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 8-Apr D7 *  
Haynes Charles W   5-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 12-Apr D5 *  
Haynes Donald R   11-Aug-04 Syracuse, NY 13-Aug D7 *  
Haynes Ruth M Hodge 13-Nov-04 Watertown, NY 15-Nov D5 *  
Hazelgrove Brian D   23-Jan-04 Iraq 31-Jan D5 *  
Hazelton Leo F   23-Jan-04 Heuvelton, NY 25-Jan B6 *  
Hazelton Alice   Bevins 15-Nov-04 Star Lake, NY 16-Nov D7 *  
Hazen Merle E   17-Dec-04 Malone, NY 19-Dec B6 *  
Healy Thomas F   17-Jan-04 Alex Bay, NY 18-Jan B6   *
Healy Thomas F   17-Jan-04 Alex Bay, NY 19-Jan D5 *  
Heaslip Thomas J   29-Aug-04 Twp Clayton, NY 31-Aug D7 *  
Heaslip Richard G   23-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 25-Sep D5 *  
Heath William D   12-Feb-04 Clarks Summit, PA 21-Feb D5 *  
Heath Eva M Eager 26-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 28-Jun D5 *  
Heath Melanie A Culbertson 22-Sep-04 Evans Mills, NY 23-Sep D7 *  
Hedger Josephine    26-Jan-04 Salisbury, MD 28-Jan D1   *
Hedger Josephine    26-Jan-04 Salisbury, MD 29-Jan D7 *  
Heimerman Thelma R   11-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 12-Apr D1   *
Heimerman Thelma R Centner 11-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 13-Apr D5 *  
Heinrich John L   29-Oct-04 Watertown, NY 31-Oct B7   *
Heinrich John L   29-Oct-04 Watertown, NY 1-Nov D5 *  
Helmer Lois M Brown 15-Mar-04 Waddington, NY 17-Mar D7 *  
Hemings Agnes H   1-Mar-04 Syracuse, NY 4-Mar D1   *
Hendershot Susan M   18-Jul-04 Malone, NY 21-Jul D7 *  
Hendrick Kermit D   23-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 24-Jun D1   *
Hendrick Kermit D   23-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 25-Jun D7 *  
Hennessy Eleanora   Roblee 27-Apr-04 Saranac Lake, NY 3-May D5 *  
Hennessy E. Eileen    17-Sep-04 Massena, NY 18-Sep D5 *  
Hennessy Timothy P   19-Dec-04 Colton, NY 20-Dec D1   *
Hennessy Timothy P   19-Dec-04 Colton, NY 21-Dec D7 *  
Hennigan Lewis F   21-May-04 Canton, NY 22-May D1   *
Hennigan Lewis Jr F   21-May-04 Canton, NY 23-May B6 *  
Henry Russell Sr J   25-May-04 Carthage, NY 26-May D1   *
Henry Russell Sr J   25-May-04 Carthage, NY 27-May D7 *  
Henry Veronica G Janack 2-Sep-04 Palmetto, FL 14-Sep D7 *  
Henry Teresa A   15-Nov-04 Palmetto, FL 17-Nov D1   *
Henry Teresa A Gonyea 16-Nov-04 Palmetto, FL 19-Nov D7 *  
Henson Jerry L   16-Oct-04 Columbus, IN 19-Oct D7 *  
Herrick Wanda E   2-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 4-Jun D7 *  
Herron Leon A   28-Oct-04 Watertown, NY 29-Oct D7 *  
Hess Mary R Burns 19-Jul-04 Ogdensburg, NY 21-Jul D7 *  
Hewitt Barbara J   30-Jan-04 Florida 8-Feb B4   *
Hewitt Gary W   10-Mar-04 Gouverneur, NY 11-Mar D7 *  
Hewitt Joseph W   19-Jun-04 Watertown, NY 21-Jun D5 *  
Hewitt Naomi J Duff 4-Nov-04 Carthage, NY 5-Nov D7 *  
Hibbard Ronald R   26-Jun-04 Syracuse, NY 29-Jun D7 *  
Hibbert Sally   Weller 18-Mar-04 Clinton, NY 21-Mar B4 *  
Hibbert John A   15-May-04 Roseville, CA 21-May D7 *  
Hickox Harold    5-Jul-04 Elmira, NY 13-Jul D7 *  
Hicks Shirley E Tuttle 11-Nov-04 Oswego, NY 13-Nov D5 *  
Hildenbrand Audrey   Phillips 4-May-04 Wellesley Island, NY 8-May D5 *  
Hill Doris E Rhodes 15-Jan-04 Oswego, NY 17-Jan D7 *  
Hilton Jane   McCartney 7-Jul-04 Sonora, CA 24-Aug D7 *  
Hilton Marvin J   10-Sep-04 Raytown, MO 11-Oct D1   *
Hilyard Helen P   5-Dec-04 Oceano, CA 9-Dec D1   *
Hines Helen M Killarney 15-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 17-Dec D7 *  
Hinker Marjorie I Kelly 24-Nov-04 Carthage, NY 27-Nov D5 *  
Hinman Esther D Beisheim 9-Mar-04 Utica, NY 16-Mar D7 *  
Hirschey Mary J Snyder 27-Jul-04 Elgin, IL 30-Jul D7 *  
Hirschman Marian   Fletcher 15-Jun-04 Syracuse, NY 18-Jun D1   *
Hiscock Myers J   7-Jul-04 Gouverneur, NY 8-Jul D1   *
Hiscock Meyers J   7-Jul-04 Gouverneur, NY 10-Jul D5 *  
Hoag Dorothy A Steele 5-Jul-04 Cape Vincent, NY 7-Jul D7 *  
Hobart Muriel L Smith 3-Mar-04 Carthage, NY 4-Mar D7 *  
Hobbs Jane   Clark 12-Aug-04 Ogdensburg, NY 14-Aug D5 *  
Hobbs Gertrude   Cunningham 30-Nov-04 Ogdensburg, NY 1-Dec D7 *  
Hockey Mabel I   21-Jun-04 Rochester, NY 1-Jul D7 *  
Hockey Arthur F   22-Sep-04 Rome, NY 24-Sep D7 *  
Hockey June   Maloney 27-Oct-04 Burlington, VT 28-Oct D7 *  
Hodge Esther S   22-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 23-Feb D1   *
Hodge Esther   Steiner 22-Feb-04 Watertown, NY 25-Feb D7 *  
Hodge Walter L   17-Sep-04 Twp Brownville, NY 18-Sep D5 *  
Hodge Peter C   15-Dec-04 Lady Lake, FL 18-Dec D5 *  
Hodges Rev Graham R   9-Jul-04 Syracuse, NY 11-Jul B5 *  
Hodges Edward N   11-Dec-04 Pulaski, NY 12-Dec B5 *  
Hoerner Quentin    4-Aug-04 Pinellas Park, FL 5-Aug D1   *
Hoerner Quentin S   4-Aug-04 Pinellas Park, FL 8-Aug B5 *  
Holbrook Dorothy C   27-Jan-04 Baldwinsville, NY 28-Jan D1   *
Holbrook Dorothy C   27-Jan-04 Baldwinsville, NY 30-Jan D1   *
Holbrook Angeline M Chartrand 10-Mar-04 Manlius, NY 12-Mar D7 *  
Holister C. Milo    4-Aug-04 Hammond, NY 6-Aug D7 *  
Hollister Sally D Collins 25-Jan-04 Port Charlotte, FL 29-Jan D7 *  
Holmes Mark Sr C   9-Aug-04 Malone, NY 11-Aug D1   *
Holtzman Giles R   16-Jul-04 Rochester, NY 23-Jul D1   *
Honeybell Mildred J Kousch 3-Oct-04 Sackets Harbor, NY 4-Oct D5 *  
Hongo Eleanor   Cooper 9-Mar-04 Lowville, NY 10-Mar D7 *  
Hooley Maurice J   14-Mar-04 Wichita, KS 21-Mar B4 *  
Hooper Sherman H   7-Nov-04 Lowville, NY 8-Nov D1   *
Hooper Sherman H   7-Nov-04 Lowville, NY 9-Nov D7 *  
Hoover Frank M   20-Oct-04 Carthage, NY 21-Oct D7 *  
Hopper Frederick C   13-Feb-04 Gouverneur, NY 14-Feb D1   *
Hopper Frederick C   13-Feb-04 Gouverneur, NY 15-Feb B6 *  
Hopple Allan    9-Mar-04 Watertown, NY 10-Mar D7 *  
Hopson Frieda   Mott 14-Sep-04 Abington, PA 16-Sep D7 *  
Horan Gertrude E Leonard 28-Sep-04 Massena, NY 29-Sep D7 *  
Hornbeck Peter R   10-Jan-04 NYC, NY 12-Jan D1   *
Hornbeck Peter R   10-Jan-04 NYC, NY 13-Jan D7 *  
Horning John L   27-Sep-04 Watertown, NY 28-Sep D7 *  
Horst Brendon A   8-Apr-04 Mannsville, NY 10-Apr D5 *  
Horton James Jr A   20-Apr-04 Ogdensburg, NY 21-Apr D7 *  
Hotis Doris E Patterson 11-Mar-04 Gouverneur, NY 14-Mar B6 *  
Houck Doris H Smith 3-Nov-04 Baldwinsville, NY 5-Nov D7 *  
Hough Eva J Castor 28-May-04 Syracuse, NY 30-May B6 *  
Houghton Ruth B   19-Jan-04 Oswego, NY 20-Jan D1   *
Houghton James E   28-May-04 Gouverneur, NY 29-May D1   *
Houghton James E   28-May-04 Gouverneur, NY 30-May B6 *  
Houghton Robert J   18-Sep-04 Saranac Lake, NY 21-Sep D7 *  
Houle Lloyd M   8-Apr-04 Lisbon, NY 10-Apr D5 *  
Houle Robert W   14-Apr-04 Massena, NY 15-Apr D7 *  
Houmiel Amos    27-Jun-04 Ogdensburg, NY 28-Jun D5 *  
Houppert Susan M   10-Oct-04 Syracuse, NY 11-Oct D1   *
Houppert Susan M Kloster 10-Oct-04 Syracuse, NY 12-Oct D5 *  
House Edson C   19-Jul-04 Central Square, NY 21-Jul D1   *
Hovanec Michael    3-Aug-04 Utica, NY 4-Aug D7 *  
Howard Lena M   14-Jun-04 Carthage, NY 16-Jun D7 *  
Howard Harold W   14-Jul-04 Potsdam, NY 15-Jul D7 *  
Howard Louise   Olds 26-Oct-04 Canton, NY 28-Oct D7 *  
Howe William J   29-Mar-04 Syracuse, NY 31-Mar D1   *
Howe Dorothy A Timlick 31-Oct-04 Flagstaff, AZ 5-Nov D7 *  
Howell Diane   Johnson 25-May-04 Erwin, NC 28-May D7 *  
Howland Elizabeth J Voodre 15-Apr-04 Hilton, NY 17-Apr D5 *  
Howland Ann    28-Dec-04 Watertown, NY 30-Dec D5 *  
Howley Philip W   24-Mar-04 Silver Spring, MD 17-Apr D5 *  
Hubbard Gloria R   2-Mar-04 Twp Oneida, NY 4-Mar D7 *  
Hubbard Carolyn   Reynolds 3-Sep-04 Edwards, NY 4-Sep D5 *  
Hubbard Priscilla J   17-Sep-04 Clearwater, FL 30-Oct D5 *  
Huchzermeier Verna   Gault 3-Jul-04 Rochester, NY 7-Jul D7 *  
Hudson Ralph J   9-Feb-04 Harrisville, NY 11-Feb D7 *  
Hudson Ralph J   9-Feb-04 Harrisville, NY 12-Feb D7 *  
Hudson Irene L Hunt 26-Jun-04 Massena, NY 27-Jun B6   *
Hudson Irene L Stiles 26-Jun-04 Massena, NY 6-Jul D5 *  
Huebner Edeltraud M   3-Jun-04 Chateaugay, NY 6-Jun B4 *  
Huff Marie C   19-Jan-04 Watertown, NY 21-Jan D7 *  
Hughes John T   20-Apr-04 Lowville, NY 21-Apr D7 *  
Hughes Patrick    28-Nov-04 Ogdensburg, NY 30-Nov D7 *  
Hughes Jack W   29-Nov-04 Philadephia, NY 30-Nov D7 *  
Hughes Thomas F   4-Dec-04 Oswego, NY 8-Dec D1   *
Hulbert James D   30-Jun-04 York, PA 2-Jul D7 *  
Hulbert Ronald E   10-Oct-04 Lowville, NY 11-Oct D5 *  
Hulbert Donald    3-Dec-04 Brantingham, NY 4-Dec D5 *  
Hull Raymond O   6-Jan-04 Lowville, NY 7-Jan D1   *
Hull Raymond O   6-Jan-04 Lowville, NY 8-Jan D7 *  
Hull Iva F Brown 8-Oct-04 Fulton, NY 10-Oct B5 *  
Hume Elizabeth    25-Mar-04 Burlington, VT 26-Mar D1   *
Hume Elizabeth I   25-Mar-04 Burlington, VT 27-Mar D6 *  
Humiston Leslie G   13-Jun-04 Alex Bay, NY 17-Jun D7 *  
Huni William P   19-Dec-04 Massena, NY 21-Dec D7 *  
Hunt James L   3-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 4-Apr B6   *
Hunt James L   3-Apr-04 Watertown, NY 5-Apr D5 *  
Hunt Erich L   2-Aug-04 Malone, NY 4-Aug D7 *  
Hunter Guy R   25-Mar-04 Bristol, TN 27-Mar D6 *  
Hurteau Catherine E McCallum 25-Nov-04 Massena, NY 27-Nov D5 *  
Hutchins Evelyn M   8-Feb-04 Lowville, NY 9-Feb D5 *  
Hutchinson Esther    30-Oct-04 Canton, NY 1-Nov D1   *
Hutchinson Esther M Davenport 30-Oct-04 Canton, NY 2-Nov D7 *  
Hutchison Joan E LaFlair 27-Jan-04 Ogdensburg, NY 28-Jan D7 *  
Hutchison Susan S   26-May-04 Massena, NY 27-May D1   *
Hutchison Donald C   17-Nov-04 Potsdam, NY 20-Nov D1   *
Hutte Walter R   16-Mar-04 Amsterdam, NY 18-Mar D7 *  
Huttemann Florence   Abbott 27-Jan-04 Rochester, NY 30-Jan D7 *  
Hutto R.Martin    4-Aug-04 Denver, CO 25-Aug D7 *  

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