DIRECTORY OF 1891-1892.

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Watertown Directory, H-I-J-K

Last Name First Name Occupation/ Business Residence
Haas C.W. boots &shoes bds 54 Franklin.
Haas Geo. boots &shoes h 54 Franklin.
Haas George jr. clerk bds 54 Franklin.
Haas J. Frederick clerk bds 54 Franklin.
Haas William H. - bds 20 Keyes avenue.
Haas A. J. Miss - bds 20 Keyes avenue.
Haas P. Mrs - h 20 Keyes avenue.
Hadcock Benjamin farmer h 105 State.
HADCOCK FRED J. boots & shoes bds 71 State.
Hadcock Oscar P. farmer h 70 State.
Hadcock Solomon Mrs. - h 10 State.
Hadcock Wayne H. - bds 70 State.
Hadcock Wm. farmer h 53 Leray.
Hadican John - h Chestnut.
HAGAR ELIAS jeweler h 2 Clinton.
Hagar Henrietta A. Miss librarian of Public School Library bds 2 Clinton.
HAGAR &BEEBEE   (M. Hagar and M. Beebee.) jewelers, 7 Washington.  
Hale Emma saleswoman bds 38 Prospect.
Hale Ida bookkeeper bds 38 Prospect.
Hale Leonard A. - bds 38 Prospect.
Hale Thomas - h 38 Prospect.
Hale Thomas C. machinist h 26 Lansing.
Haley Albert - bds 31 Gotham.
Haley Dominick miller h 24 Gotham.
Haley Dominick J. mason h 41 Shernian.
Haley Edward molder h 83 Mill.
Haley Frank - bds 31 Gotham
Haley Henry J. mason bds 13 Gotham.
Haley John - bds 103 Washington.
Haley Joseph H. h Hamilton cor. Salina
Haley Michael laborer bds 30 Sterling.
Haley Michael K.   h 40 Brainard.
Haley Michael E. mason h 13 Gotham.
Haley Peter mason h 31 Gotham.
Haley Rose Mrs. - h 16 Washington.
Haley Thomas laborer h 103 Washington.
Haley William mason h 14 Gotham.
Haley Wm. laborer h 79 Court.
Halferty Geo. - bds 101 Sterling.
Halferty John laborer h 145 Main.
Halferty William   h 101 Factory.
Hall A. H. Mrs. - bds 31 Stone.
Hall Alonzo P - h 26 TenEyck.
Hall Alvin S.   bds 31 Stone.
Hall Catherine Mrs. - h 102 Main.
Hall Charles. W. clerk Kirby House h 25 1/2 Court.
Hall Cynthia Mrs. - bds 8 Curtis.
Hall E. Alonzo bartender h 8 Curtis.
Hall Edmund bookkeeper h 5 Prospect.
Hall Frank G. - h 75 Washington
Hall Frank J. Mrs. - h 20 Morrison.
Hall Fred A. clerk bds 26 TenEyck.
Hall Fred H. - h 114 Moulton.
Hall George carpenter h 34 Coffeen.
Hall Harley C. painter h 43 Academy.
Hall Howard - bds Romang House.
Hall Howard N. machinist h 8 Cooper.
Hall Jerry - h 2 Moulton.
Hall Jerry C. - bds 11-J Moulton.
Hall John mechanic h 97 Moulton.
Hall John E. shipping clk. bds 104 Main.
Hall John F. engineer bds 149 Main.
Hall John N.F. barber h 149 Main.
Hall Martin - h 8 Curtis.
Hall Orlando paper maker h 65 Factory.
Hall Rozell H. Mrs. - h 34 State.
Hall S. Raymond barber bds 149 Main.
Hall Wallace   h 23 High.
Hall Wm. H - bds 11 1/2 Moulton.
HALL ZELL R. (Clifford Mfr. Co..) bds 58 Washington
Hallahan Daniel molder bds 95 Factory.
Halloran Henry laborer bds 18 Emmett.
Halloran Sarah Mrs. - h 18 Emmett.
Halloran Edwin M.   h 25 Orchard.
Hambly Jas. core maker bds 7 Mechanic.
Hamilton James machinist h 71 Moulton.
Hamilton Homer blacksmith h 27 Coffeen.
Hamilton M. Miss - bds 6 Keyes avc.
Hamilton Margaret Miss - bds 25 Clinton.
Hamilton Samuel blacksmith bds 7 Mechanic.
Hamilton Wm. - bds 5 Water
Hamlin David farmer h 7 Sterling.
Hamlin Eli - h 20 Mechanic.
Hamlin Geo. T. clerk h 7 Jay.
Hamlin J. M. - bds 20 Mechanic
Hamm John miller bds 13 Factory.
Hammond Emily L. Mrs.   inmate Keep Home.
Hammond Herbert E. - h 6 1/2 Central ave.
Hammond Wm. W. - bds 4 Sand.
Hammoud Elnathan produce h 4 Sand.
HANCHETTE WM. D. Supt. Telephone Co. h 6 Holcomb
Hancock Richard J. mason h 17 Cross.
Hancock Richard J. mechanic h 8 Coffeen.
Handley Frank L. - h 1 Jackson.
HANDLEY F. L. MRS. dressmaker h 1 Jackson
Handley Lyle - h 1 Jackson.
Hanes Joel E. clerk bds 141 Main.
Haney Peter laborer h 4 Haney.
Haney Mary Mrs. laundress h 22 Factory.
Haney Michael J. - h 62 Washington.
HANFORD GEO. R. music dealer h 51 Washington
Hankin Edward blacksmith h 39 Winslow.
Hankin Wm. Mrs. - h 62 Mill. "
Hankin Abraham - h 22 Davidson.
Hankin James machinist h 18 1/2 Davidson.
Hannahs Susie S. teacher bds 71 Franklin.
Hannahs Wm. Mrs. - h 71 Franklin.
Hannahs Maria Miss - bds 71 Franklin.
Hansen John blacksmith h 22 Bronson.
Hanson Eli molder bds 43 Coffeen.
Hanson Emma Miss domestic. 15 William.  
Hanson Martin tailor h 17 Com. Arcade.
Hanson Edward laborer h rear 4 Cedar.
HARBOTTLE &SONS. (John G. John. C. and Edward G.) stoves and furnishings. 37 and 38 Public Square  
Harbottle Frank V. tinner bds 7 State.
HARBOTTLE EDWARD G. tinner bds 7 State
HARBOTTLE JOHN C. bookkeeper h 37 Massey
HARBOTTLE JOHN G. - h 7 State.
Hardie John B. finisher h 48 Rutland.
Hardiman Thomas mason bds 40 1/2 Massey.
Hardiman John mason h 401 Massey.
HARDIMAN MICHAEL (Zimmerman &Hardiman.) h 19 TenEyck.
Hardman Thomas machinist h 106 Mill.
Hardy Lizzie Miss domestic 55 Arsenal.
Hardy Gustavus carpenter h 54 Jay.
Hardy Chas. mail carrier h 17 Academy.
Hardy Fred . mechanic h 35 Bronson.
Hardy George farmer h 84 Massey.
Hardy Henry A. coachman h 8 Dimick.
Hardy Thomas laborer h rear 31 Cedar.
Hardy Wm. - bds 9 Maple avenue.
Hare Daniel F. - bds 8 Grove.
Hare Thomas O. molder h 8 Grove.
Hareford Henry - h 1 Winthrop.
HARMON &HAVEN - Watertown Agricultural Works foundry and machine shop 17 and 19 Factory. -
Harmon DeWitt C. Mrs. - h 59 Stone.
Harmon Henry A. - h 91 Franklin.
HARMON HERBERT E. (Harmon &Haven) foundry and machinist h 13 Moulton.
Harrington Geo. A. mechanic h 28 Keyes ave.
Harrington J. Stuart jeweler bds Kirby.
HARRINGTON E. E. &M. C. dental surgeons 26 1/2 Pub. Square rooms 9 and 10  
HARRINGTON E. E. dentist h 60 Stone
HARRINGTON MILES C. dentist bds 60 Stone
Harris Chas. E. clerk Woodruff House.  
Harris A. M. horse dealer h 44 Orchard.
HARRIS ERWIN L. prop. Globe Hotel 11 18 and 15 Court.  
Harris James - h 19 Emerson.
Harris Frank W. livery h 1 Park.
Harris Geo. B. switchman h 73 Mill.
Harris Jesse laborer 65 Court.
Harris Oliver machinist bds 100 Court.
Harronn Elliott K. - bds 1-A Sterling.
HARROUN JOHN E. lumber dealer h 1-A Sterling
Hart Chas. S. - h 4 TenEyck.
Hart George - h 7 Mechanic.
Hart Chas. L. - h 4 Bradley.
Hart Emil. - h 3 1/2 Court.
Hart Solomon B. - bds 5 Baker.
Hart Vincent L. Mrs. drugs and groceries h 471 Stone
HART WM. E. photographer studio Marble Block h 18 Paddock.-
Hart Wm. mechanic h 157 Main.
Hart Henry E. grocer h 24 Elizabeth.
Hart Mary A. Mrs. - bds 25 Winslow.
Hart Robert Mrs. - h 22 LeRay.
Harten James H. teamster h Hamilton near Franklin
Hartigan John J. tinner h 53 Coffeen.
Hartigan Johanna Miss - h
Hartman P. B. real estate bds Kirby.
Hartney Jas. tool maker bds Kirby.
Harty Wm. J. mason h 15 Cooper.
Harvey Valmor R. carpenter h 8 Mechanic.
Harvey Walter S. painter h 34 1/2 Court
Haskell Frederick D. - bds 24 Stone.
Haskin Frederick W. - h 31 Huntington.
Hastings Lydia M. Miss - bds 29 Franklin.
Hastings Benj R. carpenter h 88 Arsenal.
Haswell John - h 51 Factory.
Hatch Edgar R. carpenter h 5 Lamon.
Hatch E. D. Mrs. - bds 16 LeRay.
Hatch Jennie Miss - bds 16 LeRay.
Hatch Wm. D. machinist h 80 Moulton.
Hatch Chauncey - bds 14 Franklin.
Hatch Geo. W. clerk h 17 Goodale.
Hathway James 0. -- h 43 Washington.
Hathway Wm. - h 12 Orchard.
Haven Lanson carpenter h 25 LeRay.
Haven Harvey boarding-house 25 Moulton.  
Haven C. D. - h 14 Stone.
HAVEN GEORGE M. (Harmon &Haven) foundry and machinist h Bradley
Hawley D. M. Mrs. - bds 59 Academy.
Hawley Mr. - Woods Falls
Hay Mary E. Miss teacher h 9 Academy.
Hay Flora Miss teacher h 9 Academy.
Hayden Maggie Miss - bds 146 Arsenal.
Hayden Henry laborer h 146 Arsenal.
HAYDEN FRANK W. prop. Woodruff House  
Hayes Catherine Mrs. - h 148 Arsenal.
Hayes Frank P. - h 1 TenEyck.
Hayes James bartender bds 148 Arsenal
Hayes L. A. Mrs. - h 17 Keyes ave.
Hayes Arthur D. - bds 17 Keyes ave.
Hayes Lilian chambermaid Woodruff.
Haynes Jacob laborer h 34 Factory.
Haynes Spencer B. - h 44 Waltham.
Haynes Adam L. laborer h 14 Sheridan.
Hayt S. A. Rev. pastor Stone-st. Presbyterian church h 17 Trinity Place.-
Hayward Alonzo A. - h 5 Munson.
Hazelton Geo. H. - h 142 Arsenal.
Hazelwood Helen E.   bds rear 33 Factory.
Hazzell E   bds 3 Hancock.
Head Mary A. Mrs. - bds 7 Paddock.
Heary Matthew - h 85 Mill.
Heary Frederick - bds 41 LeRay.
Heary John ostler h 41 LeRay.
Heath L. E. com. traveler h 74 Academy.
Heimer John carriage maker h 168 Main.
Heinrich John upholsterer bds 22 Massey.
Heinrich Louis cabinet maker h 18 Coffeen.
Heinrich Wm. G. barber h 6 Prospect.
Heinrich E. cabinet maker h 22 Massey.
Heintzelman Joseph C. baker h 144 Factory.
Heintzelman John - h 56 Moulton.
Heintzelman F. A. baker bds 144 Factory.
Heldt John C. painter h 43 Main.
Helmer Chauncey H. - h 4 Jackman.
Helmer Ella C. Miss - bds 4 Jackman.
Helmer Ida Miss - bds 4 Jackman.
Helmer Frederick C. - h 6 Lamon.
Helmer Chas. E. machinist h 48 Rutland.
Helmer Benjamin - bds City Hotel.
Hemenway Elisha L. mason h 72 Franklin.
Hemenway Nancy Mrs. - bds 26 Franklin.
Hemenway Charlotte L. Miss - h 15 State.
Henderson Wm. machinist h 20 Pearl.
Henderson Geo. - h 18 Remington.
Henderson Wm. H. carpenter h 9 Wall.
Henderson Wm. painter h 91 Main.
Henderson James R - h 1 East.
Henderson James R. Mrs. - h 10 Wall.
Henderson James laborer bds 10 Wall.
Henderson John H. - h 162 Arsenal.
Henderson John - bds 114 Court.
Henderson Robert - bds 12 Rutland.
Henderson David - h 90 Main.
Henderson Maggie Mrs. - h 74 River.
Hendrick Arthur helper bds 44 Factory.
Hendricks Thomas E. barber bds 73 Massey.
Hendricks Patrick - h 12 Gotham.
Hennessey Ellen Miss domestic. 19 State.  
Hennessey Morris laborer h 8 Boon.
Hennessey Edward carpenter bds 324 Factory.
Hennessey Morris, jr. molder h 90 Court.
Hennessey David laborer h 39 Cedar.
Henry Wm. ostler Harris House.
Henry Archie J mechanic h 22 Mechanic.
Henshaw Almira S. Miss   h 59 Franklin.
Henshaw David - bds 59 Franklin.
Hepp Joseph trimmer bds 54 Factory.
Hermis Mary Mrs. - bds 87 Washington.
Hermon Jacob conductor h 17 Meadow.
Herrick E. G. - h 11 Cooper.
Herrick Wm. W. - bds 65 Washington.
HERRICK A. H. &SON (A. H. and E. W.) merchant millers, 24 River.  
HERRICK ALLEN H. (A. H. Herrick &Son) h 112 Main.-
Herrick Allin I. Mrs. - h 1084 Main.
HERRICK CHARLES C. druggist h 5 Gotham
HERRICK ELI W. (A. B. Herrick &Son) h 59 Court.
HERRICK FRANCIS M. printer h 16 Boyd
Herrick Angie R. Mrs. - bds 1-C TenEyck.
Herrie John ostler h 41 LeRay.
Herring Wm. P. - h 40 Washington.
Herring Fred W. - bds 40 Washington.
Hesley Frederick machinist h 9 Burchard
Heslop Wm. H. boiler maker h 12 Mundy.
Hewitt Desrah J. mechanic h 12 Lynde.
Hewitt Clark Mrs. - h 81 Coffeen.
Hewitt Dwight tinsmith bds 12 Lynde.
Hewitt Lucy Miss - bds 4 Paddock.
Hewke Theo. S.   bds 30 Franklin.
Hibbage Etta Mrs. domestic 31 State.
Hibbard Peter painter h 60 Factory.
Hickey James - bds Romang House.
Hickey John T. machinist bds 45 Moulton.
Hickey John butcher h 18 Howk.
Hickey Joseph B. molder h 2 1/2 Front.
Hickey Julia Miss - h 33 Paddock Arcade.
Hickey Lewis P. molder h 36 Franklin.
Hickey Mary Miss - h 15 Chestnut.
Hickey Philip Mrs - h 13 Chisinut.
Hickey Philip molder h 57 Main.
Hickey Thos. - h 61 Massey.
Hickey Wm. laborer h 32 LeRay.
Hicks Eugene painter bds 46 Brouson.
Hicks L. W. carpenter bds 33 Moulton.
Hicks Allen W. - h 17 Hamilton
Higbie James - bds 90 Arsenal.
Higgins Wm. J. machinist h 15 Bronson.
Higgins Chas. M. laborer h 120 1/2 Court.
Higgins Fred - bds 15 Bronson.
Higgins Wm. laborer h over 14 1/2 Polk.
Higgins Charles - bds 2 Pleasant.
Hilderbrant G. German teacher bds 4 Sherman
HILL WAREHAM C. grocer h 86 Franklin
Hill E. Miss boarding house 112 and 114 Court  
Hill Emma Miss - bds 1 rear 51 State.
Hill James S. Mrs. - h 8 Jackman.
Hill James gardener h 1 rear 51 State.
Hill John J.   bds 1 rear 51 State.
Hill L. D. Mrs. - h 92 Franklin.
Hill Lorenzo D. - bds 92 Franklin.
Hiller J. W. confectioner h 16 Emerson.
Hilliard Sidmore A. - h 22 Elizabeth.
Hilliard Hazard helper h 2 Pearl.
Hillier Robert F. - h 4 West Mullin.
HINDS &BOND (P. A. H. &E. A. B.) civil engineers and contractors 26 and 28 Flower building.  
Hinds Maria Mrs. - h 62 River.
HINDS FRANK A. civil and hydraulic engineer h 161 State.
Hinds Sarah J. - h 18 Com. Arcade.
Hine A. A.   bds 81/2 Bronson.
Hine Omer A. bookkeeper h 1 1/2 Goodale.
Hines Delos carpenter h 49 Academy.
Hines Ely C.   h 49 1/2 Stone.
Hines Wm. machinist bds 30 Sterling.
HITCHCOCK ROBERT lamp manufacturer h 37 TenEyck.
Hobert Benjamin F. molder h 68 Mill.
Hocknell Charles E.   h 1 Gotham.
Hocknell Fred G. printer h 69 Arsenal.
Hodge Edward mason h 8 Grand avenue.
Hodge Ellsworth mason h 4 Grand avenue.
Hodge Jesse W. carpenter h 74 Franklin.
Hodges Benj. F. machinist h 6 1/2 Mundy.
Hodges C. Almando   h 30 Com. Arcade.
Hoffer Elizabeth   inmate Keep Home.
Hoffmn John   bds Romang House.
Hoffmn Mr. finisher bds 186 Main.
Hogaboom Josiah laborer h 75 Water.
Hogaboom Peter N. blacksmith h 12 Moulton.
Hogan Jas. M. U. S. mail messenger bds 17 Willow.
Hogan M. M. domestic 3 Sterling Place.
Hogan Mary A. Miss milliner h 34 1/2 Court.
Hogan Michael mason h 23 Boon.
HOLBROOK CHARLES E. job printer, 15 Washington h 8 Orchard.
Holbrook Edwin A. dentist h 47 Arsenal.
Holbrook G. B salesman h 30 William.
Holbrook L. H. Mrs. teacher h 27 Orchard.
Holbrook Wm. H.   bds 47 Arsenal.
Holcomb B. machinist h 42 Lynde.
Holcomb John P. shingle painter h 6 High.
HOLCOMB ORLIN   h 46 Stone.
Holcomb F. B. telegrapher bds 43 State.
Holden C. A. Mrs.   h 49 Arsenal.
Holden Richard jr.   h 3 Hamilton.
Holdridge C. M. Mrs.   h 29 Orchard.
Holland Anna S. Mrs.   inmate Keep Home.
Holland Richard   inmate Keep Home.
Holland Thos. molder h 52 Main.
Hollenbeck Alex. laborer h 36 Morrison.
Hollenbeck Byron   h 37 Morrison.
Hollenbeck Daniel R. laborer bds 7 Jackson.
Hollenbeck David laborer b 36 Morrison.
Hollenbeck Wm. carpenter h 7 Jackson.
Hollenbeck Wm. Jr laborer h 22 Mundy.
Holman S. D. painter bds Harris House.
Holmes Seymour H.   h 67 Court.
Holmes Thomas machinist bds 141 Main.
HOOKER GEORGE S. lawyer h G State.
Hooley Ellen M. Miss   bds 12 Cooper.
Hooley Martin   h 20 Orchard.
Hooley Martin   h 3 Mundy.
Hoplin John   bds 9 Newell.
Hoppell John stone cutter bds 1 Jackson.
Horr John laborer h 6 Goodale.
Horr Michael   bds 30 Burchard.
Horth M. Mrs. seamstress h 18 Massey.
Horth Mark machinist bds 18 Massey.
Horth Mark musician bds.
Horton Alfred blacksmith h 21 William.
HORTON ALBERT H. agent American Express Co. bds 22 Ten Eyck.
Horton A. G. butcher h 68 Washington.
Horton C. L. baggage express bds 73 Mill.
Horton Charles M. painter h 3 Goodale.
Horton Clarence   bds 23 Franklin.
Horton James A. painter h 42 Orchard.
Horton Joseph C.   h 23 Franklin.
Horton Joseph M.   bds 23 Franklin.
Horton Levera dressmaker bds 56 Court.
Horton M. carriage maker h 10 Winslow.
Horton Phiranda   h 47 Water.
Horton Wm. H. blacksmith h 74 State.
Hose Daniel carpenter h 68 Academy.
Hose David F. clerk bds 68 Academy.
Hose John architect h 58 Franklin.
Hose &Kieff (J. H. & D. D. K.) architects 24 Flower Building.-
Hoselton Main J.   h 69 Academy.
Hosford John U. salesman h 5 State.
Hotchkin Herbert B.   h 8 Clay.
Hotchkin M. S. Miss   h 8 Clay.
House H. A. cashier Agrl. Ins. Co. h 61 Washington
House Oscar W. butcher h 12 Howk.
Houston John   bds 7 Goodale.
Houston Thomas Mrs.   h 7 Goodale.
Houston Wm. II. machinist bds 7 Goodale.
Howard Ada C. artist h 4 Union.
HOWARD &ARTHUR (Wm. H. &H.S. A. stoves, furnishing and hardware, 46 Court  
HOWARD CHAS. W. dentist h 35 Keyes avenue.
Howard Eugene B. Mrs.   h 28 William.
Howard J. R. Mrs.   h 4 Union.
HOWARD LYMAN A. stoves and furnishings, 6 Franklin h 1 Jefferson
Howard Porter A farmer h 103 State.
Howard Thos. tinner h 58 Com. Arcade.
Howard Samuel H. barber h 23 High.
HOWARD WILLIAM (Howard & Arthur) h 60 State.
Howe Chas. H. mechanic h 2 Jefferson.
Howe L.   h 109 Franklin.
Howell Jas. A. carpenter bds 77 1/2 Main.
Howk E. B. Miss teacher bds 4 Holcomb.
Howk P. S. Mrs.   h 4 Holcomb.
Howland Anna M. Mrs.   h 107 Moulton.
Howland Chas. W. Mrs.   bds 11 Water.
Howland Joseph H. blacksmith h 2 High.
Hoyt Luther G. Mrs.   bds Kirby House.
Hozzel Edward mechanic bds 3 Hancock.
Hubb R.   h 150 Main.
Hubbard Frank Miss   bds 68 1/2 Main.
Hubbard Byron V.   bds 1 State.
Hubbard Clara E. Miss   bds 8 Massey avenue.
Hubbard Daniel H. barber h 5 Moulton.
Hubbard M. F. Mrs.   h 684 Main.
Hubbard Harvey   bds 8 Mundy.
Hubbard Mabel Miss   bds 68 1/2 Main.
Hubbard Mary Miss   bds 8 Massey avenue.
Hubbard Parnelle P. Miss   bds 8 Massey ave.
Hubbard T. O. Mrs.   bds 68 Main.
Hubbard Volney S. grocer h 1 State.
Hubbard Ward Mrs.   h 8 Massey avenue.
Hudson Rev. C. H. pastor Free Methodist church resides Black River.
Hudson Elizabeth grocer h 127 Muin.
Hudson Wm. Edwin   bds 137 Main.
Huff Ed. W. painter h 24 Burchard.
Huffstater Chas. S.   bds 8 Huntington.
Huffstater Geo. M.   bds 8 Huntington.
HUFFSTATER SIMON P. liquors, 8 1/2 Court h 8 Huntington
Hughes Chas. clerk bds 184 Arsenal.
Hughes Edward T. laborer h 6 Railroad.
Hughes Fred W.   h 22 Sherman.
Hughes Geo. W. laborer h 2 Moulton.
Hughes John blacksmith h 72 Meadow.
Hughes John J. carpenter h 46 Central.
Hughes Joseph barber bds 20 Central ave.
Hughes J. W.   h 18 1/2 Arsenal.
HUGHES MORTON P. baker h 124 Court.
Hughes Oscar D. brakeman h 52 Meadow.
Hughes Richard   bds 2 West.
Hughes Thomas laborer bds 72 Meadow.
Hughes William helper h 36 Factory.
Hughes William   h 67 Meadow.
Hughes Wm. L. laborer bds 20 Central ave.
Hughes Wm. L. laborer bds 20 Morrison.
Hughes Wm. W.   h 21 Huntington.
Hulbut Ola Miss   bds 9 Gotham.
Hulbut John cheese dealer h 9 Gotham.
Hull Nettie B. Mrs.   bds 69 Arsenal.
Hull Wm mechanic h 10 Burchard.
Hungerford Brayton W.   h 45 LeRay.
HUNGERFORD C. A. grocer h 14 Clinton
Hungerford Chas. II. draughtsman bds 11 Jay.
Hungerford Egbert H. produce h 11 Jay.
Hungerford Ernest H.   bds 2-A Jackson.
Hungerford Frances E. Miss   h 44 Washington.
Hungerford L. Miss tailoress. h 2-A Jackson.
Hungerford Orville   h 44 Washington.
HUNGERFORD ORVILLE-E. job printing 7 and 9 Anthony
Hungerford Richard E.   h 42 Washington.
Hungerford Richard S.   h 8 Sherman.
Hungerford Sophia Miss.   h 40 Stone.
Hunt Otis   bds 109 Main.
Hunt Horace S.   h 2 Hunt.
Hunt Soranus J. carpenter h 1 Orchard-
Hunt Theodore janitor h 12 Dimick.
Hunter Henry R.   h 4 Davidson.
Hunter P. carriage maker bds 103 Main.
Hunter Seth G. millwright h 14 Rutland.
Hunter Wm. E. - bds Central House.
Huntington A. W. Mrs - bds 47 TenEyck.
Huntington Frederick R. teller. City National Bank bds 1 Winslow
Huntington Isaac L. painter h 55 Arsenal.
Huntington J. D. dentist, 1 Washington Hall  
Huntington J. Fred dentist h 53 Hamilton.
Huntington Mary A. Mrs. - bds 7 State.
HUNTINGTON RICHARD H. cashier City Nat. bank h 1 Winslow.
Huntley Emma J. Miss - bds 60 Academy.
Huntley H. E. Mrs. - h 60 Academy.
Hurd Edgar H. laborer h 10 Pearl.
Hurd Geo. W. mason h Highland ave
HURD JAMES W. grocer h 13 Water
Huson David B. painter h 25 1/2 Court.
Husted Alonzo Mrs. - h 9 Newell.
Hutchins David carpenter h 1 High.
Hutchins Geo. E. printer h 17 Cooper.
Hutchins Jno. M. mechanic h 8 Brainard.
Hutchins Louis P. painter h 18 High.
Hutchins Willis S. clerk bds 1 High.
Huyck David S. carpenter h 74 Franklin.
Hyatt John M. - bds 8 Jay.
Hyde Chas. H. clerk bds 71 Washington..
Hyde John W. barber h 21 1/2 Court.
Hyland Wm.   h 7 Hamlin.
Illingworth Amealeas - bds 107 Moulton.
Illingworth Edward laborer bds 5 Lepper.
Illingworth Frank H. - bds 5 Lepper
INGALLS LOTUS editor Watertown Post 35 Arsenal
Inglehart Chester C. grocer h 53 Massey.
Inglehart Hiram F. - h 47 TenEyck.
Ingraham Bertrand - h 20 Sherman.
Ioor A. R. Miss kindergarten school bds 35 Washington.
Irving Everett B. clerk bds 3 LeRay.
Irwin Anson W. machinist h 25 High.
Irwin John laborer h 9 Dorsey.
Isham Wilson farmer h Water.
Ivers Myron restaurant 88 Court.
IVES GEO. H. physician bds American.
Ives Willard - h Ives.
Jackman Abi S. Miss - bds 36 Massey.
Jackman Benjamin clerk h Emerson.
Jackman Daniel L. - bds 36 Massey.
Jackson Edward J.   h 35 Lynde.
Jackson Eliza Miss baker Co. Asylum.
Jackson Emily domestic 59 Washington.
Jackson Frederick carpenter h 16 Cooper.
Jackson Geo. laborer h 16 Prospect.
Jackson Herbert C. carpenter h 13 Boon.
Jackson Joseph laborer h 11 Summer.
Jackson Mary Mrs. - h 16 Prospect.
Jackson Walter waiter bds 4 1/2 Walthatn.
Jackson Wm. - bds 16 Prospect.
Jacobs Fred stone mason bds 100 Court.
Jacobs John stone mason bds 100 Court..
Jacobs Lucy A. Mrs. cook, Harris House.  
Jameson Mary Mrs. - h 34 1/2 Court.
Jamierson Hattie J. Miss - bds 5 Mechanic..
Jareo Samuel carpenter h 33 Howk.
Jaynes Hattie Miss domestic 6 Munson.
Jeffers Fred - h 28 Bradley.
Jeffers M.   h 23 Commercial Arcade.
Jefferson Co. Milk Asso. - depot 16 Polk office 70 Court  
Jeffery Wm. laborer h 35 1/2 Public Square.
Jeffs Henry cellarman Globe Hotel.  
Jenkins John L. - bds 23 Meadow.
Jenkins Luther B. - h 57 Huntington.
Jennings C. Miss dressmaker bds 8 Clay.
Jennings Geo. W. Mrs. - h 14 Bradley.
JENNINGS P. C. meat market, 69 Public Square h 5 Jackman.
Jennings Stella Miss dressmaker bds 8 Clay.
Jensen Charles mechanic h 99 1/2 Factory.
Jenter Edward laborer h 186 Main.
Jero Louisa Mrs.   h rear 59 Factory.
JESS HENRY (Nill &Jess) h 9 Coffeen
Jess Henry M. - bds 9 Coffeen.
Jessamin Adam laborer h 19 Huntington.
Jessamin Alexander - h 11 Dorsey.
Jessamin Betsey Mrs. - h 11 Wood ford.
Jessamin Ed. L. clerk bds 23 LeRay.
Jessamin Fred J. clerk bds 23 LeRay.
Jessamin Lewis - bds 6 Hamilton.
Jessamin Nellie Miss - h Haney.
Jessamin Peter laborer h Dorsey.
Jessamin Wm. laborer h 8 Smith ave.
Jewett Geo. W. jeweler h 13 State.
Jewett Henry Mrs. - h 8 Hamilton.
Jeyes Henry S. machinist h 1 Olive.
Jim Charles Chinese laundry h 93 Court.
Jobey Charles L.   bds Romang House.
Johnson Alba A. bookkeeper h 54 Stone.
Johnson Alexander laborer h 11 LeRay.
Johnson Archie B. - h 96 Franklin.
Johnson Cornelia M. - bds 10 Winthrop.
Johnson Edward bookkeeper bds 11 LeRay.
Johnson Eugene laborer h 10 Lamon.
Johnson Eugene - bds 104 Main.
Johnson Eliza Miss - h 35 Washington.
Johnson Fannie A. teacher bds 12 TenEyck.
Johnson F. J. Mrs. - h 16| Public Square.
Johnson Henry D. mechanic h 24 Main.
Johnson Herbert I. polisher h 99 Moulton.
Johnson Joanna N. Miss - h 35 Washington.
Johnson Leland H.   bds 16 1/2 Public Square.
Johnson Lewis   bds 99 Moulton.
Johnson M. - bds 95 1/2 Factory.
Johnson Mary J. Miss - bds 10 Winthrop.
JOHNSON THOMAS N. laundry bds 48 Arsenal
Johnson Wm. laborer bds 13 Hamilton.
Johnson Wm. conductor h 14 Howk.
Johnson Wm. - hds 12 Union.
Johnson Wm. H. mechanic bds 24 Main.
Joiner John brakeman bds 80 Stone.
Joiner Millard E. clerk h 624 Mill.
Jones Albert D. - bds 22 Jefferson.
Jones Benj. P. blacksmith h 16 Jefferson.
Jones Chas. R. machinist bds67 Court.
Jones Chas. E. Mrs. - h 67 Court.
Jones Clayton A. clerk h 31 Emerson.
Jones Colon E. - h 11 Pearl.
Jones Deloss carpenter h 1 Summer.
Jones Edward - bds 43 Coffleen.
Jones Ellsworth molder bds Central House.
Jones Elvin D. - h 56 Commercial Arcade.
Jones Gary M. teacher bds 6 Mullin.
Jones George S. - h 13 Keyes.ave.
Jones Henry - h 22 Jefferson.
Jones Henry A. - bds 13 Keyes ave.
Jones John tailor h 13 LeRay.
Jones John E. - bds 6 Cadwell.
JONES JOHN W. carpenter and builder h 6 Cadwell.
Jones Orville   bds Harris House.
Jones Otis   bds 8 Polk.
Jones Otis   bds 19 Huntington.
Jones Silas D. carpenter h 1 Summer.
Jones Smith R. printer bds 67 Court.
Jones Wm. - bds 19 Huntington.
Jones W. H. clerk bds 80 Franklin.
Jones Wm. H. J. - h 75 River.
Jones W. S. R.W.&O. RR. h 12 Jay.
Jorolmon Mary housekeeper, Woodruff  
Joslin F. K mechanic h 18 Lansing.
Joslin Wm. molder bds 12 Jeffprson.
Joy 0. T. machinist h 11 Bronson.
Joyce Emerson E. - h 4 Vale.
Joyce Clarence   h 84 Massey.
Joyce Florence   h 84 Massey.
Joyce Henry cheesemaker h 4 Vale.
Joyce Thomas laborer h 13 Factory.
Juby Wm. H. painter h 146 Main.
July Wm. - h 139 Main.
Kaake Ernest H. - bds 103 Davidison.
Kaley Catharine Mrs. - h 9 Orchard.
Kaley Katie Miss - bds 9 Orchard.
Kaley Mary Miss - bds 9 Orchard.
Kaley M. Mrs. - h 25 Hoard.
Kanaley John - bds 16 Union.
Kane Christopher laborer h 147 Arsenal.
Kane Daniel machinist bds Kirby House.
Kane Jerry carpenter bds 31 Coffeen.
Kates Thos. F. mason h 1 1/2 Goodale.
Kauch Philip mason h 7 Curtis.
Kavanagh Lawrence laborer h 34 1/2 High.
Kavanagh Thos. laborer h 32 Central.
Kavanaugh Wm. T. blacksmith h 32 Centr
Kay Geo. W. clerk bds 11 William.
Keach Wayman farmer h 31 Pine.
Kearman Mary Miss waitress Woodruff
Kearney John - h 154 Arsenal.
Kearney Lawrence engineer h 77 Coffeen
Kearns Anna Mrs. - h 156 Main.
Kearns Henry machinist h 47 Academy.
Kearns Thomas F. lawyer h 45 TenEyck
Keating Martin laborer h Holcomb.
Keating Martin J. laborer bds Holcomb.
KEATINGr WM. R. wines and liquors and cigars h 56 1/2 Arsenal.
Keefe Wm. Mrs. - h 40 Factory.
Keefe Wm. C. laborer h 40 Factory.
Keefer Frank insurance h 8 William.
Keenan Albert machinist bds 18 Pearl.
Keenan Thomas molder h 18 Pearl.
Keene Esther Mrs. - h 9 State.
Keith Geo. roadmaster h 71 Arsenal.
Kellar Barton - bds 2 Prospect.
Kellar Chas. T. carpenter h 2 Boundary.
Kellar Emma Miss   bds 33 High.
Kellar Emma J. - inmate Keep Home.
Kellar Erastus laborer bds 2 Prospect.
Kellar Geo. mechanic bds 2 Prospect.
Kellar Isaac carpenter h 33 High.
Kellar John C. - h 9 Remington
Kellar Mary Miss dressmaker bds 33 High.
Kellar Peter N. - inmate Keep Home.
Kellar P. Nelson carpenter h 6 Lawrence.
Kellar Thomas C. painter h 20 Massey.
Kelley Ann Miss - h 43 State.
Kelley C. F. - h 100 Massey.
Kelley C. F. telegrapher bds Crowner.
Kelley E. J. telegrapher bds Crowner.
Kelley Frederick B. clerk bds 5 1/2 Lamon.
Kelley Geo. W. barber h 5 1/2 Lamon.
Kelley John R. tinner bds 12 Prospect.
Kelley Michael clerk bds 8 Jackson.
Kelley Mortimer laborer bds 9 Hancock.
Kelley Patrick laborer h 85 Mill.
Kelley Philip - h 10 Hewitt.
Kelley Richard laborer h 5 1/2 Lamon.
Kelley Robert brass finisher h 101 Main.
Kelley Wm. machinist bds 101 Main.
Kelley Wm. laborer h Massey above Ives.
Kelley Wm. M. barber h 9 Jefferson.
Kellock Agnes Mrs. - h 31 Court.
Kellock Wm. laundryman h 17 Arcade.
Kellogg Charles S. - h 15 Boyd.
Kellogg Guy S. clerk bds 15 Boyd.
Kellogg Israel A. bookkeeper h 36 Orchard.
Kells William J. mechanic h 15 Lansing.
Kelsey L. A. music teacher bds 38 Coffeen.
Kelsey Gilbert M. Mrs. - h 38 Coffeen.
Kelsey Sarah L. Mrs - bds 54 Central.
Kemp Geo. B. bookkeeper bds 42 Stone.
Kemp John E. - h 42 Stone.
Kendall Luther 0. mechanic h 57 Meadow.
Kendall Martin W. mechanic b 21 Emerson.
Kennedy Andrew E. saloon h 84 Factory.
Kennedy E. E. machinist h 65 Arsenal.
Kennedy Fanny housekeeper 23 Ten Eyck.
Kennedy Hattie Miss domestic Harris House.
Kennedy Mary Mrs. domestic Harris House.
Kennedy Wesley blacksmith h 55 Academy.
Kennehan Bernard J.   h 41 Com. Arcade.
Kenney Geo. P. Rev.   bds 1 Wall.
Kenny James   h 193 Arsenal.
Kenny Michael J. machinist bds 15 Cooper
Kenyon Eugene fireman h 112 Arsenal.
Kenyon Henry laborer h rear Cedar
Kenyon James B. Rev. pastor Arsenal-st. M.E. church h 58 Arsenal.
Kenyon Thomas M. overseer Henry Keep Home, 100 Washington  
Kenyon Wm.   bds 12 Union
Keon Ann Mrs. laborer h 50 Com. Arcade.
Keon P. Mrs.   h 35 Massey.
Kerrigan Mary L. nurse bds 10 Engine.
Ketcham Hiram   h 35 High.
Keyes Harriet H. Miss   bds 53 Washington.
Keyes Richard G. Rev.   h 53 Washington
Kieff Bridget Mrs.   bds 64 Massey.
Kieff Daniel builder h 65 Stone.
Kieff David D. architect bds FA Massey.
Kieff John carpenter bds 64 Massey.
Kieff M. Mrs.   h 64 Massey.
Kieff Mary A. Miss   h 64 Massey.
Kieff Thomas carpenter bds 64 Massey.
Kieff William   bds Globe Hotel.
Kilfeather Matthew laborer bds 10 Dorsey.
Kilfeather Mary Mrs.   h 10 Dorsey.
Kilean Thomas   h 28 Central.
Killbourn.R. Mrs. R. Mrs. nurse bds 10A-A Coffeen..
Killcullen. Kate Kate domestic, 8 Orchard  
Kimball A. E. Mrs.   h 33 Massey.
Kimball Artemetia L. Mrs.   h 72 Washington.
KIMBALL CHARLES C. optician, 2 Washington Hall bds 58 Stone.
Kimball Charles W. clerk h 2 Boyd
Kimball George C. Mrs.   bds 58 Stone
Kimball John B. 0. collector bds 2H-Court
KIMBALL JOSEPH C. directory publisher h 58 Stonp.
Kimball Sarah H. Miss   bds 1-A Sterling
Kimberley Edward L.   bds 32 1/2 Factory.
Kimmerley Edward   bds 63 Factory.
King Egbert R.   h 55 Factory.
KING FERDINAND P. clothier h 23 Winslow
King Maria R. Mrs.,   h 23 Winslow.
King Wm.   h 77 Moulton
Kingsbury Edwin   bds Washington House.
Kingsley Wm. G. clothing bds Globe.
Kinney Mary Miss waitress City Hotel.
Kinsey H. H. com. Traveler h 20 Elizabeth.
Kirby James P.   h 11 Mechanic.
Kirby Joseph K., mason  
Kirk Bessie Miss laundress Harris House.
Kirkland James   bds 8 Polk.
Kirkpatrick John laborer h 4 Grove.
Kirn J. tailor h 17 Munson.
Kittley Wm. laborer h 143 Arsenal.
Kline Frank chief cook, Woodruff House.  
Kline Frederick dyer h 35 Factory
Klock Arthur farmer h 86 Main.
Klock Fred G. accountant h 4 Munson
Klock Milton R.   h 169 Washington.
Klock Morgan farmer h 127 Washington
Klotz Leonard clerk bds 70 Massey.
KLUMP CHRISTOPHER boots and shoes h 15 Winslow.
Klump John mechanic h 50 1/2 Court
Knapp Charles E. laborer h 32 Meadow.
KNAPP EGBERT W. (Winslow &Knapp Lumber Co.) contractor and builder h 51 Academy
Knapp Fred B. clerk bds 32 Meadow.
Knapp Frederick M - h 18 Bronson.
Knapp Hiram carpenter h 65 1/2 Main.
Knapp John carpenter h 10 Lansing.
Knapp Joseph   bds 25 Moulton.
Knapp Manila Mrs. - h 12 Jefferson.
Knapp Maria Mrs. - h 64 Academy.
Knapp O. L. - bds 12 Jeflerson.
Knickerbocker R. C. teacher bds 59 Washington.
Knickerbocker E. L. Mrs. - h 59 Washington.
Knickerbocker Hubert DeL. physician bds 59 Washington.
Knight Joel teamster h 20 High.
Knight Frederick laborer h 12 Railroad.
Knights John - bds 60 Academy.
KNOWLTON BROS. (G. W. and John C.) paper manf'rs 14 and 16 Mill  
Knowlton George S. - h 18 Trinity Place.
Knowlton George W. Mrs - h 39 Stone.
KNOWLTON GEORGE W. (Knowlton Bros.) h 11 Clinton
Knowlton Hiram W. butcher h 50 Factory.
KNOWLTON JOHN C. (Knowlton Bros.) h Sterling Place.
Knowlton Wm. laborer h 77 River.
Knupfer Frank - bds Romang House.
Krake Wm. E. carpenter h 60 LeRay.
Kramer Martin S. machinist bds 14 Curtis.
Kramer Louis machinist h 14 Curtis.
Krank Jenevine Miss - bds 19 1/2 Emerson.
Krank Joseph cigar maker h 19 1/2 Emerson.
Krank H. Sheridan - bds 19 1/2 Emerson.
Krank Bertha Miss - bds 19 1/2 Emerson.

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