OF 1891-1892.

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Watertown Directory, D-E-F-G

Last Name First Name Occupation/ Business Residence
Dailey Daniel laborer h 1 Huntington.
Dailey Geo. laborer h 3 Remington.
Dailey Henry W. carpenter b 12 Goodale.
Dailey James C. laborer h 6 Superior.
Dale Samuel carriage maker h 52 Arsenal.
Dale Samuel H. trimmer h 41 Franklin.
Dalton Margaret J.   bds 39 Brainard.
Dalton Richard laborer h 39 Brainard.
Daly Wm. H. painter bds 9 Vincent.
Damon Henry carpenter bds 4 Polk.
Danforth Eliza Mrs.   h 49 Stone.
Dangel Albert A. clerk h 13 Curtis.
Dangel Anton cheesemaker h 28 Leray.
Dangel John clerk h 43 Orchard.
Daniels Bushrod paper maker h 1 Union.
Daniels Eugene   bds 1 Union.
Daniels B. C. clerk bds 1 Union.
Danks B. C. laborer bds 145 State.
Danks Harry laborer bds 145 State.
Danks Samuel P. laborer h 145 State.
Darby Geo. L. pump maker h 10 Emerson.
Darby Herman M.   bds 10 Emerson.
Darby Wm. P. mechanic h 24 Emerson.
Daring Wm. A.   bds 59 Coffeen.
Dasnais Charles   h 3 New York avenue.
Davenport Dexter D.   h 3 Vincent.
Davenport R. N.   bds 3 Vincent.
Davenport Sherman H.   bds 2 Sterling.
David James laborer h 14 Emmett.
Davie Alexander   h 67 Water.
DAVIDSON JAMES flour and feed - 40 Public Square h 15 Sterling.
Davis Abel   h 111 Moulton.
Davis Andrew drayman h 126 Washington.
Davis F. G.   h 13 Winthrop.
Davis &Cook   (G. L. D. and G. C.) manf'rs spirit levels - 13 High.  
Davis Geo. molder bds 33 Coffeen.
Davis George L.   bds 5 High.
Davis Joseph   bds 8 Polk.
Davis Lewis J. bookkeeper bds 5 High.
Davis Murton N. clerk bds 14 Winslow.
DAVIS NORMAN wines and liquors -19 Court h 14 Winslow.
Davis Richard bill poster h 62 Stone.
Davis Russell W. Mrs.   h 9 Central.
Davis Solomon waiter bds 41 Waltham.
Davis Stanley J. clerk h 3 Gotham.
Davison Andrew laborer h 6 Arch.
Davison Crawford laborer h 6 Arch.
Davison James clerk h 10 Waltham.
Dawson Chas. D.   bds Central House.
Dawson George machinist h 16 Lynde.
Dawson George W.   h 14 Bronson.
Dawson William molder h 18 Lynde.
Day Frank   h 57 Franklin.
DAY LEON S. boots and shoes bds 57 Franklin
Day Mary S. Miss   h 54 State.
Daymon Willis   bds 96 Arsenal.
Deacon Francis   bds 18 1/2 Davidson.
Deacon Frank   bds 18 1/2 Davidson.
Deacon Jennie E.   bds 18 1/2 Davidson.
Dealing Frank J. laborer h 13 Tilden.
Dean Chas. J.   h 57 Franklin.
Dean F. S. Mrs.   bds 30 Burchard.
Dean Frederick H. mason h 126 Main.
Dean Louisa Mrs.   h 76 Moulton.
Deane H. H. physician h 2 Academv.
DeCant I. Wood   bds 14 Coffeen.
DeCant L. Grant   bds 14 Coffeen.
DeCant Theo. D. painter h 14 Coffeen.
Decker Benj.   bds 96 Arsenal.
Decker Carrie A. Mrs.   h 48 Arsenal.
Decker Charles   bds Romang House.
Decker George tailor bds 3 Moulton.
Decker John   h Ontario Mills - Main street.
DeGroff Peter W. Mrs.   bds 84 Coffeen.
Delahant John C. finisher bds 15 1/2 Lamon.
Delaney Christopher   h 33 Massey.
Delaney Christopher   bds 126 Arsenal.
Delaney John laborer h 3 Ash.
Delaney Lawrence laborer h 126 Arsenal.
Delaney Wm. printer bds 18 1/2 Arsenal.
Delano Christopher jr. laborer h 67 Stone.
Delano Edmund H. insurance h 3 Davidson.
Delano Elijah pump dealer h 7 William.
Delano Lizzie M. saleswoman bds 67 Stone.
Delano Minnie dressmaker bds 67 Stone.
Delhauer Frank C.   bds 54 Factory.
DeLine Charles B. mason h 40 Cooper.
DeLine George mason h 29 LeRay.
Delong Fred cigar dealer h 10 Stone.
Delong Fred S. tinner h 2 Mechanic.
Delong George Mrs.   h 10 Lynde.
Delong James   bds Kirby House.
Delong Jennie E. Miss   bds 48 Arsenal.
Delong Jessie Miss   bds 22 Franklin.
Delong J. Milton news d'l'r bds 85 Rutland.
Delong John M.   h 8 High.
Delong Merritt E.   h 85 Rutland.
Delong Milton J. tinner bds 48 Arsepal.
Delong Myron B. tinner h 48 Arsenal.
Delong Stephen S. Mrs.   h 94 Franklin.
Delong William   bds 38 Factory.
Demarse Alexander   h 52 Huntington.
Demarse Alex. laborer h 31 Hamilton.
Demarse Anthony D. laundry h 3 1/2 Court.
Demarse Jessia mechanic h 11 Central.
Demarse John F. machinist bds 3 Cooper.
Demarse Joseph blacksmith bds 134 Main.
Demarse Josephine Miss   bds 13 Water.
Demarse Henry mechanic h 17 Pearl.
Demarse John laborer h 1 Water.
Demarse Peter clerk -
Demarse Samuel C. machinist h 3 Cooper.
DeMott Charles L.   h 75 Washington.
DeMott Geo. H. decorator h 2-A Winslow.
Denesia A. M. dressmaker bds 56 Court.
Denmark Wm. A.   h 12 Huntington.
Dennee Alexander laborer h 20 Emmett.
Dennee Anthony carpenter h 50 Meadow.
Dennee Isabell Miss waitress - Globe Hotel.  
Dennee John carpenter h 12 Hewitt.
Dennee Maud Miss waitress - Globe Hotel.  
Dennee Stanley   bds 26 Emmett.
Dennee Thomas mechanic h 26 Bronson.
Denmead Wallace   h 18 1/2 Arsenal.
Dennis Wm. A. pressman h 16 Mechanic.
Dennison A. S. jobber h 13 Sterling.
Denno E. M. saleswoman bds 3 Cadwell.
Denno Frank   h 3 Cadwell.
Denno Frank laborer bds 207 Arsenal.
Denno Nelson laborer h 207 Arsenal.
Denno Stephen   h 6 1/2 Bronson
Denno William clerk bds 3 Cadwell.
Denny B. A. Mrs.   h 27 Paddock.
DENNY FRANK P. dentist - 22 Paddock Arcade bds 25 Paddock.-
Denny Harry N.   bds 27 Paddock.
Denny Joseph carpenter h 18 Newell.
Denny Wm. W. dentist bds 27 Paddock.
Densmore James W. gen'l baggage agent - R.W. &0. RR. h 23 Munson.
Derichemont Frederick Rev. pastor Sacred Heart h 1 Thompson.
Despard Richard W.   h 55 Stone.
DeTamble Minnie Miss   h 13 Emerson.
Deuell Edward helper bds 186 Main.
DEVENDORF FREDERICK B. pipe and fittings and tinware h 34 Mullin
Devine James mason bds 62 Meadow.
Devine John laborer h 60 Meadow.
Devine John laborer bds 9 West Mullin.
Devine Michael laborer h 9 West Mullin.
Devine Patrick laborer h 68 Meadow.
Devine Richard - bds 8 Polk.
Devine Thomas laborer h 55 Meadow.
Dewey Addice E. insurance h 4 Winslow.
DEWEY DWIGHT B. clothing - 10 Public Square h 12 Trinity Place.
Dewey Wm. H. cutter h 8 1/2 Burchard.
Deyo Charles E.   h 17 1/2 Cross.
Dick Henry conductor h 83 Coffeen.
Dickey Wm. laborer bds 16 Orchard.
Dickhant Geo. engineer h 18 Meadow.
Dickinson Emma Miss   bds 8 Jackson.
Dickinson Perone A. Mrs.   h 34 1/2 Court.
Dickson Henry whitewasher h 6 LeRay.
Dillenbeck Handley E.   h 132-A Main.
Dillenbeck Wm. E.   h 123 1/2 Main.
DILLON THOMAS proprietor Dillon House - 78 Factory  
Dillman Wm. machinist bds Dillon House.
Diver Neil machinist bds 30 Sterling.
Dixon Margaret A.   h 34 Com. Arcade.
Doane Anna E. Mrs.   h 8 Lepper.
Doane Lafayette   bds 2 Remington - Main-st.
Dobbs Francis J.   bds 5 Goodale.
Dobbs M. J. Mrs.   h 5 Goodale.
Dodd John E. clerk h 13 Sterling.
Dodds Robert machinist bds 9 Moulton.
Dodds Robert H. machinist bds 93 Coffeen.
Dodge Geo. W. carpenter h 5 Burchard.
Dodge Harrison Mrs.   h 98 Franklin.
Dodge Lydia   inmate Keep Home.
DOLAN JAMES pension and claim agent - 19 Paddock Arcade h 13 Winslow.
Dolan Mrs. tailoress h 62 Court.
Donahue Cornelius carpenter h 99 Coffeen.
Donaldson John laborer bds 11 Grove.
Donelly William James   bds 32 1/3 Factory.
Donelly Jno. H. mechanic bds 32 1/2 Factory.
Doner Amada W. hackman h 6 Vale.
Doner Eugene laborer bds 4 Newell.
Doner Joseph teamster h 4 Newell.
Doner Peter teamster h 12 Newell.
Donnelly Michael helper h 156 Arsenal.
Donnelly Peter   bds 5 Bronson.
Donnelly Thomas H.   h 3 Gill.
Donovan Daniel molder h 38 High.
Donovan Wm. H. core maker bds 38 High.
DOOLITTLE HARVEY K. carriage manufacturer h 132 Main.
Doolittle Liberty C.   bds Kirby House.
Doolittle Sarah W.   h 5 D. &F. Block of Court-st.
Doran Patrick   bds 3 Edmund.
Doran Thomas laborer h rear 35 Arsenal.
Doran Wm. jr.   h 36 High.
Doran Wm. laborer h 3 Edmund.
Doray Peter laborer h 6 Railroad.
Dorchester E. mechanic h 4 1/2 Davidson.
Dorman Alexander   h 29 Factory.
Dorn Alfred H.   bds 22 Franklin.
Dorn Henry   bds 22 Franklin.
Dorr Wm. H.   h 74 Mill.
Dorsey James M. clerk h 136 Main.
Dorsey William laborer h 12 Ash.
Dorwin Eugene C. lawyer bds 2 TenEyck.
DORWIN LUTHER J. lawyer - Paddock Arcade h 2 TenEyck.
Dory Julia Miss tailoress h 33 Factory.
Dory Mary A. Miss tailoress h 33 Factory.
Doss Wm. baker bds 43 High.
Doss Wm.   bds Romang House.
Doty Agnes Miss   bds 24 Cooper.
Doudican Ella E. Miss   bds 15 Woodruff.
Doudican Blary L. Miss   bds 15 Woodruff.
Doudican Mollie dressmaker bds 15 Woodruff.
Doudican Nellie dressmaker bds 15 Woodruff.
Doudican Thos. blacksmith bds 15 Woodruff.
Doudican Mrs.   h 15 Woodruff.
Douge Charles L. waiter h 4 Waltham
Dougherty James P.   h 48 Factory.
Dougherty Jennie Miss milliner h 4 Baker.
Dougherty Maggie J. Miss   h 4 Baker.
Doughton George   h 74 Stone.
Doughton Wm. H. hackman h 30 Howk.
Douglass Blanche   bds 28 Com. Arcade.
Douglass Emma Mrs.   h 28 Com. Arcade.
Dowker Thos. stone mason h 5 Superior.
Downs John T. clerk bds Kirby House.
Doxtater Catherine Mrs.   h 10 State.
Doyle Bridget Mrs.   bds 8 Jackman.
Doyle John L.   h 8 Jackman.
Doyle Patrick laborer h rear 7 Mill.
Doyle Wm. baggageman bds 8 Grove.
Drake W. A. coachman h 19 Munson.
Draper Frank   h 49 Bronson.
Drennan Wm. laborer bds 49 Mill.
Dresser George F.   h 3 Union.
Dresser G. F. Mrs. dressmaker h 3 Union.
Dresser Lydia S. Mrs.   bds 26 Emerson.
Dresser Walter W. carpenter h 3 Union.
Drexel Charles Mrs.   h 27 Winslow.
Drexel Charles O.   bds 27 Winslow.
Drown Alvin R. telegrapher h 74 Stone.
Drumm Mr. boiler maker bds 183 Main.
Drury John paper finisher bds 77 Factory.
Drury Thomas   bds 22 Franklin.
Dryden John C. mechanic h 8 Gill.
DuBois Wesley   bds Washington House.
Dubuque Adolphus stone cutter h 3 Bridge.
Dubuque Adolphus J. polisher h 37 Factory.
Duby Walter R. painter h 30 Bronson
Duffany Alexander A.   h 65 Main.
Duffany John   h 65 Main.
Duffany Norman laborer h 16 Moulton.
Duffield J.H. barber h 4 Front.
Duffy Eugene   bds Central House.
Duffy John   h 3 Dorsey.
Duffy Mary Mrs.   bds 3 Dorsey.
Duffy Owen molder bds Dillon Honse.
Duffy Stewart   h 3 Dorsey.
Duffy Wm.   h 17 Moulton.
Dugan Mlichael laborer h 14 Pine.
Dugan John laborer h Holcomb.
Dugan Wm.   h 1 Chestnut.
Duke Jones molder h 36 Water.
Duke Ed.   bds 30 Water.
Dulles Allen Macy Rev pastor First Presbyterian Church h 16 Clinton
Duley Wm.   bds 22 Franklin.
Dulmage J. Alonzo carpenter h 53 Moulton.
Dulmage Luke   bds 30 Burchard.
Dulyea Peter laborer h 3 Jefferson.
DuMott Joseph   h 22 Factory.
Dunavan Norah waitress - Globe Hotel.  
Duncan Charles fireman h 15 1/2 Cedar.
Duncan Philip painter bds 8 Union.
Dundon Michael mason bds Dillon House.
Dunlap C. R.   h 4 Jefferson.
Dunlap Harlan   h 162 State.
Dunlap M. R. Miss   h 4 Jefferson.
Dunlava James S. mechanic h 7 Emerson.
Dunn Geo. A.   bds 93 Factory.
Dunn John laborer bds 49 Mill.
Dunn Mary A. housekeeper 39 Arsenal.
Dunn S Mrs.   bds 31 Coin. Arcade.
Dunn Wm. L. brakeman bds 80 Stone.
Dunsford Henry C. clerk h 80 Rutland.
Dunwoody Wm.   bds 3 Center.
Duprey Frederick laborer bds Kirby.
Durham Henry F.   h 5 Hamilton.
Durkan Thomas bag. exp. h 16 Munson.
Durraham Wmn. helper bds 186 Main.
Dushane Joseph mechanic h 13 Newell.
Dutton Erastus B.   h 45 Academy.
Dutton Henry P.   bds 45 Academy.
Dye Delafield   h 5 New York avenue.
Dyer Charles machinist h 1 Tilden.
Dyer Mary L. Mrs.   bds 73 Mill.
Eagan Frank   bds 22 Franklin
Eagan James molder bds 75 State
Eagan Thomas engineer h 8 Hewitt
EAMES Daniel J. Eames, Newroth &Co. h 7 clay
Eames Elisha D   h 35 Stone
Eames Moses mechanic bds 7 Clay
Eames   Eames, Newroth &Co. (D.C.E., J.N. and W.A. Winslow) mfr's spring beds, matresses, etc. 53 Factory  
Eames F.W. Mrs.   h 13 1/1 Sterling
Eamon Geo. H   h 30 1/2 Franklin
Earl Frank N. drayman bds 23 Lynde
EARL &BAKER   ice and draymen, 20 Arsenal  
EARL WM. H (Earl &Baker), ice and drayman h 23 Lynce
Earl Wright G.   h 10 Huntington
East Samuel laborer bds 57 Factory
Easterly Wm. C. carpenter h 10 Gotham
EASTMAN ORLANDO C. physician, 11 1/2 Paddock Arcade h 48 Franklin
Easton Alfred plumber bds 88 Massey
Easton Charles   h 88 Massey
Easton Chas W. carpenter h 82 Massey
Easton Hollis G. laborer h 1 VanDuzee
Easton Wm boiler maker bds 9 Moulton
Eckhoff John blacksmith h rear 73 Main
Eckrich Frank   bds Romang House
Eddy Eunice A. Mrs.   bds 76 State
EDDY GEO. W. bottler h 7 Union
Eddy H. Elizabeth   h 24 Academy
Eddy Minnie Mrs.   bds 52 State
Edgerly J.R. Mrs.   bds 68 Massey
Edghill Maria L. Mrs.   30 Sterling
Edghill Wm. D. laborer bds 30 Sterling
Edick Jacob   h 58 Franklin
Edick Wm. A carpenter h 4 Sill
Edmon Wm. S.   h 9 Remington, Main-st.
Edmonds John   bds 6 Woods Falls, Main-st.
Edmonson Wm. S. laborer h 8 Railroad
Edwards Frank   bds 94 Franklin
Edwards Martha Miss   h 58 River
EHRILICHER CHARLES (Adams &Ehrlicher,) druggist bds 20 Massey
EHRILICHER DAVID saloon hl 42 Academy
Ehrlicher Geo. A. clerk bds 42 Academy
Eichbaum Otto clerk bds 77 Factory
Eikey John laborer h 12 Polk
Eldredge Geo. K clerk bds 16 Jefferson
Eldredge Wm. H. mechanic h 105 Main
Eldredge Wm. S. clerk h 3 Lamon
Elligar Charles H. engineer bds 59 Coffeen
Elliott Byron carpenter bds 111 Franklin
Elliott Charles M.   bds 111 Franklin
Elliott Edwin E. helper h 61 Factory
Elliott Richard R.   bds 111 Franklin
Elliott Wm.   h 111 Franklin
Elmer Fred M. restaurant h 21 1/2 Court.
Ely Elizabeth K. Miss   h 34 Clinton
Ely Julia G. teacher of piano bds 34 Clinton
Ely Mary S. Mrs.   h 44 Washington
Ely Mary W. Miss   h 34 Clinton
Ely Martha B. Miss   bds 34 Clinton
Ely Sarah S. Miss   bds 34 Clinton
Embury Lizzie M. Mrs.   bds 5 William
Emerson Edgar C. lawyer h 46 Arsenal
EMERSON FREDERICK lawyer, 27 Paddock Arcade h 27 Washington
Emmerich Caroline E.   inmate Keep Home
Emmerich Charles Mrs.   h 11 Union
Emmerich Chas. E cigar maker h 6 Front
Emmerich G. Clinton   bds 6 Front
Emmerich J. Geo. cigar maker bds 11 Union
Emmerich Louis carriage painter h 4 Arch.
Edmonds Agnes A. Turkish bath manipulator h 4 1/2 Public Square
Empey Geo. W.   h 87 Court
EMPEY JOSEPH W. (Northam &Empey,) undertakers, 25 Court h 19 Stone
Englehart Chas. E. mason h 44 Bronson
Englehart Chas. P. mason h 25 Rutland
English Ed.   bds Washington House
Enos Chas. E.   h 53 Main
Erwin Jennie E. Mrs.   bds 110 Main
Estes Phoebe Mrs.   bds Globe Hotel
Etchell bennie F. chemist Woodruff H.
Evan John C. Mrs.   h 69 1/2 State
Evans Evan conductor h 23 Meadow
Evans Lewis   bds 23 Meadow
Evans Robert iron melter bds 22 Meadow
Evans Wm. helper bds 2 Pearl
Everette Austin   bds 24 1/2 TenEyck
Everette Edward A.   h 24 1/2 Ten Eyck
Everette Fred salesman h 94 Main
Everette Mary J. Mrs.   h 24 1/2 Ten Eyck
Everette Richard F.   bds 24 1/2 TenEyck
Everette Wm. E.   bds 24 1/2 TenEyck
Fagan Elizabeth Miss   inmate Keep Home
Fagan James plumber bds 54 Factory
Fagan John C.   bds 4 Massey
Fahey Francis   bds 199 Arsenal
Fahey James Mrs. laborer h 199 Arsenal
Fahey Matthew   bds 199 Arsenal
Faichney Ada Miss   bds 28 1/2 Coffeen
Faichney Geo. H.   bds 28 1/2 Coffeen
Faichney Geo. L. com. Traveler h 46 State
Faichney Geo. &Co. mfrs. medical thermometers, Commercial Arcade  
Faichney James M. painter h 7 Prospect
Faichney W.E.A.   h 28 1/2 Coffeen
Failing Anna Miss   bds 12 Winslow
Failing Geo. H. Mrs.   bds 12 Winslow
Failing Jno. D. clerk Crowner House  
Fairand Chas. A. butcher h 90 Coffeen
Fairand Wm.   h 97 Factory
Fairbanks Geo. A.   bds 3 Massey ave.
Fairbanks Andrew J.   h 3 Massey ave.
Fairbanks Hattie art exc'ge bds 3 Massey ave.
Fairbanks Jason M. lawyer bds Globe Hotel
Fairfield Ales   h Ontario Mills, Main-st.
Fairman Marcus H. Mrs.   h 73 Moulton
Fairman Minnie Miss   bds 73 Moulton
Fall Chas. cigar maker h 6 Willow
Falls Alex mechanic bds 4 Coffeen
Fanning James carpenter h 38 Factory
Farmer Frederick W.   bds 116 Moulton
FARMER G.S. homeopathic physician, Paddock Arcade h 8 Keyes ave.
Farmer James   h 115 Moulton
Farmer James mason bds Globe Hotel
Farr Adelbert W. chemist, Kirby House  
Farr Amanda, Mrs.   bds 70 Mill
Farr Ella Miss   bds 56 Court
Farr Mr.   h 9 West
Farr Ira C. paper maker bds 22 Franklin
Farrell John teamster h 19 Burchard
Farrell John boiler maker h 7 Maple ave.
Farrell Margaret Miss   bds 32 Coffeen
Farrell Simon laborer h 207 Main
Farrell Wm.   bds 131 Main
Farrington Frank G. mason h 190 Main
Farry Daniel laborer bds 81 Mill
FARWELL ADDISON M.   h 8 Clinton
FARWELL FREDERICK R. (Farwell &Rhines) h 3 Clinton
FARWELL &RHINES   (F.R. Farwell and F.P. Rhines,) flouring and pearl barley mills, 47 Fairbanks.  
Faulkner Lucinda Mrs.   h 4 Howk
Faulkner Mert painter bds 4 Howk
Faulkner S.M.   h 14 State
Faulkner Walter printer bds 4 Howk
Fay Chas. W. machinist h 142 Arsenal
Fay Elizabeth Miss laundress, Crowner House  
Fay Hannah Miss   h 1 McGowan Court
Fay Michael stone mason h 11 Massey
Fee M. Mrs.   h 14 Willow
Felt John E. laborer h 1 Coffeen
Felt Pamelia Mrs.   h 10 Trinity Place
FELT SAMUEL druggist, 6 Court bds 10 Trinity Place
Fenn Jase M. paino tuner h 9 Benedict
Fenn Wm.   h 22 Hoard
Ferguson Adelbert   bds 104 Main
Ferguson Allie Miss   bds 3 Lepper
Ferguson Ezra M.   h 1 West
Ferguson Geo. L. laborer h 139 1/2 Arsenal
Ferguson John cutter h 130 Main
Ferguson Wm.   bds Dillon House
Ferren E. Cautier cigars h 18 Sterling
Ferrin Foster M.   h 18 1/2 Arsenal
Ferrin Henry F. marble h 20 Stone
Ferris E.G.   bds 20 Keyes
Ferris Frank freight agent bds 21 Sterling
Fetterley A.D.   h 2 Union Block, Arsenal
Fetterley Eugene F.   h 4 Union Block, Arsenal
Fethero James B. saloon h 3 Arsenal
FIELD BRAYTON A. lawyer and justice of the peace h 36 TenEyck
Field Joseph carpenter h 25 Emerson
Field Safford E.   h 36 TenEyck
Fields Victor laborer h 18 West Mullin
Finch Albert N.   h 23 1/2 Goodale
Finegan Peter W.   bds 53 Water
Finley John painter bds 83 Factory
Fischer Gustave A. barber bds 11 Center
Fischer J.M. bookkeeper bds 35 Academy
Fischer John   h 15 Burchard
Fischer Karl   bds 15 Burchard
Fischer Katharina Miss German teacher bds 15 Burchard
Fischer Wm.   bds 15 Burchard
Fish Albert N.   h 71 Washington
Fish Arthur J.   bds 67 Rutland
Fish Nathan W.   h 67 Rutland
Fisher John R. printer h 12 Lawrence
Fisher Robert blacksmith h 102 Coffeen
Fisher Wm. M.   bds 4 Sherman
Fisk Lewis V. cigar maker h 27 1/2 LeRay
Fisk Richmond Rev. D.D. pastor Universalist church h 8 Winthrop
Fiske Mary H. Miss   bds Sterling Place
Fitch Caroline Mrs. matron House of the Good Samaritan, 35 TenEyck  
FITCH FRANCIS N. lawyer, 6 1/2 Washington Place h 44 TenEyck
Fitch Hannah Miss   bds 44 TenEyck
Fitzgerald Anna Miss   h 31 Mullin
Fitzgerald Ed. J. carpenter h 15 1/2 LeRay
Fitzgerald John   bds Dillon House
Fitzgerald Julia Miss domestic, 33 Clinton  
Fitzgerald Mary Miss   h 31 Mullin
Fitzgerald Michael tailor h 101 Main
Fitzgerald M.G. shipping clerk h 8 Boyd
Fitzgerald Mr.   bds 25 Moulton
Fitzgerald Peter J. carpenter h 2 Jackman
Fitzpatrick James Mrs.   h 55 Franklin
Flaherty James E.   bds 77 Factory
Flannagan Anna   bds 43 Mullin
Flannagan E.A. paper mfr h 79 Washington
Flannagan Mary J.   bds 43 Mullin
Flansburg Bertha Miss   bds 3 Davis
Flansburg Geo. mason h 9 Summer
Flansburg Wm.   h 3 Davis
Flansburg Wm., jr.   bds 3 Davis
Flansburg Wm. R   bds 3 Davis
Flarhety Michael   h 77 Factory
Fleming Michael coachman, 6 Clinton  
Fletcher F.A. paper mfr. h 12 Winthrop
Fletcher John J.   h 39 1/2 Meadow
Fletcher Thomas R.   h 18 Morrison
Fletcher Wm. H.   bds 43 Coffeen
Flint Austin carpenter bds 72 Moulton
Flint Nelson H. mechanic h 9 Lynde
Flint Wm. A. peddler h. 16 Binsse
Flood Douglass   bds 6 Mullin
Florence Ephraim W. Rev. pastor Emanuel Congregational church h 38 Bronson
Floss Robert tailor h 53 Stone
FLOWER ANSON R. broker bds 8 Sherman
FLOWER ROSWELL P.   h 39 Arsenal
Fluno Charles   Duffy
Fluno Chauncey Mrs.   h 46 Cedar
Fluno C.Ed. laborer h 21 Cedar
Fluno Geo mason h 19 Hamilton
Fluno Geo. B. laborer bds 46 Water
Fluno Lafayette   bds 9 Vincent
Fluno Richard Mrs.   h 1 1/2 Mill, 2d floor
Flynn B. ass. Undertaker h 3 Holcomb
Flynn Catharine Mrs.   bds 19 Cooper
Flynn Hattie teacher bds 3 Holcomb
Flynn Hortense C. Miss   bds 19 Cooper
Flynn John carpenter h 171 Main
Flynn Justin   bds 19 Cooper
Flynn Thos. P. mechanic h 19 Cooper
Flynn Thom. Mrs.   h 19 Munson
Fober Frederick laborer h Mather
Fobert Edward mason h 64 Factory
Foley John E.   h 105 Washington
Foley Martha dressmaker h 39 Massey
Foley Mary dressmaker h 39 Massey
Foley Mary Miss domestic, 9 Moulton  
Foley Michael   h Woods Falls, Main-st.
Foley Owen laborer h 2 Maple
Foley Patrick laborer h 1 West Mullin
Foley Patrick   h 31 Howk
Foley Susan Mrs.   h 66 1/2 Factory
Foley Wm.   bds Crowner House
Folger Clara E. Mrs.   h 16 Stone
Folsom C.A. Mrs.   h 10 Mundy.
Folsom Edward C. trimmer 23 1/2 Meadow
Folsom Ezra carpenter h 84 Academy
Folsom John E.   h 10 Mundy.
FOLSOM NATHANIEL B. contractor and builder h 10 Mundy
Foot Norman   bds 11 1/2 Moulton
Ford George   bds 2 Sterling
Ford Geo. W.   h 45 American Arcade
Ford Henry   bds 2 West
Ford Timothy   h 30 Willow
Ford William laborer h 8 Willow
Forsyth Edwin J. teamster h 79 1/2 Moulton
Forsyth R. Geo. polisher h 16 Stone
Forsyth R. Geo., jr.   bds 16 Stone
Forsyth William laborer h 8 Willow
Fosgate A.B. Mrs.   bds 5 Winslow
Fosgate Daniel L. mason h 11 Davidson
Fosgate Wm. Frank produce h 5 Winslow
Foster Clark F. painter bds 22 Jefferson
Foster Frank A.   bds 2-A Winslow
Foster J machinist bds 9 High
Foster Michael   bds Dillon House
Foster Walter painter bds 12 Jefferson
Foster Walter S. mechanic bds 20 High
Fouser Geo. blacksmith h 14 Grant
Fowler Edward   bds 95 Moulton
Fowler Jane Mrs.   h 95 Moulton
Fowler Jane B. Mrs.   h 36 Massey
Fowler Julia F. Miss   bds 36 Massey
Fowler Milton A. machinist h 45 Bronson
Fox C.F. Mrs.   bds 5 TenEyck
Fox Delevan M.   h 26 Cooper
Fox Frank C. Mrs.   h 31 Orchard
Fox H.B. Mrs. dressmaker h 11 Center
Fox Wilbur A.   bds Crowner House
Fox Wm. laborer h 6 Dorsey
Fradenburgh Albern M. Rev.   h 128 Court
Fraser Simon G. shoemaker h 21 1/2 High
Fraser Lewis   h 44 Factory
Frasier John W.   bds 1 1/2 Rutland
Frasier Wm. W.   h 1 Massey
Frazier Abram machinist h 22 William
Frazier John laborer h 18 Grant
Frazier Lewis blacksmith bds 74 Moulton
Fredenberg John W.   bds 33 Massey
Frederick Clark   h 6 High
Frederick Minnie E. Mrs.   h 35 1/2 Public Square
Freeman Benj. F.   h 29 Academy
Freeman Bert I. trimmer bds 92 Factory
Freeman Dorval J. boat mfr. h 5 Mechanic
Freeman E.O. peddler h 10 Polk
FREEMAN IRA J. livery h 18 Bronson
Freeman John laborer bds 118 Court
Freeman Joseph cook, Orphans' Home  
Freeman Oscar A. Supt. Orphans' Home, 66 Franklin  
Freeman Robert laborer h 33 Elizabeth
Freeman Romeyn   h 4 Park
FRINK DANIEL undertaker, 2 1/2 Public Square h 69 Washington Square
Frink Franklin P. laborer h 13 Rutland
Fritz John L.   h 37 Huntington
Frizzell Wm. D. painter h 16 Central Ave.
Frogett James laborer h Duffy
Frogett John laborer h Duffy
Frogett Mrs.   h Duffy
FROST ALBERT E. lumber h 2 Mundy
FROST JOHN lumber h 70 Main
Fry Edwin G. janitor h 38 Com. Arcade
Fry James   h Woods Falls, Main-st.
FUESS FREDERICK grocer h 13 Massey
Fulkerson E.B.   bds 9 Sterling
FULLER CASSIUS A. (C.W. Rider &Co.) bottler h 6 Mechanic
Fuller Charles A.   h 69 Arsenal
Fuller Emily Mrs.   h 6 Mechanic
Fuller Fred T. clerk bds 1 Union
Fuller Geo. F. clerk h 64 Massey
Fuller Geo W.   h 1 Bronson
Fuller N.   bds 4 Howk
Fuller Rebecca J. Mrs.   bds 64 Massey
Fuller Wm. W. hackman h 89 Arsenal
Fulton James coachman h 17 Holcomb
Furlong Henry machinist bds 9 Moulton
Furlong John painter bds 9 Moulton
Furlong Kate housekeeper, 19 TenEyck  
Gabourie E finisher h 24 Massey
Gaffney Elizabeth domestic, 3 Clinton  
Gaffney James   h 20 Cooper
Gaffney James, Jr.   bds 20 Cooper
Gaffney John blacksmith bds 20 Cooper
Gaffney Julia Miss domestic, 3 Clinton  
Gaffney Margaret Miss   bds 20 Cooper
Gagnon Francis   bds 21 B urchard
Gaines Harry laborer h 20 Morrison
Gale Osborne E trimmer h 18 Emerson
Gale Robert   h Ontario Mills, Main-st.
Gale Solomon O   h 2 Thompson
Gale Wm.   bds 8 Polk
Gallagher Martin molder bds 95 Factory
Galvin Morgan clerk h 4 Jay
GAMBLE C. WILLARD grocer h 8 Jay
Gamble J. Munson   bds 11 1/2 Academy
Gamble Mira D.   bds 11 1/2 Academy
Gamble Samuel mechanic h 51 State
Gamsby Sidney S artist h 28 1/2 Franklin
Ganebin Eugene   bds 42 Mullin
Gannon Wm. machinist h rear 5 Grove
Garbut C.W.   h 33 Orchard
Garbut Wm. blacksmith bds 25 Moulton
Gardinier Andrew J., jr.   bds 16 Sterling
Gardinier John M. mason h 6 Hancock
Gardner Byron, E. mechanic h 4 Mundy
Gardner Carrie   bds 36 1/2 Public Square
Gardner Chas.   bds 31 1/2 Court
GARDNER CHARLES O. grocer h 36 1/2 Public Square
Gardner Edwin J. finisher h 31 1/2 Court
Gardner Ezra   h 1, rear 55 Gotham
Gardner Frederick S.   h 25 Central
Gardner John machinist bds Central House
Gardner Kitty Mrs.   h 109 Arsenal
Gardner Wm.   bds 43 Coffeen
Gardner Wm. T.   bds 8 Union
Garris Frederick S. delivery clerk bds City Hotel
Garnham George P bookkeeper bds 10 Trinity Place
Garrison Baltus carpenter h 7 Davidson
Garrison Garrret carpenter bds 73 Factory
Garrison James   h 81 Main
Gartney Mrs.   h 8 Pearl
Garvey Thos., J. route agent bds 70 State
Garvin Tassey J. saleswoman bds 3 Vale
GATES EDWARD M postmaster h 10 TenEyck
Gates E.B. Miss music teacher, 6 Academy  
Gates Geo. H.   h 89 1/2 Arsenal
Gates Henry G.   bds 89 1/2 Arsenal
Gates Vincent R. plumber h 6 Academy
Gaudier Chas. clerk, Woodruff House  
Gaylord Byron O. laborer h 1 Vale
Gearing Andrew laborer bds 77 Factory
Gennett Anna F. Miss   bds 7 Sherman
Gennett Charles clerk bds 7 Sherman
Gennett Julia A Miss   bds 7 Sherman
Gennett Mary Mrs.   h 7 Sherman
Genter Chauncey laborer h 34 Factory
Genter Orlando laborer h 34 Factory
GEORGE FRED (A. Bushnell &Co., ) dry goods, &c. h 19 Sterling
George Henry   h 106 Main
George John   h 9 Jay
GEORGE SILAS L. jeweler h 6 Keyes avenue
George Will pharmacist bds 106 Main
GEGOUX THEODORE portrait artist over 21 Public Square h do.
Gerard Fred B. machinist h 93 Factory
Getman Chas.   bds Ontario Mills, Main-st.
Gettings Anthony flagman h 3 Waltham
Gettings Frederick S.   h 4 Hewitt
Gettings Michael   bds 3 Waltham
Gibbins John   h 92 Coffeen
Gibbins Wm   h 81 Factory
Gibbs Helen Miss attendant, Co. asylum  
Gibbs Henry A. painter h 74 Meadow
Gibbs Israel E.   h 17 Orchard
Gibbons Fred M. coachman h 7 Hamilton
Gibbons Wm. molder h 81 Factory
Giblin John R. carpenter h 2 Cross
Gibson Alex. C.   bds 10 State
Gibson Peter mason bds 9 Moulton
Gibson Silas W. Mrs.   h 1 Center
Giegerich John   h 97 Massey
Giffin Albert   bds Dillon House
GIFFORD G.A. homeopathic physician and surgeon, 18 Paddock Arcade h 37 State
Gifford Geo. W. carpenter h 1 Pleasant
Gifford Geo. W. farmer h 174 Washington
GIFFORD JNO. machinist h 12 Bronson
GIFFORD LADETTE G. physician h 14 Stone
Gignac Godfrey shoemaker h 1 LeRay
Gilbert Charles   h 15 Palmer
Gilbert Elvira C. Miss   bds 28 Clinton
Gilbert Lucy A. Mrs.   bds 29 Stone
Gilbert Mary L. Miss   bds 28 Clinton
Gilbert Uri S. Mrs.   h 28 Clinton
Gilbert Wm. Mrs.   bds Co. Asylum
Gilbo Julia Miss   h 14 Howk
Gilbo Lewis laborer h 10 Smith avenue
Gilby Wm. laborer h rear 50 Massey
Giles Agnes Mrs.   h 68 Court
Giles Anna Mrs.   bds 37 Lynde
Giles Burt machinist h 37 Lyons
Giles Frank molder h 15 Mundy
Giles Frank P. clerk h 26 1/2 Elizabeth
Giles Juliaim A. draughtsman h 25 Coffeen
Gilgan Ed. H. blacksmith h 135 1/2 Main
Gill Chas W.   h 75 Franklin
Gillett Frank E. painter h 1-B Jackson
Gilligan Bartholomew laborer h 21 Elm
Gilligan Bartholomew   h 116 Washington
Gilligan Dominick   h 114 Washington
Gilligan James blacksmith bds 21 Elm
Gilligan John boiler maker h 179 Main
Gilligan Edward blacksmith bds 21 Elm
Gilligan Patrick molder h 3 West Mullin
Gillingham Chas J.   h 1 Prospect
Gillingham May saleswoman bds 1 Prospect
GILLINGHAM SAMUEL tea store, 1 Court h 16 Academy
Giusso Dominick clerk bds 7 Jackson
Glass John fresco painter bds 55 1/2 Arsenal
Glazier Wm. G.   h 68 Washington
Gleason Albert L. millwright h 15 Lynde
Gleason Albert R. machinist bds 15 Lynde
Gleason Chas machinist bds 15 Lynde
Glenn T. Rev. pastor St. Patrick's church h 44 Massey
Godkins Joseph   bds 2 West
Godkins Will C. barber bds 5 1/2 Lamon
Goehl Lena Mrs. laundress h 19 Rutland
Gonher Jacob painter bds 77 Factory
Gonseth Alice Miss   bds Romang House
Gonyea Joseph   h 42 Prospect
Gonyea Peter I. cooper h Hunt
GOODALE ADDISON W. banker h 13 TenEyck
GOODALE AUGUSTUS lawyer and justic of the peace h 55 Court
Goodale Charles Mrs.   h 22 Sterling
GOODALE EDMUND S. clothier h 29 Clinton
Goodale Geo. S. Mrs.   bds 36 Washington
GOODDALE H.D. (Otis &Goodale) insurance h 138 Main
Goodale Pauline F. Miss   bds 33 Clinton
Goodfellow Robert carpenter bds 4 Polk
Goodman Mary E. Mrs.   bds 7 Massey
Goodnough Bertha domestic, 9 Moulton  
Goodnough David Mrs.   h 60 Moulton
Goodnough Hudson D.   h 72 Rutland
Goodnough John B.   h 38 Elizabeth
Goodwin Samuel machinist bds 184 Main
Goodwin Thomas blacksmith h 9 Emerson
Gordon C.H. bookkeeper bds 9 Sterling
Gordon Hugh laborer h 24 Morrison
Gordon Joseph laborer h 9 Vincent
Gordon Joseph A. trimmer h 9 Huntington
Gorley James painter bds 67 Academy
Gormann Louis F. machinist bds Kirby
GORMLEY JOHN J. silver and nickel plater h 6 Huntington
Gormley John machinist h 6 Fairview
Gotham Darwin B. machinist h 31 Bronson, shop at Brownville
Gotham Enoch laborer h 63 Massey
Gottschalk Chas. trimmer h 36 Bronson
Gould A.W. Agrl. Imps. h 4 Woodruff
Gould Alexander F.   h 57 Court
Gould Amos R.   h 1 Wall
Gould Horace   h 13 Morrison
Gould John A. laborer bds 1 Wall
Gould Weston C. carpenter h 5 Wall
Gould Wm. C.   h 87 Franklin
Goulding Amos   h 63 Court
Goulding Francis   bds 32 Gotham
Goulding Frank machinist h 113 Moulton
Goulding George Mrs.   h 113 Moulton
Goulding Hannah E. Miss   bds 32 Gotham
Goulding Patrick laborer h Chestnut
Goulding Susan upholsterer bds 32 Gotham
Goulding Thomas laborer h 32 Gotham
Goundrell Arthur   bds 23 William
Goundrell A. Mrs.   h 17 Center
Goundrell Mary E Miss   bds 17 Center
Goundrell Wm   h 23 William
Gourdier Harry L. finisher bds 16 Cooper
Gowing Jay   bds 25 Burchard
Gowing John L.   h 25 Burchard
Gowing Mary E. Mrs.   bds 25 Burchard
Grace Lizzie Miss cook, Globe Hotel  
Grafton Mary Mrs.   h 6 Keyes avenue
Graham Calvin D.   h 44 State
Graham Charles machinist bds 18 Union
Graham Samuel   h 87 Factory
Graham Willis A. fireman bds 39 Meadow
Graley Clarence B. painter h 29 Mechanic
Granger Arthur Mrs.   h 148 Main
Grannis Mr.   h Woods Falls, Main-st
Grannis Wm. U. mail carrier h 29 Winslow
Grant Andrew L. painter h 16 Elizabeth
Grant Charles printer h 6 Woodruff
Grant Charles, A. printer bds 6 Woodruff
Grant George engineer h 23 Orchard
Grant Kittie Miss   h 54 Com. Arcade
Grant Maud Miss domestic, 3 Clinton  
GRANT PHILANDER A. grocer h 17 Winthrop
Grant Robert molder h 60 Main
Grappotte George A.   h 10 Cross
Graves Climena, Mrs.   bds 95 Franklin
GRAVES ISAAC A. miller, 2 and 4 River h 32 State
Graves James A.   h rear 31 Prospect
Graves Otis S.   h 136 State
Graves Mary S. Miss   h 52 Rutland
Graves Thomas S. carpenter h 66 State
Graves Wm. D. bookkeeper bds 32 State
GRAY CHARLES L. ice dealer h 109 Huntington
GRAY CHAUNCEY, W ice dealer h at Huntingtonville, order book, 5 Commercial block
Gray James molder bds 183 Main
Gray John C Mrs.   h 34 Bronson
GRAY JOHN E. boots and shoes h. 10 Devendorf &Fuess blk, Court Street
Gray Mary E. Miss   bds 34 Bronson
Gray Simon P. Rev   bds 7 Jay
Gray Wm. mason bds Dillon House
Gray Wm. H. machinist bds 32 Lynde
Gray Wm. L. machinist h 54 Mill
Gray Wm. M. decorator h 57 Mill
Greaves Samuel D. printer h 83 Factory
Greaves S.D., jr. printer h 17 Gotham
Green Adelbert D. blacksmith h 6 Hewitt
Green Angeline M., Mrs.   h rear 1 Grove
Green D. painter h 1 Lepper
Green D.A.   h 8 Davidson
Green Doyle   bds 2 West
Green Edwin M. livery bds Woodruff
Green E.H. carpenter h 44 Central
Green Floyd E.   h 17 1/2 Howk
Green Geo.   h Woods Falls, Main-st
Green Herbert K. machinist bds 12 High
Green James E.   h 30 Sterling
Green J. Grafton   bds 7 Baker
Green James L.   h 19 Elizabeth
Green Job T. teamster h 86 Coffeen
Green Lewis machinist h 82 Coffeen
Green Lewis machinist h 132-B Main.
Green Lyman   bds 132-B Main
Green Mabel Miss   bds 3 Munson
Green M. Victoria   bds 46 Com. Arcade
Green Norman   h 23 Burchard
Green Susan Mrs.   h 46 Com. Arcade
Greene Althea O. Mrs. artist h 23 Coffeen
Greene Bert H. fireman h 39 Meadow
Greene C.F. patent medicines h 23 Coffeen
Greene Charles H. carpenter h 55 Rutland
Greene Chas. H. exp. Clerk h 20 Academy
Greene C. Howard clerk bds 23 Coffeen
Greene Fannie Miss copyist bds 4 Curtis
Greene Francis M. Mrs.   h 27 Com. Arcade
Greene Fred M.   bds 27 Com. Arcade
Greene Freelove Mrs.   bds 4 Curtis
GREENE FRANK J. florist h 6 Munson
Greene Joseph S. Supt. St. Lawrence Paper Co. bds 50 Washington
GREENE O. DeGRASSE county clerk bds Kirby House
GREENE WESTEL W. florist and nurseryman h 83 Washington
GREENE W.W. &SON, nursery and florists, 81 Washington  
Greene Wm. C. artist and agent for Victor bicycles bds 83 Washington
Greene Whitford P.   bds 4 Curtis
Greene Wm. N.   h 4 Curtis
Greenfield Wm. H. painter bds 77 State
Greenfield Wyatt R.   h 77 State
Greenier Edward laborer h Duffy
Greenleaf George M. barber bds 71 Mill
GREENLEAF LOUIS C. (Sloat &Greenleaf) lumber dealer h 36 State
Greenlees Robt. D. Mrs.   h 23 Clay - south.
Geer Archie barber bds Oakland house.
Geer Frederick T.   bds Washington house.
Gregory Christopher   h 83 Moulton.
Gregory George stone mason h 32 Smith.
Gregory Geo. C.   h rear 23 Cedar.
Grennison Wm. barber bds 71 Mill.
Gridley S. M. Mrs.   bds 3 Jay.
Griffin Bartholomew   h 12 Main.
GRIFFIN DANIEL G. lawyer (Mullin&Griffin) h 2 Keyes avenue.
Griffin Dempster P. laborer h 80 Stone.
Griffin Eddie D. brakeman bds 80 Stone.
Griffin Helen M. Miss   h 37 Baker.
Griffin James J. machinist h 83 Moulton.
Griffin James T. core maker h 2 Morrison.
Griffin John   bds 8 Prospect.
Griffin John   h 28 Emmett.
Griffin John W.   h 12 Willow.
GRIFFIN JOHN W. architect - 4 Washington hall h 31 Academy.
Griffin Margaret Mrs   bds 2 Morrison.
Griffin Mary Miss   bds 8 Prospect.
Griffin Morris   bds 12 Main.
Griffin Susan M. Miss   h 37 Baker.
Griffin Thomas J.   h 149 Arsenal.
Griffin Wm.   bds 1 Center.
Griffith John saloon h 38 Baker.
Grigware Alexander   h 37 Leray.
Grinnell Charlotte A.   bds 19 1/2 Sterling.
Grinnell George Mrs.   h 19 1/2 Sterling.
Grinnell Wm. R.   bds 19 1/2 Sterling.
Griswold James H.   h 148 Coffeen.
Griswold Lizzie Miss   inmate Keep Home.
Grogan Patrick W.   bds 148 Arsenal.
Grom Benjamin Rev.   h 1 Thompson.
Group Wm painter bds 27 High.
Grupe Charles F.   h 82 Arsenal.
Guest Edward M.   bds 15 Massey.
Guest Jerry B. baggage exp. h 10 Cooper.
Guest Miles policeman h 15 Massey.
Guest John B. clerk bds 15 Massey.
Guiles Walter J. laborer h 9 Goodale.
Guinane John   bds 22 Franklin.
Guilfoil Dennis painter bds 95 Factory.
Guilfoil Dennis E. painter bds 95 Factory.
Guinn Louisa Miss housekeeper at County Asylum  
Guntsman John musician bds 3 Center.
Gurnee E. M. Mrs.   bds 19 Boyd.
Gurnee Charles helper h 125 1/2 Main.
Gurnee Eugene   bds 1 Holcomb.
Gurnee Geo. L.   h 1 Holcomb.
Guthrie Ernest J.   bds 49 Mill.
Guthrie Wm.   bds 49 Mill.
Guy Clarence molder h 23 Hoard.
Guyett Charles   h 9 Huntington

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