DIRECTORY OF 1891-1892.

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Watertown Directory, U-V-W-X-Y-Z

Last Name First Name Occupation/ Business Residence
Ullman Isadore C clerk h 4 Prospect
Ullman Julia H. Miss   bds 72 Massey
ULLMAN MOYER clothier h 72 Massey
Ullman Samuel L.   bds 72 Massey
Umber John laborer bds 7 D &F Block
Upel Peter laborer h 4 Gill
Upel Theodore laborer h 3 Grant
Upham Addison L. county treasurer and assistant cashier and teller Nat. Union Bank h 12 Sterling
Upham Chas. O. clerk bds 23 Clinton
Upham Samuel A.   bds 23 Clinton
UPHAM S.B. cashier Nat. Union Bank h 23 Clinton
Utley Albert M.   bds 30 Sterling
Utley Corney L. Mrs.   h 10 Howk
Valin Charles' carpenter bds 48 Arsenal.
Valin James   h 8 1/2 Moulton.
Vallat J. R   h 18 Burchard.
Vallat Thaddens W. tailor h 115 Factory.
Valley Albert H. carpenter h 17 Cedar.
Valley Eliza E. teacher bds 11 Benedict.
Valley Euphrosine Mrs.   h 11 Benedict.
Valley Frank news agent bds 41 Factory.
Valley Frederick laborer h 102 Arsenal.
Valley Marie P. Miss   bds 11 Benedict.
Valley Melena A. Miss   bds 11 Benedict.
Vallier Orris   bds 26 Franklin.
Vallois Theo. delivery clerk h 35 LeRay.
Vallois Theo. jr.   h Morrison.
Valentine David L.   h 20 Emerson.
Van Alstine Edward carpenter h 7 Wall.
Van Alstine Geo. A. wood turner bds 9 Sterling.
Van Alstine John B. carpenter bds 7 Wall.
Van Alstine John V. carpenter h 92 Moulton.
Van Amber Charles W.   h 24 Cooper.
Van Amber Clark   h 57 American Arcade.
Van Amber Fanny A. compositor bds 24 Cooper.
Van Amber Frederick   h 39 Bronson.
Van Amber Oren D. contractor h 27 Main.
Van Antwerp Chas. W.   h 33 Hamilton.
Van Arnam E. M. Mrs.   h 2 Grove.
Van Brakle Chas. H.   h 4 Benedict.
Van Brunt Helen E. Mrs.   h 4 Sterling.
Van Brunt Peter W.   bds Kirby House.
Van Camp John W. clerk h 32 Orchard.
Van Coughnet Edward   h 17 Cross.
Van Coughnet Ira laborer h 27 Meadow.
Van Coughnet Mrs. domestic - Romang House.  
Vandewalker Alonzo farmer h 82 Main
Vandewalker Eugene E. clerk h 93 Main.
Vandewalker Layton bartender h 28 High.
Vandewalker Robert carpenter h 20 Bronson.
Vandewaters Daniel laborer h 49 Mill
VAN DOREN CORNELIUS I. builder - 25 Mill h 118 Main.
Van Dresen George   h 8-A Bronson.
Van Dusen James molder h 2 Front.
Van Duzee Albert   bds 26 Orchard.
Van Duzee Byron G.   h 26 Orchard.
Van Epps Byron P.   h 13 Bradley.
Van Epps James G. turner h 43 Central.
VAN EPPS MORTIMER N. boots and shoes h 63 State
Van Namee Chas. C.   bds 20 State.
VAN NAMEE EUGENE C. druggist h 28 Massey
Van Namee Nathan lawyer bds 13 Jay.
Van Namee Richard Mrs.   h 20 State.
Van Ostrand D. Mrs.   h 13 Mullin.
Van Vleck Geo. marble dealer h 68 Court
VAN WERT CHEMICAL CO.   11 Anthony  
VANWORMER FLOYD S. proprietor Oakland House.  
Van Wormer John 0. policeman bds Oakland.
Van Wormer Orville B.   h 13 Coffeen.
VAN WORMER O.D. prop. Oakland House  
Van Wormer Winford   h rear 31 Prospect.
Varley James mason h 20 Lansing.
Veitch Geo. G. molder h 14 Stone.
Venton Wm.   h 42 Window.
Vernum Eve Mrs.   h 58 Franklin.
Vernum Orville S. painter h 12 1/2 Huntington.
Victory E.. paper maker paper maker h 63 State.
Vieu Francis   bds 7 Van Duzee.
Vieu Louis shoemaker h 7 Van Duzee.
Vincent Arthur B. chemist - Crowner.  
Vineall John E.   bds 27 Franklin.
Vinier Anna dressmaker h 17 Emerson.
Visscher John B.   bds 6 1/2 Washington.
WADDINGHAM FRED hardware h 19 Paddock
Waddingham Fred H.   bds 19 Paddock
Wade Frank J. clerk bds 40 Gotham
Wade Mattie Mrs.   h 17 1/2 River
Wade Orrison   bds 3 Morrison
Wadley Antoinette C.   h 15 Sherman
Wagar Alpheus   bds 7 New York ave.
Wagar David C.   h 7 New York ave.
Wagar Edward blacksmith h 32 1/2 Factory
Wagar Isaac M. carpenter h 11 Cross
Wagar John H. carpenter h 25 Mechanic
Wagar John P. painter bds 25 Mechanic
Wagar Steward C.   bds 7 New York ave.
WAGAR THOMAS S. contractor and builder h 72 Academy
Wagar Arthur laborer h 15 Lawrence
Wagar Elmer tinner bds 15 Lawrence
Wait Daniel D. carpenter bds 21 Cooper
Wait Dorephus A. hardware h 3 LeRay
Wait Ebenezer L. keeper of asylum County House
Wait Edward J. malstr h 6 Jay
Wait Hamilton A.   h 55 Franklin
Wait J. Bronson keeper at County House
Wait John   bds 5 Jackman
Wait John T. Mrs.   h 13 Sterling
Wait Wm T. clerk h 8 Mechanic
Waite A.E. Mrs.   h 3 Mundy
Waite Abram H.   h 17 Mechanic
Waite Bert T. carpenter bds 55 1/2 Franklin
Waite Clark M.   h 56 Washington
Waite E.Mrs. L. matron County Asylum
Waite Hamilton A.   h 55 1/2 Franklin
Waite Harlow B. Mrs.   h 56 Academy
Waite Horace G. mechanic bds 3 Mundy
Waite H. Dean   h 35 Franklin
Waite Ira   bds 1 Maple ave
Waite John W. molder bds 81 Coffeen
Waite Mary J Miss   h 28 Moulton
WAITE SHERMAN D. restaurant h 8 Front
Waits Elizabeth T. Miss   h 6 Mullin
Wakefield John F. carpenter h 67 State
Wakefield Laura J.Miss tailoress h 67 State
Wakeman A. fish bait mfr. bds 34 High
Wakeman Sheldon   bds 7 Vincent
Walch Frank laborer bds 14 Franklin
Walker Frederick   bds 84 Coffeen
Walker Geo. Mrs.   h 19 1/2 Public Square
Walker Geo. B engineer bds 39 Meadow
Walker Geo. H. lawyer bds 53 Franklin
Walker Geo. S. night watch h 4 Cadwell
Walker Herbert D. printer bds 4 Cadwell
Walker Jennie M.   bds 19 1/2 Public Square
Walker Joseph T.   h 53 Franklin
Walker Kate M. teacher bds 4 Sherman
Walker Marcus J. carpenter h 32 Moulton
Walker Mamie G. teacher h 4 Sherman
Walker U.C. Mrs. teacher and secretary of Board of Charities and of Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children h 32 Moulton
Wallace Archibald   bds 68 Mill
Walling Luke   h Ontario Mills, Main-st.
Wallis George machinist h 4 Bronson
Wallis Robert gardener h Water
Wallbridge Wm. J.   h 43 Central
Waller Thomas   bds 54 Massey
Walrath Aaron H.   h 2 Jefferson
Walrath Daniel A. clerk h 125 Main
Walrath Irwin S.   bds 129 Massey
Walrath Jonas Mrs. inmate Keep Home
Walrath Sidney C. farmer h 129 Massey
Walrath Peter   h 3 Boyd
Walroth Robert H.   h 13 Emerson
Walsh James   Romang House
Walsh Wm. machinist bds 8 Cooper
WALTS CHARLES H. lawyer h 8 Winslow
Walts Frank bookkeeper h 15 Jay
Walts Fred S.   h 15 LeRay
Walts J. Milton   h 20 Thompson
Walts Wm.   h 19 LeRay
Ward J. Frances carpenter h 1 1/2 Baker
Ward Frederick clerk bds 9 Center
WARD JAMES A. lawyer h 15 Holcomb
Ward John   bds 6 Davidson
WARD JOHN painter h 9 Center
Ward Peter A. constable h 6 Davidson
Ward Peter J.   h 7 William
Ward Thomas J.   bds 6 Davidson
Ward Walter draughtsman h 7 Baker
Ward Wm. painter bds 9 Center
WARDWELL NATHANIEL P. cashier h 12 Clinton
Wardwell Emma B. Mrs.   Sterling Place
Wardwell Emma S. Miss   Sterling Place
Wardwell Wm. H.   Sterling Place
Ware John Mrs.   h 4 Prospect
Ware Mary Mrs.   bds 39 Stone
WARNER HORACE H. mechanic h 38 Rutland
Warner Stephen laborer h 29 1/2 LeRay
Warner L. Mrs. housekeeper 3 Mullin
Warren James Mrs. laborer h 16 boon
Warren James H. carpenter h 30 Moulton
Warren John porter h 68 Franklin
WASHBURN JOHN Superintendent County House
WASHBURN LEVE Sheriff h 6 Massey
Washburn L.R. bookkeeper bds Co. House
Washburn Wallace E.   h 9 Academy
Washer Frederick A.   h 3 Burns Ave
Washer Joseph drayman h 137 Arsenal
Washer Oliver laborer bds 24 Binsse
Waters John   h 9 Water
Watkins Clinton D.   h 179 Main
Watson Alpheus T.   h 7 1/2-A Mechanic
Watson Geo.   bds Ontario Mills, Main-st.
Watson John night clerk Woodruff House
Watson Samuel helper bds 73 Factory
Watt John Mrs.   h 32 High
Watt Thomas Mrs.   h 32 High
Weal Wm. E   h 6 Howk
Weaver G.W.   h 3 1/2 Bronson
Weaver Jacob Mrs.   h 25 Keyes Avenue
Weaver Jeremiah farmer h 150 State
Weaver Robert E.   h 14 Huntington
WEBB EDWARD P. lawyer h 21 Elizabeth
Webb Frederick   bds 117 1/2 Main
Webb Herbert J. printer bds 3 Bradley
Webb Henry S.   bds 30 Burchard
Webb J. Nelson   h 1 Maple Avenue
Webb R.O. printer h 3 Bradley
Webb Stanely W. Mrs.   h 11 Boyd
Webb Wm.   bds 12 Meadow
Webber James   h Ontario mills, Main St.
Webster Annie Miss   bds 9 State
Webster Effie Miss waitress Kirby House
Webster Ella Mrs.   bds 9 state
Webster John H. news agent h 9 State
Webster Lottie Miss waitress Kirby House
Webster Simeon G.   20 Ten Eyck
Weckesser Fred Clerk bds 4 Arch
Weckesser Joseph blacksmith h 941/2 Court
Weeks Joseph L. Mrs.   h 70 Mill
Weeks Justin W.   bds 72 Franklin
Weldner Charles saloon bds 1 Academy
Weir John machinist bds 48 Arsenal
Weise Ausustus laborer h 29 Central
Welch Albro B   h 23 Mechanic
Welch Fred   bds Washington House
Welch Mrs. laborer bds 80 Main
Welch Orrin E painter h 12 Curtis
Weldon Ada teacher bds 133 Arsenal
Weldon Andrew   h 10 Bradley
Weldon James   h rear 30 Factory
Weldon James laborer bds 133 Arsenal
Weldon Thomas   bds 133 Arsenal
Weller Frank E. carpenter h 15 State
Wells Chas. laborer h 35 1/2 Public Square
Wells Edmund H. trimmer h 2 Lamon
Wells Edmund H., jr clerk bds 2 Lamon
Wells Ervine C. painter h 9 Hamlin
Wells Levi laborer h 10 Coffeen
Wells Steward G.   h 18 Prospect
Welsh M.   bds 92 Factory
Welsh William mason h 9 Boon
Wemple Edwin C.   h 63 Washington
Wennholz Henry clerk bds 44 Mullin
Wenzel Frederick barber h 10 1/2 Academy
Werner Augusta Miss   bds 25 1/2 Elizabeth
Werner Charles R. plumber h 84 Franklin
Werner J.G. Mrs.   h 25 1/2 Elizabeth
West Charles T. engineer h 35 Prospect
West Nellie Mrs.   h 35 1/2 Public Square
Westlake Geo. mason h rear 33 Factory
Westlake John miller bds 34 High Street
Westley Geo. mason bds 47 Factory
Weston Wm. M. grocer h 74 State
Wetterhahn Elizabeth Miss   bds 24 1/2 Court
Wetterhahn Henry F. watchman bds 24 1/2 Court
Wetterhahn J. Mrs.   h 24 1/2 Court
Wetterhahn Uistne seamstress bds 24 1/2 Court
Wetterhahn Wm.   h 8 Gotham
Whalen John watchman h 124 1/2 Arsenal
Whalen Walter   bds 13 Factory
Whaley Marcus F.   h 10 1/2-A Coffeen
Wheeler Edward painter h 22 Stone
Wheeler Frederick C.   h 7 Munson
Wheeler Henry   bds 7 Munson
Wheeler Horton   h 24 Clay south
Wheeler John H. painter bds 27 High
Wheeler Julia   h 83 Court
Wheeler Mary A.   h 57 Stone
Wheeler Emma   h 3 Sterling
Wheeler Warren B.   bds 39 Rutland
Wheelock Addison W.   h 71 Coffeen
Whitcomb Elizabeth Mrs.   h 34 1/2 Court
White A.B. Mrs.   h 8 Union
White A.J. Miss   bds 41 Arsenal
White David   h 113 Washington
White Emma C. Mrs.   76 Moulton
White Eva Mrs. dressmaker bds 18 Massey
White James mason h 5 Bronson
White Lawrence laborer h 157 Arsenal
White M.S. Mrs. housekeeper 45 Massey
White Peter   bds 5 Bronson
White Warren A. constable h 17 Goodale
Whiting Lillian domestic 44 Washington
Whitmore Alfred   bds Ont. Mills, Main-st.
Whitney Ann Mrs.   h Hunt
Whitney Frank C.   h Hunt
WHITNEY GEORGE R. grocer h 10 Keyes Ave
WHITNEY HENRY C. sec'y and supt. Watertown Gas Light Co. bds 33 Clinton
Whitney Leland bookkeeper bds 10 Keyes Ave
Whone Mrs.   h 11 Moulton
WICKS HUGHES &GRIFFITH steam and gas fitter 11 Franklin
Wickham Irving   h 54 Academy
Wiggins Gero. W. clothing h 30 Clinton
Wight R. Eugene insurance h 9 TenEyck
Wilbur Belle S. Miss   bds 72 Washington
Wilbur Hiram M. lawyer bds Harris House
Wilbur Louise hair worker h 5 Jackson
Wilcox Browning A.   h 68 Jackson
Wilcox Edmund R. lawyer bds 48 Stone
Wilcox Frank F. insurance bds 48 Stone
Wilcox Harry W. clerk bds 48 Stone
Wilcox Oren S. insurance bds 48 Stone
Wilda H. restaurant h 36 Public square
Wilde Thomas Mrs.   bds 27 Paddock
WILDER BROTHERS SOLON and GEORGE prop'rs Crowner House 72, 74, 76 Court
Wilder Chary Mrs. inmate Keep Home
Wilder E. telegrapher bds 104 Arsenal
Wilder Frank clerk bds 80 Franklin
WILDER GEORGE H. proprieter Crowner House
Wilder Lena dressmaker h 23 Moulton
Wilder Mercy L. Mrs.   h 110 Main
WILDER SOLON prop'r Crowner House
Wiley Allen   h 49 State
Wiley Mark A. paper maker h 61 Meadow
Wilkie H.W.   h 130 Washington
WILLARD EDWARD S. physician h 31 Franklin
Willard George Mrs.   h 7 Boyd
Willard Sherman H. machinist bds 70 Mill.
Willard Sterling A.   h 19 Keyes avenue
WILLIAMS A.D. prop'r Kirby House
Williams Benjamin mason h 88 Arsenal
Williams Emerson A. laborer h 23 Moulton
Williams Frederick T.   h 15 Woodruff
Williams George   h 38 Gotham
Williams George   bds Washington House
Williams Harry ostler Globe Hotel
Williams Henry mason bds 88 Arsenal
Williams Henry G. painter h 12 William
WILLIAMS HOLLAND M. carpenter h 81 Arsenal
Williams John B. blacksmith h 123 Main
Williams John L. painter h 114 Arsenal
Williams Leslie A.   h 6 Mundy
Williams Louise Mrs.   bds 2 Sherman
Williams Pardon C. Judge of the Supreme Court h 11 TenEyck
Williams Polly Miss inmate Keep Home
Williams Robert   bds 131 Main
Williams Robert   h 1 Lincoln
Williams Robert laborerr h 1 Lincoln
Williams Thomas   h 3 1/2 Court
Williams Win. G.   h 12 Sherman
Willix Daniel   h 19 West Mullin
Willoughby Frank L.   h 6 Gotham
Wilmot Burton C.   bds 77 Washington
Wilmot Ernest A.   Crowner House
Wilmot E. stenographer bds 80 Franklin
Wilmot Osee W.   h 3 Paddock
Wilmot Russell   h 77 Washington
Wilson Alex. N. farmer h 70 Huntington
WILSON ALEXANDER R. art rooms h 4 Orchard
Wilson Andrew I. cider m'f'r h 2 Engine
Wilson Catharine Mrs.   h 115 Main
Wilson Charles farmer h 112 State
WILSON EDWIN J. prop'r Washington House 31 Public Square
Wilson Fred B. plumber h 25 Elizabeth
Wilson George butcher h 77 Rutland
Wilson Hattie E. domestic 6 Massey ave.
Wilson James S. laborer h 112 1/2 Arsenal
WILSON JAMES C. iron workds h 3 Gotham
Wilson John   h 51 Massey
Wilson John painter bds 104 Arsenal
Wilson John R. meat market h 52 State
Wilson Louis G. plumber bds 2 Jay
Wilson Lyman H.   h 15 Elizabeth
Wilson Richard B. farmer h 86 State
Wilson Samuel J.   bds 175 Main
Wilson Wm. blacksmith bds 27 Mechanic
Wilson Wm. A.   bds 26 Franklin
Wilson Wm. A. clerk bds 12 Orchard
Wilson Wm. C. laborer h 105 Washington
Wilson Wm. D. ironworker h 2 Jay
Wiltse Archibald   bds 14 1/2 Factory
Wiltse E. Mrs.   h 14 1/2 Factory
Wiltse Jeff   bds 8 Piolk
Wiltse Watson tailor bds 14 1/2 Factory
Winch Charles mechanic bds
Winch William Mrs.   h 27 State
Windover Pheby Mrs.   bds 6 Waltham
Windover Wm. painter h 7 Summer
Wing Ira D. machinist bds 4 Curtis
Wingle John C.   h 54 Arsenal
Winne Frederick assistant Trinity church h 53 Arsenal
WINSLOW BRADLEY lawyer 26 1/2 Public Square
Winslow Clarion B. clerk bds 23 Winslow
Winslow Geraldine C. Mrs.   h 24 Clinton
WINSLOW HARRY job prnter bds 5 Sterling
Winslow Jeremiah Rev   h 51 State
Winslow Newell H.   h 65 State
WINSLOW NORRIS manufacturer and lumber dealer h 5 Sterling
WINSLOW &KNAPP LUMBER CO. "president, N. Winslow vice president and supt, E.W. Knapp sec'y and treas., Geo. N. Brown" office and works 31, 33 and 35 Moulton
WINSLOW WM. A.   h 7 1/2 Winthrop
Wirtz Alfred mechanic bds 38 Factory
Wirtz Charles machinist bds 38 Factory
Wise Charles laborer 15 Paddock
Wise Geo. W. painter h 18 Central
WISE JAMES B. lock m'f'r h 84 State
Wise Wm. B. trimmer bds 38 Stone
Wise Wm. H.   h 34 Com. Arcade
Wiseman Frank mason h 80 Meadow
Wiseman Frank mason h 4 Jefferson
Wiseman Frank, jr. mason bds 4 Jefferson
Wiswell H.L.   h 1 Union block, Arsenal-st.
Witherby James carpenter h 7 Jefferson
Witherby Lydia Miss   bds 1 Holcomb
Witt Charles G. police h 7 West Mullin
Witt E. Mrs.   bds 26 State
Wood A.H.   bds 13 Factory
Wood Benj. F. miller bds 27 Franklin
Wood Benjamin F. Rev. P.E. Adams District h 50 Rutland
Wood Charles T.   bds 14 Coffeen
Wood C.V Rev.   h 12 Hoard
Wood Edward A.   bds 12 Hoard
Wood Elon A. laborer h 99 Massey
Wood Frederick K. bottler bds 59 Massey
Wood Geo. H. mechanic h 1 Rutland
Wood Henry laborer h 5 Remington
Wood Herbert P. laborer bds 12 Hoard
Wood Ira P.   bds 14 Coffeen
Wood Isaac A real estate h 73 1/2 State
Wood James H Mrs.   h 17 Sterling
Wood Jane Miss chambermaid Woodruff
Wood John ostler City Hotel
Wood John T. laborer h 86 Court
Wood Malinda Mrs.   h rear 59 Factory
Wood Michael   h 44 Factory
Wood Mrs. domestic Romang House
Wood Theodore F.   14 Jefferson
Wood Robert R. carpenter h 41 Gotham
Wood Walter F.   bds 19 Franklin
Wood Zelotus   h 19 Franklin
Woodard Frederick   h Highland Ave
Woodcock Lewis E. barber bds 104 Main
Woodcock Wm.   h 14 Newell
Woodford Mr.   h 12 Ely
Woodford Wm. laborer h Woodford
Woodman Ernest   bds Central House
Woodruff Chas. T   bds 114 Huntington
WOODRUFF JOHN C. brick manufacturer and meat market h 114 Huntington
Woodstock Lydia S. domestic 14 Massey
Woodworth Wilbur F.   h 26 Emerson
Wooley A.E. Mrs. artist bds 17 Mullin
Wooley Chas. farmer h 113 Massey
Wooley Geo. I.   bds 17 Mullin
Wooliver Ai carpenter h 3 1/2 Court
Wooliver Chas. C. laborer h 1 Gill
Wooliver M. Mrs.   h 10 Cooper
Woolworth Cornelia E.Mrs.   h 104 Main
Woolworth Gilbert E.   h 5 Winthrop
Woolworth Herbert G. clerk bds
Woolworth Leland G. clerk bds 5 Winthrop
Woolworth Smith T. cashier Jeff County Bank h 35 State
Worden Anthony M.   h 17 Howk
Worlock Addie Miss   bds 24 Moulton
Worlock Carrie Miss   bds 24 Moulton
Worlock George B. tinner bds 24 Moulton
Worlock Theron D.   h 24 Moulton
Worster Joseph A. laborer bds 40 Water
Worthen Elmer E. clerk h 3 Vale
Wright Alfred painter bds 14 Moulton
Wright Chas. machinist bds 1 center
Wright Chas. D. lawyer h 21 Clinton
Wright Dennis L. laborer h 65 1/2 Factory
Wright Geo.   h 30 Meadow
Wright Geo. R. canvasser h 4 Cooper
Wright Hannah B. inmate Keep Home
Wright John   h 12 Prospect
Wright Kitty Miss chambermaid Kirby
Wright Marshall blacksmith h 51 Rutland
Wright Marshall P.   h 5 Massey Ave.
Wylde James laborer bds 18 Morrison
Wylde M. Mrs.   h 18 Morrison
Wylie Archibald K.   h 10 Gotham
Wylie Willard J.   h 36 Winslow
WYNN EDMUND B. lawyer and general counsel R.W. &O. RR., 4 1/2 Washington bds Woodruff House
Yager Frank   h 12 Moulton
Yager Geo. bookkeeper W.S.E. Co. h Jay.
Yager Paul machinist h 39 Moulton
Yale Harriet O. Miss bds 3 Clinton
Yale Harris   bds 3 Clinton
Yale Henry M. machinist h 5 Jay
Yeoman Geo. machinist h 25-A Main
Yerden Hattie L. Mrs.   h 59 Stone
Yerden Bert W. clerk bds 59 Stone
Yerdon John teamster h 13 Wall
Yerdon Menzo   bds 42 Winslow
Yerks John   bds 74 Moulton
Yoern Augustus F.   h 1 Burns Ave.
Yole Anthony laborer h Dorsey
YORK A.E.   13 Boyd
YORK FRED T. grocer h 15 Munson
York Leslie C. insurance bds 1 Winslow
YORK &STARKWEATHER A.E.Y. and W.W.S. sash, doors and blinds, etc., 37 Mill and 14 Factory
Young Albert L.   bds 14 Franklin
Young Charles C.   bds 7 Clinton
Young Claude H.   bds 26 Sterling
Young Edward machinist bds 9 Moulton
Young Fred   bds 8 Polk
Young James   bds 8 Polk
Young Joseph O.   h 22 Cooper
Young Milton   h 2-A Jefferson
Young Robert laborer 54 Massey
Young Wm D.   h 14 Mechanic
Youngs Frank   h 100 Franklin
Youngs Ray D. clerk bds Crowner House
Zimmer Andrew molder bds 59 Factory
Zimmer F. Edward   h 6 Remington, Main-st
Zimmer John O. clerk bds 86 State
Zimmer Minnie Miss domestic 84 State
ZIMMERMAN &HARDIMAN (M.Z. &M.H.) furniture and carpets 40 and 42 Court
ZIMMERMAN T. grocer h 66 Washington
Zimmerman Otto   77 Factory
Zimmerman Wm. R. clerk bds 66 Washington
Zengrass Phillipe   h 55 Huntington
Zuller Charles   h 1 Bradley
ZULLER HENRY J. grocer h 33 Rutland

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